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  1. I believe we will have a football season. The universities would lose too much money. It might get pushed back, but we won’t miss the whole season.
  2. I had a UT alum tell me today that he wan not happy with the players wanting The Eyes removed. He is a 80 something alum.
  3. UT is a very liberal school. They will do everything they can to make it right. Patience is a virtue
  4. I honestly don’t know. I’m a firm believer in transparency. UT is a billion dollar entity, lots of hands in the pie.
  5. It is the players fault that they expect it to happen on their terms. UT is bigger than any one player.
  6. In regards to The Eyes, no. I think it’s a ridiculous request. Statues are like scars, they are reminders of our past mistakes and help ensure we don’t make them again. With all that being said, I know we need a compromise. Move statues to a museum, rename buildings and rename the south end zone. We keep The Eyes though. Just don’t force them to sing it.
  7. No games have been played, we might not even have a season, so this is a wasted argument. You don’t turn a ship as big as UT in a few weeks. Too many doors to be opened and too many people involved. These young men need to learn patience. It will help them in their future endeavors
  8. I disagree with removing our history. It is who we were. Now let’s learn from it and be better.
  9. s of yet, we are unsure of the nature of human immunity to Coronavirus. A recently published study in monkeys has demonstrated that they produce antibodies to the virus, that protected them from a second infection a month later. Over the coming weeks, researches will be studying the antibody levels in the blood of people who have had COVID-19 to understand how strong their immunity is and how long it lasts. If the Coronavirus is like flu, we should expect to have some protection that will last months, until the strains circulating change substantially.
  10. Sounds like Mr. King is just trying to start a war white Christians. I personally could care less what color Jesus was, he died for my sins and that’s all that matters. We know his mother was a Jew and his father was God, does God have a color? Instead of looking for differences and ways to instigate a fight why don’t we look at similarities and find common ground? I don’t know much about Mr. King, but after that ridiculous tweet I’m not a fan.
  11. A coworker of mine was at a CrossFit 2 weeks ago with an American themed mask on. Some implied to him wearing that might not be a good idea. Since when did the American flag become a bad idea?
  12. I haven’t heard this before
  13. I’m an Astros fan so my opinion doesn’t count here, I’ll give it anyway. Tell them to kiss my foot. Don’t change the name. Every positive thing the Rangers have done for Texas should be afforded the right to celebrate the name. If someone doesn’t like it then they can find a new team.
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