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    Hooverhog got a reaction from utparothed in Strong supporters   
    It's one game.  Does anyone really think the Longhorns were going to beat TCU?  The Horn's could easily be 3-2 at this point. 
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    Hooverhog got a reaction from BudreauReye in Strong supporters   
    It's one game.  Does anyone really think the Longhorns were going to beat TCU?  The Horn's could easily be 3-2 at this point. 
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    Hooverhog reacted to Chris Flanagan in Strong supporters   
    You can't fire a coach mid-season like this. 
    This isn't NCAA Football on Xbox. You can't just max out your time on a few blue chip recruits and expect them to come because "Texas". Think about if you are a Junior, here is what has happened in the last 3 years (off the top of my head): 
    2 head coaches.
    3 assistant coaches fired, one in-season (Manny Diaz), at least. 
    1 offensive coordinator leaves for another job (Harsin). 
    3 offensive scheme changes. 
    2 defensive scheme changes. 
    Multiple transfers. 
    Look, is it fun to lose by 43? No. However, Oregon lost by 42 last week. I know, they are in a better position but shit happens. This is college football, it changes constantly. Our coaches can't go "We're Texas" and boom, get a commitment. Baylor, TCU and Texas A&M have more established programs and systems that will create stability that recruits want. 
    And the fans suggestion is to create more instability? Get real. It's growing pains. Is he the right guy? I don't know yet but many thought the same for Mack Brown until he got the program rolling 4 seasons after he got here. IT TAKES TIME.  
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    Hooverhog got a reaction from Chris Flanagan in Strong supporters   
    It's one game.  Does anyone really think the Longhorns were going to beat TCU?  The Horn's could easily be 3-2 at this point. 
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    Hooverhog reacted to BevoBlake in Strong supporters   
    3-4 years, like every other opportunity in the country. Because, you know, most level-headed programs don't fire a coach after eighteen games with a neglected and decimated program. 
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    Hooverhog got a reaction from java in Tom Watson   
    Class act!
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    Hooverhog reacted to java in Tom Watson   
    Quite a send off at the British Open, even a greater one than one of their own.
    Hook 'em, Tom!
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    Hooverhog reacted to Topstarr in 2015 Recruiting Season is in full swing   
    Who is locking this thread....I have been looking at this thread from the 1st day or page every day and now I got to go to 5 or 6 threads per day....man you mods are hard on a old man. What I learned in college is that this is not good math.
    Just name the people who have complained. Now do not close this thread, PLEASE.....
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    Hooverhog got a reaction from bcherry168 in Longhorns in Texas Bowl   
    Thanks for coming back SFLonghorngirl, we missed you!
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    Hooverhog reacted to SFlonghorngirl in Longhorns in Texas Bowl   
    I like to see Malcom Brown vs NFL OL of Arkansas.  
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    Hooverhog reacted to utisdabomb12 in Andy Staples Comments on Strong   
    From an ESPN radio show yesterday morning. 

    "I think he's looking at it exactly right. He looked at it and realized, 'They're not gonna fire me in the first year. They've invested too much in it, so I may as well just rip it down, that way rebuilding it will be easier because everybody that's left will be people who agree with my mindset, who are invested in it the same way I am and that'll make moving ahead a lot easier.' That's what he's doing."

    "Will it work? Yeah, it's gonna work? Charlie Strong wins wherever he goes. I don't care what everybody else in the league does; his defenses, when he gets the players he wants in there, are gonna stop those offenses. It's not gonna be a problem. The guy knows what he's doing. He knows how to get players to believe. He just needed to root out all the issues. The best way to do that is just wipe the slate clean. Don't worry about how many you're gonna win this year, worry about how many you're gonna win next year and the year after that, because they're not firing him this year."

    "There are not many coaches in the country that I believe in as fervently as Charlie Strong. I've seen it in action too many times to think it won't work."
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    Hooverhog reacted to HOOKEM1980 in Texas Pride   
    I'm not certain why some don't see things as they are.... Charlie Strong is here to stay. He's getting things done. I liked Mack and appreciate everything he brought to the table. He was a credit to this institution..... With that being said.... Let me repeat it.... Charlie is here. The toughness he is bringing will translate. I for one am not worried about a recruit that wants the easy road. I coached for thirty years and the one thing that is an absolute.... Teammates that will pay the price with you are the ones you want. It's the same in day to day life...... Coach sees it..... His recruiting of kids not looking for the easy way is fine with me. Let's thank Coach Brown and don't Bash him. Let's support Coach Strong and stand behind him..... HOOKEM
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    Hooverhog reacted to doc longhorn in Crossfire: Give Me 20   
    If I may?
    Consider the status quo of conferences right now.  Then consider the ACC whoop-de-doo with the Maryland litigation.  While you are at it, take a look at the imbalance of the Big 12, the SEC, the B1G and, yes, the ACC.  Don't forget the coming 4 team playoff system, whereby every major conference has a divisional playoff with the exception of the Big 12.  Listen to what has been said by the  conferences that no likey the "unfairness" of the Big 12 not playing a CCG.
    You got all that?  Now let's follow a money trail - which is all that counts anyway.
    The Big 12 membership likes the idea of of not sharing revenues with 2 more teams.  Ten is just dandy, unless they consider the possibility of ESPN and Fox re-structuring their contracts to raise the revenues to accommodate two extra teams.  Ah ha!  This also means a CCG is just one more game to increase more revenues.  Add this game to the already agreed upon game between the Big 12 and the SEC runner ups and things ($$$) are getting tasty.
    So there is now a $$ motivation to consider expanding and what teams could, also, bring in additional revenues on their own merits and add that many more TV sets as well?  BYU?  Not bad, there are a hell of a lot of Mormons in the US.  FSU,  just the state of Florida and a national powerhouse as well.  Louisville?  The northeast part of the country.  Clemson?  A football school for sure - but they haven't shown any interest lately.
    Notice how everything actually ties into the big bucks?
    Expansion is coming - count on it.  The time table is unknown, but it just can't be too far off.
    This is my opinion.
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    Hooverhog reacted to monarch in PLAY SITE vs PAY SITE: the key is quality programming!   
    ...some of our non "premier members" are now disgruntled...
    well, at least you have the very right to be.  but at the very end of the day, when all is hereby said and done...  are you really being fair?
    aaron "bbdude" along with the upper echelon administrators as per "hornsports" has for several month's, indicated that come "spring 2014" this burgeoning website shall become a "pay" site as per "complete" membership interaction.  basically, what this entails... is that in order for any member to completely interact upon all aspects as per the "hornsports" website, the member shall now be required to pay a (monthly vs annual) membership fee.  this newly required "membership fee" shall enable the member to become a "premier member" in which said member shall now be able to enjoy basically all intimate aspects / interactions as per this website.    
    i am "monarch"...  and i enjoy a wide variety of university of texas based websites.  "shaggy bevo, hornfans, orangebloods, inside texas" just to name a few, of the website's that i patronize in order to keep abreast, of any and all items related to the "texas longhorns".  some of these website's are "pay" to fully interact...   some of them are hereby "free" to interact.  nevertheless, i proceed accordingly in a respectful manner, as per each site's stated membership policies.  
    "hornsports" upon my view, "raises the bar" in regards to all of the latter competition.  i shall never forget the "origins" of just how i stumbled across this great website as i was about to fall asleep at my keyboard at about (4:am) in the morning.  I was just "googling" all "texas" related websites that early morning hoping to discover some new and objective info regarding our "horns".  when i first saw the title "hornsports" i was very tempted to just pass along to the next title, but something kept telling me to just "click" upon the linkage.  well, i did so...  and i was immediately "awestruck" at the richness of the illustrations.  as i proceeded more intimately into the website detail...  not only did i become fully awake...  somehow, i began to realize that this particular website was indeed special.  the rest as we all know, is now history!
    therefore, upon whether or not, you shall be able to "read" this particular posting...   as a "hornsports" premier member, i shall like to "plead" with all "non" premier members, to please allow for "hornsports" to fully engage your requirements as per a "texas longhorns" website.  aaron "bbdude" and company, are hereby performing a masterful job of implementing premier accoutrements and programming, in order to ensure that "hornsports" is a true and complete value, as per it's "all" of it's members.  not only does this website has that "down home neighborly" feel to it...  the essential programming is "state of the art" and yet somehow very user friendly.  it just pulls you in, and doesn't let you go...   very easily that is.
    please know, that we are hereby pleading, and yet actively seeking as per "all" of our "hornsports" family...  to stay together, play together, and yes, now pay together!

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