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  1. Maybe the BLM leadership isn’t squeaky clean.
  2. I’ve seen at least 2 parents ask for their kids to stay in college and play football this year. If mom’s think it’s ok to play then so do I.
  3. I don’t look at HCQ as a cure but more of a therapeutic. The use of it and other medications combined have been proven to lower the mortality rate. I’ll take my chances with HCQ if I ever test positive
  4. Also, the hoax accusation has been proven to be wrong https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/trump-coronavirus-rally-remark/
  5. So I have a couple of questions how is asking to see a birth certificate racism? I can see it as disrespectful and being an ass, but not racism. He questioned his citizenship to the US, I never saw him say he hated Obama because he was black i have briefly read through what Tump said about the Central Park 5 and I never read anything about race. He said he hated rapist and thought they should be executed. How is wanting all rapist executed racist?
  6. They may be Republican or Democratic. But they are still African Americans and for the most part there is some shared identity to that. this statement is what made me talk about diversity. I didn’t take what Biden said as strictly diversity in voting but overall culture. So when you made this statement it read to me that you thought the Hispanic culture was more diverse because of all the reasons you gave.
  7. I think you are selling your community short with your views on diversity. I just wonder what your reaction would have been had Trump said that.
  8. This study thinks the African American culture is diverse https://education.byu.edu/diversity/culture/africanamerican.html
  9. https://www.businessinsider.com/biden-rows-back-suggestion-african-american-community-not-diverse-2020-8?amp
  10. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/08/jail-fauci-massive-international-study-shows-countries-early-hcq-use-79-lower-mortality-rate-huge-talking-120000-american-lives/
  11. Let’s not forget the false reports
  12. Maybe if we would use the therapeutics that we have we would have less death. Damn media’s hatred for Trump has probably caused unnecessary death
  13. Sounds like a win/win. Keeping The Eyes is huge to me.
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