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    UTfish reacted to Sirhornsalot in Hermann needs to go   
    You don't do it until the moment you have a contract that UM will sign.
    Right now, there is no 2nd option.
    Until one develops, you keep TH. Otherwise, you may end up worse than TH.
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    UTfish reacted to UT1983 in Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)   
    I believe everyone here would love to be talking about Herman’s second run at a title and if we can go undefeated again this year.    Sadly, that is not the case.  I had high hopes for Herman.  Really wanted him to be the guy. 
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    UTfish reacted to primal defense in Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)   
    I thought Sterns would be an All American and a first round pick based on his freshman season.
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    UTfish reacted to oldhorn2 in Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)   
    Sterns has been my greatest disappointment the last 2 years. He never lived up to expectations after his freshman year. Sadly, I think he opted out 2 years ago.
  5. Sad
    UTfish reacted to dillohorn in All Things Politics Thread   
    Dims are going to get away with stealing the election. They will get away with it in future elections too. Justice is no longer blind.
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    UTfish reacted to DMAC in All Things Politics Thread   
    So you are a banker and somehow that makes you a centrist.  I must have missed that memo.  Explaining your job for the last 12 years is not policy.  What policies of Trumps do you oppose/support?  Bidens?
    Again more substance other than "well documented".  I didnt ask the AP or Reuters, I asked you.  Again the Fox comment, do you even read my posts?   Show me proof Trump did not listen to his advisers.  How do you know this?  So you dont know who Ioannidis is.  Thats fine but he is recognized as the worlds authority of infectious diseases and pathogens at Standford.  The report is about 47 pages with references.  Peer reviewed and publish on the WHO bulletin.  But according to you many other "experts" dont align with him?  Would it surprise you know that over 49133 public health scientists, infectious disease experts and medical practitioners dont agree with Fauci?  Does that fit your "vast majority" definition?
    Dont run away we are just getting warmed up brother.  I am here with open arms, lets dance. 
  7. Thanks
    UTfish reacted to DMAC in All Things Politics Thread   
    Name one lie Trump has told the people.  If you bring up the SARS-Cov2 and Bob Woodard interview then you must admit the entire rapid response team got it wrong and lied.  Including the lefts beloved Dr. Fauci, the CDC, the Surgeon General, Congressional oversight and many other Democrat shills who are on Biden transition team were wrong and lied.  Also Biden's own statement about hysterical and xenophobic for closing off travel from China, only claim thats not what he meant when he tweeted it.  Trump isn't an expert in infectious diseases.  Presidents rely on these so called experts.  They were wrong about everything and flip-flopped constantly so don't single Trump out unless you are going to hold everyone to the same standard.  Whether the virus is the bane of human kind is another topic but I know its not.  I do my own research and dont get my opinions from the news or politicians.
    Also Biden is the beacon honesty and humility?  The same guy who dropped out of a Presidential race because of his numerous blatant lies.  Maybe you mean the Russia conspiracy lies that spread for 2 years but amounted to nothing.  Still waiting on this hard evidence Schiff told everyone he had.  Politicians lie repeatedly to the American people.  Even Obama repeated "If you like your Doctor you can keep him, if you like your health plan you can keep it" - 29 times.  I lost my plan and Doctor when the ACA was passed and implemented.  Triple the deductible and 250% increase in premium.  So even the phrase Affordable Care Act is a lie.
    One obvious lie since you are keen to pointing them out is your own.  You claim you are centrist.  Yea right.  Name your policy stances for everyone to see.  The only thing I have seen is you calling people Trumpers and how Trump is most dangerous President in history.  Ok how so?  Enlighten us all on the impending doom of Trump, the first President in 20 years not get the US into a foreign war and yet still manage Middle East peace.  Explain yourself with something meaningful not parroting garbage from CNN.  You are not a centrist so look to yourself before calling out others.
    You also spoke about the virus and it wasn't some conspiracy yet you never once responded to my challenge to read the research done by John P A Ioannidis.  If you did and I missed it then point me to it.  You make these claims to believe scientists then when I point you to the expert of experts, you fade away.  If you are going to try and buck up then f##king do it.  Don't be a flake.
  8. Haha
    UTfish reacted to tejasrulz in Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)   
    Maybe we should all opt out as being fans these last 2 games? If so, please respect our decision. 
  9. Haha
    UTfish reacted to primal defense in Hermann needs to go   
  10. Thanks
    UTfish reacted to DMAC in All Things Politics Thread   
    It appears you are right. 
    I wonder if they even know which policies they support or oppose from either candidate.  I am sure some people hate Trump's style and his rants.  I get it as sometimes I don't like it either but I would rather have the President be truthful and not politically correct than be a typical politician lying to the American people with every breath while selling them out.  Politicians like that are on both sides.  Trump is not a politician.  Trump doesn't sell out our future to foreign countries.  I truly believe he is a patriot and that is why I will always support him.  America first.  Somehow "America First" is considered racist and evil.  Seriously, stop and think about that for a second and you will realize how much the left hates America and is willing to twist everything to feed a narrative.  Its truly pathetic.
  11. Thanks
    UTfish reacted to DMAC in All Things Politics Thread   
    What policies of Trump do you oppose?  What policies of Biden do you support?  Just curious
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    UTfish reacted to drgilbert in All Things Politics Thread   
    The best 4 years we’ve had in a long time 
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    UTfish reacted to Sirhornsalot in Hermann needs to go   
    Would you like some senseless penalties with that whine? We are overstocked.
    He has nothing to do to "get ready for the NFL." Unless you're trying to say he's not in shape and should train like it's football season. lol
    He's doing this to avoid injury.
    I tend to prefer knowing when I have a player who is focused on himself and not the team. The team was given a schedule to play. They should finish the schedule or just come out and call him a part-time player, part-time team mate.
    Skipping a bowl game is one thing, but quitting while the season is still going is quite another. Doesn't matter what the W-L is.
    What's he going to do in the NFL? Quit playing as soon as his team is disqualified from the playoffs? I mean, if he keeps playing in pointless games, he could get injured. Right?
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    UTfish reacted to Eastexhorn in Hermann needs to go   
    Why not, season is shot and he is going pro. K. St. might have a chance now.
    Ever who new coach is hope he can recruit an adquate number of OL . And hire some one who can coach them.
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    UTfish reacted to aUTfan in All Things Politics Thread   
    Thats cause your a feeble minded liberal. Liberals like horns up dont give two shits about America nor are they intelligent enough to understand the complexities of helping the poor.....hes ok with allowing rampant immigration (like most democrats)but not one democrat mentions doing ANYTHING about the rampant homelessness and mental disease prevalent in that particular part of the populace...you know the poor that you mention? and homeless? that are rampant in democratic controlled states and cities?
    Allowing uncontrolled illegal immigration stifles pay and benefits for the lower income Americans that need it the most and KEEPS those that are homeless just that, homeless. Who you think are they going to hire?
    Democrats would rather control this in the short term by government regulation, bad idea. The government can only do two things right and that's wage war and collect taxes. Everything else is wrought with inefficiencies of tax payer monies.
    Republicans are trying to play the long game for the long term benefit of Americans and the world as a whole.  Republicans aren't against anyone illegal or otherwise.
    Venezuela has been brought up many times i'm sure you are aware of their situation but how many can they help now? answer is ZERO, Hell, venezuelans are coming here now. For the life of me i dont know why democrats dismiss Venezuela's plight as an anomaly instead of an omen. Once its over, there is no coming back from it. There were more killings in venezuela in 2014 then in 2004 Iraq, its out of control, its not just food and economy its basic safety needs.
    America will never, ever, ever be able to support social programs and a strong military.
    The only thing I like from the democrats is that they keep the republicans honest when it comes to the average worker benefits and keeps those greedy corporate bastards from just enslaving their workers. So they do have a benefit, it wouldn't be good for republicans to have complete unchecked control either.
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    UTfish reacted to UT1983 in All Things Politics Thread   
    So much more here to correct.  Republicans don’t care at the poor?   Republicans give to charity with their own money.  Democrats give to charity using government money.  It’s not charity when you force others to take money from THEIR pocket (taxes) and then give that money to others as you see fit. 
    Republicans have no problem with LEGAL immigration. In fact, they embrace it.  Come be a part of our society as a law abiding citizen.  
    Past studies have shown Republicans give from their own pockets to charity in far more amounts and percentages as Democrats.  Republicans don’t rely on government to do the right thing, they rely on themselves and other Americans to do the right thing.  Many contribute to their churches instead of the government for charitable work.  I sure do.   You can criticize the Catholic Church for many things, but it does wonderful acts of charity worldwide.  
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    UTfish reacted to UT1983 in All Things Politics Thread   
    The truer words is “Thou shall not commit murder.”   Murder is totally different than killing.  One has the right to self defense.  If someone comes up to me to do me physical harm I have the right to defend myself up to and including killing you in order to save my life.  That is not murder.  Murder is the unjustified taking of a life such as in an abortion.  
    One does indeed have the right, I would even say obligation to judge, others by their ACTIONS; not race nor gender.  Would I allow my child to date someone who’s actions included multiple arrests, incarceration and drug use?   No  Why? Because as a parent I have an obligation to raise and protect my child until they are able to provide for themselves. Such an individual has proven to me by their ACTIONS they are not a person my child should spend time with. 
    Back in the day, when my parents were indeed parents, they had no problem judging others by the way they talked, dressed and acted.  That was also a time when having a child out of wedlock was frowned upon and you were encouraged to be around others that had goals in life and not just looking for their next handout, drug or drink.  You actually got married before having a kid.  
    I personally believe they got it right. So yes, I have no problem judging a person as to if they are following the precepts of their proclaimed faith based on their actions. 
    And as far as our Pope is concerned, I have trouble when his actions as well. I wish he would be less concerned with global warming and perceived social justice issues and instead be more concerned with getting his flock into heaven. That is a discussion for an entirely different thread. 
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    UTfish reacted to drgilbert in All Things Politics Thread   
    Finally, the adults can converse without the kids screaming for attention 
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    UTfish reacted to Sirhornsalot in All Things Politics Thread   
    When you get to Heaven, our God will not be asking you if you were a good Catholic. He won't say one thing about Catholicism. He won't care.
    All he's going to want to know is what did you do about his Son?
    1. Yes, we CAN judge whether or not Joe Biden is a Christian. Christ tells us we will know them by their works. We are instructed by Christ to watch for this.
    1A) When you work so hard to murder innocent, unborn children for 50 years, YOU ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN.
    2. You are correct, I ultimately have no say in what you or anyone else believes. But I do have a say about someone pretending to be in our flock when he is clearly not. He can believe he's a Christian all day long. Again, we will know them by their works. He must conform himself to God, not have God conform Himself to him.
    3. Yes, the pope gave his nod for same sex civil unions. Civil union is not marriage. Nevertheless, the Pope would do go to read Romans 1:26-30 like his fellow Catholics have. Most Catholics I know think Francis is a fraud and I tend to agree given his track record since being named pope. He is a walking offense to most Christians.
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    UTfish reacted to NEOkHorn in Hermann needs to go   
    I like Campbell a lot as a coach but wonder about his ability to handle the UT atmosphere and how he would recruit. He is able to coach at ISU without a lot of the off field issues that seem to be so much stronger at a place like Texas. Not an environment that every coach can handle. 
    He would definitely seem to be an upgrade in game prep and in game coaching to what has been here for the past decade.
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    UTfish reacted to Soldierhorn in Hermann needs to go   
    This question is the thin red line that good coaches toe up to. Most good coaches simply want to coach and dont want to get caught up in the messiness of life whether it's the players, the assist coaches, boosters, on and on. Urban Meyer looks to be that kind of coach.  DKR admitted later that he probably should have been more aware that happened around him.  Joe Paterno? did he know or should have known what was going on in the showers?  it looked like Jim Tressel wasnt 100% forthright in his reporting of Terrelle Pryor's activities, which seem rather innocuous in today's context. Art Briles was fired because he should have known what his players were doing above and beyond legal requirements (whether he actually knew is the point of contention).  And, if we think Mack Brown ran a 100% clean program, then we delude ourselves. 
    I think people can make an argument that some coaches are singularly focused on football and head coaching and block out whatever interferes with that tunnel vision.  I think that coaches have broader responsibilities but I can see that perspective. And, in spite of the fact that most of the fan base insists on calling these players "kids" rather than the young adults they are and responsible for their own actions is indicative of the problem. 
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    UTfish reacted to DMAC in All Things Politics Thread   
    So this is science?
    Presumptive - even  patient shows a negative test they can still be classified as COVID.  This is hilarious because the term COVID-19 is not the virus but the disease caused by a severe body reaction to SARS-Cov2.  Yet a rarely accurate PCR test + is now the full blown disease.  So what does the CDC suggest?  If you test positive with no symptoms quarantine.  But also if you test negative you should also quarantine if you might have been exposed.  Well then whats the point of taking the test if you are going quarantine anyways?
    This is your scientific CDC.  Sheep
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    UTfish reacted to TFloss32 in Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)   
    Re: Tom Herman
    IT reporting the loss today is the end of Herman’s tenure at Texas, and the only thing left there is an official announcement.
    Urban Meyer remains the all-out priority and his duties at Fox end on 12/19.
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    UTfish reacted to J.B. TexasEx in Hermann needs to go   
    It is, however, amusing that Woke Tom Herman thought the real power at UT is as left-leaning as the administration. Yet another tactical error that mirrors his game-planning most weeks.
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    UTfish reacted to tejasrulz in All Things Politics Thread   
    Bragging about being smarter than a lot of people then making a very basic mistake in English doesn't help your cause.

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