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  1. Noticed a few decommits from tOSU, do we have a realistic shot at any of them?
  2. Should we worry about Jake Smith now with this hire?
  3. Herman to LSU, but i could see Briles at A&M if Sumlin continues to fail....which he is pretty good at
  4. A loss to Cal? Taylor must have not watched the Hawaii game.. Im with SHA, 9-3
  5. Sirhornsalot said its all but a "done deal" now everyone is panicking. I love #sources
  6. Good lord that is a man child!
  7. Both Kyler and DaMarkus are clearly messing with us! Don't get your hopes up
  8. I'm curious to see who we end up with after last nights embarrassment. All our recruiting momentum was just thrown away
  9. The only gameplan we need to change is our QB!
  10. What/if any incoming freshman have chances of starting?
  11. Sorry didnt realize already a thread
  12. I have to say ive been real impressed with the CS hire, but the staff he is assembly is starting to worry me...Now i hear Suddes will not be retained?

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