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  1. Thanks for the info. They don't have anything else positive to talk about on the aggy station so they we playing up how great the class was and how their coach is building the program his way and his fourth year is the year he puts it all together
  2. It was an aggy radio station that said their ranking was number two and they had picked up two of the top 50 players. If there is any truth to that then I was just dumbfounded why the recruits would go there. They have been bad 3-4 years now.
  3. Not saying the basketball coach deserves a raise but I heard on the radio that aggy has the number 2 recruiting class in BB. How is he getting such high recruits?
  4. Why hasn't Edwin Freeman played? Isn't he a tweeter that can play linebacker and cover running backs or spy on the mobile QB's?
  5. Bomb can you post what they are putting on Twitter
  6. The announcer says this is a confidence booster but our defense was whipped. No confidence there
  7. Why is it that our dline is tired but theirs is not. I don't follow that logic
  8. In the first quarter we were hitting everything that move hard, now we are just hit and miss and I think miss is winning.
  9. If we have to rely on our offense to win this game we might be in trouble

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