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  1. Solid list. I personally think Red Sox vs. Yankees, Michigan vs. tOSU and Texas vs. OU are the best rivalries in sports (in whatever order you like). Iron Bowl is a fantastic rivalry but I think the other 3 are bigger games on a bigger stage (throughout history). Duke vs UNC is a good one but college basketball is a step below the other sports IMO.
  2. OC/WR - Lincoln Riley Co-OC/QB - Shawn Watson OL/Run Game Coordinator - Joe Wickline RB - Tommie Robinson WR/TE - Major Applewhite Riley has coached WR, so makes sense for Watson to be a QB coach? hope this is it....
  3. He will, but it's all about the buyout... From what I've picked up on while he was at LT, he'd most definitely take the job. People say things they don't mean when looking in from the outside. It's a different story when you have a chance to be on the inside.
  4. If he will guarantee 3 years, I'm all for it. That gives enough time to groom his successor. The execution of his offense at Lake Travis was a thing a beauty. I don't think many college coordinators get that kind of precise execution out of their college kids, much less high school kids. If he comes, I hope he talks with Malzahn about the adjustments Auburn made this year for their JUCO QB. It would come in handy with Heard. If Ash is ready to play, and can stay healthy, Morris would do wonders for his game.
  5. Kid is a diehard Longhorn. I've met him a couple of times on the 7 on 7 circuit. He's all class ... a really impressive individual who people gravitate to ... Heard and Joe are very much alike and will no doubt get along well ... expect them to be the team leaders of the 2014 class. If he can knock another tenth of a second off his forty time, the kid is going to be a very productive wide receiver. He runs good routes and can plant his foot and cut as quick as any kid over 6-2 you will find out there. It's all about getting just a tad bit more explosive. He's not far off IMO.
  6. His same at Alabama just became the DC at Louisville today. I would think Suddes is heading back to Alabama. Just a guess.
  7. I think this spot is replaceable. I like the fact that it sounds like they are going to add to the numbers in the personnel department. I hope so. What names would our readers like to see added to the personnel department? Also, if you have an idea on who should replace Suddes. But this thread is for anyone who would be a great hire for the growing personnel department, realistic hire or not. Give me your wish list. I would like to see more high school and college coaches in the department as well as real scouts. Can you imagine Claude Mathis, Joey Mcguire, Ron Zook, Bruce Chambers and
  8. tOSU will match one bump in salary.. Bump up 2 spots on the pay scale and he won't wait around for tOSU to counter. Offer him $950,000-$1,100,000 per year and be done with it. There are coordinators making more than that in college football and this is an important hire for Texas. He also happens to fit exactly what we need right now. It is not like there's a bunch of guys out there that can fill this role for Texas. Qualified OC at Texas right now is kind of rare.
  9. I think you bring up a great point. A lot of good reasoning in your thought process. I will add that sometimes coaches tend to be too loyal and complacent when it comes to hiring/firing coaches. It is one of their weaknesses. They are too close to the situation to see flaws in their guy. They are coaches, not CEOs. One of the greatest moves Bob Stoops ever made was going out of his circle of trust and hiring Mike Leach and Mark Mangino. That's been a big piece of his program's foundation for the past 15 years. I don't think Sumlin brought in his old staff either. A coach needs
  10. I think it is too early to draw a conclusion on how Strong will recruit at Texas. This is a different landscape, a totally new culture for him, but I would expect he would be a little slower with the hard sell to a recruit outside the very super elite. I think you will see the no-brainer offers, maybe some other offers they will slow play, and an emphasis on out of state. The end result may be up to 7-10 somewhat early commits in Texas and then the rest will come slowly. The end result may include 5 to 10 late commits within the state, allowing a detailed evaluation of the growth of recruits,
  11. He was always coming to Texas IMO. And he's an excellent fit in Strong's system. Probably a better fit than a prospect.
  12. I agree with you guys, but this is certainly a test so to speak. He needs to hold on to this one. We've had recruits in this class visit A&M earlier in the process and come away with a totally different attitude on where they want to spend the next 4 to 5 years. He's also added Ole Miss and LSU to the list.
  13. This is the one reason we needed a big name, the perception of the Big 12 Conference. It will define Charlie Strong, his ability to change the perception in the minds of high school athletes and their coaches across the state of Texas. Right now, our kids want the SEC and they want high flying spread offenses at an up-tempo pace. I'm a big fan of Strong, but he comes into a tough situation. Let's hope he can hit the recruiting trail with much success. BTW, Alaka is an underrated recruit. He's top 20 in the state good and probably deserves more attention than he's received. He's a lanky
  14. Doesn't take much evaluation with the names on that list. i agree evals are very important, but there's always recruits anyone would take. That's not to say they're slam dunks to greatness, but they're slam dunk offers.
  15. Although rare, players have left in these circumstances. I'm just saying, Strong should stay in touch. February is the deadline without sitting out a year, I believe... Even for early enrollees. If Strong is a good recruiter, I still expect 1 or 2 from that list.

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