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Everything posted by drgilbert

  1. Joe can’t even play with his dog without getting hurt, but yes, let him run the country. He is weak and frail
  2. The best 4 years we’ve had in a long time
  3. Finally, the adults can converse without the kids screaming for attention
  4. If you can call us racist by reading our posts he can call him Catholic in name only by Biden’s actions. Yes, the pope is a disgrace to the Catholic teachings.
  5. What a conceited ass. Watch out everyone, mister high IQ has spoken.
  6. Your opinion of me doesn’t matter, sure sounds like you have some type of complex though
  7. This is what I was referring to when I said ballistic Oh and trust.. I give zero f##ks about what you think you know about me, what you think about me, or how you feel about me. Your opinion of me matters as much as the dog licking his ass up the street. Maybe the dog actually matters more. You’renobody to me and I don’t think you’re all that smart.
  8. Dude you need help. Someone disagrees with you and you go ballistic. Very childish
  9. The fact that hundreds of people have come forward and testified that fraudulent votes were counted and you don’t give them any credence tells me all I need to know about you

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