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  1. I am 100% behind Strong, I admire what he stands for. There were a lot of low expectations on this board if Ash got hurt. It looks like those predictions will come true. The one thing we all wanted was progress, as far as discipline and costly penalties we have not really progressed to where we need to be. I hope those areas start to get better this week.
  2. Lets go Cowboys! With philly losing now is the time to take control of the division
  3. My biggest gripe is that the 2nd tier teams in the sec seem to get ranked higher than they should. The big dogs in the sec have earned(by winning) a certain level of bias. But the rest of the teams have yet to do squat. They need to classify the sec in two groups. The sec contenders and the sec pretenders.
  4. Cowboys come before any individual. Go Cowboys!!
  5. I know Texas just scheduled a home/home with Lsu, but I wish we would schedule a top tier sec school every year. We kick their butt and we shut them up.
  6. I understand the anger towards mike because he graduated from and roots for aggy. I have known and worked with him for years and we have had countless discussions about our favorite football teams. We are both open and critical of what we think our teams need to do to get better. He is not a troll nor an agenda. He loves talking football. He just happens to root for another school
  7. If we are going to stick with Swoopes then Watson needs to figure out what this kid is good at. Then he needs to tailor the offense around what he is good at. Right now this read option is not something he is good at. Why didn't we run more of the diamond formation the announcers were talking about ?
  8. If Heard comes in and stinks it up then you pursue a juco QB If he comes in and lights a spark and shows some promise then you don't have to chase a juco QB.
  9. This OL is far from great but that does not excuse Swoopes decision making when running read option plays
  10. We have 4 games left if Heard can win us 3 we make a bowl and get extra practice. So it might not be so silly after all.
  11. Bevo, I say it is time to pull the shirt on Heard. Swoopes can't figure out how to read the defense on the read plays, he misses Ship for a TD, and he takes a sack when he should throw the ball away. He has done so much more negative than good, I think we should move on. I fear some of our recruits already have.
  12. Do we give up on Swoopes yet. He can't run the zone read worth sh!t
  13. Damn, now I am worried my high school team will have to change their name. Go Donna Redskins. We were proud to be Redskins and so was the community
  14. He is saying that with which you have been endowed with is fading or shrinking or something really bad. Don't ask me how he knows but you better go see a doctor.
  15. If he plays varsity as an 8th grader does he lose a year of eligibility in HS?
  16. We have recruited a couple of good players but who will be our center next year? If we lose Cam, and Miles that just leaves us Conner and Ibeh? Right or have I forgotten someone.
  17. Since everyone is coming back I want to say welcome back to The Contractor. I haven't seen him post for a while and now he has been active again. If we can get Duke then the gang will all be here 😃
  18. So is there anything we can do to find out what Darrell posted?
  19. did Darrell post some exciting info this morning? If so is there any way those of us that slept thru his posting can be informed of this exciting news?
  20. They win again in straight sets. Way to go girls!

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