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  1. I agree about the primary purpose of any university should always be academics first, but I also agree that Tom Herman shouldn't give a crap about what the academics feel about him. He's the football coach, not the professor, of these players. His primary purpose should be the football team, and I hope he get's his head outta his a@@ and figures out what he needs to do to get this program back on track....
  2. I might have missed it, but is Bijan Robinson an early enrollee?
  3. Kinda what I was thinking. I've seen him move the pile a time or two...
  4. If you told me that the Horns would be 9-4, and playing in a New Years 6 bowl, after the loss to Maryland, I would take that every time...
  5. Sorry for your loss, too many have been taken too soon.... Great write up, as always.
  6. Exactly! I wondering the same thing. Just because it was a TD doesn't mean you don't have to call it.
  7. I like the fact that Herman didn't block the move. Bonney was never a problem. I always thought it was pretty sorry for a head coach to block a player from going somewhere else. If they were good enough to start for you then you would start them. If you're worried about a non-starter going to someone in your conference, then you got bigger problems... Just my opinion...
  8. That's great news, Java! We don't know each other but I've had friends in your same situation, and I want you to know that my prayers are with you.
  9. What a joke! The whole mantra of "We are Texas" has gone by the wayside.
  10. It's one game. Does anyone really think the Longhorns were going to beat TCU? The Horn's could easily be 3-2 at this point.
  11. I looked a little bit on Google and the best time it showed in the 100 meters was 10.9 That's not too quick.
  12. Thanks for coming back SFLonghorngirl, we missed you!
  13. I might have missed it, but who are the early enrollee's from the committed recruits for 2015? I thought Vahe and Gentry might, but I could be totally wrong.
  14. It was VERY nice indeed...and the Sooners lose too! Now for the Horns to cap off a great day!
  15. I think the Horns go 10-3 with a much improved defense the whole season, not just a half season like last year. Also, Ash will need to stay healthy for them to have a chance for 10 wins. If Ash gets hurt, I predict an 8-5 season and a hit in recruiting. Hopefully they exceed my expectations.
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