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  1. Another great awakening has begun. MAKE AMERICA AWAKE AGAIN! We've been living in a dream world since the end of WWII.
  2. Maybe he meant that he rode on a road to get to Austin. That could have been a spell check error, too. That happens frequently.
  3. Hopefully, the recruiting threads will be just as exciting as this one was.
  4. What has job qualification got to do with this? Hitler was a qualified leader, but would have made a terrible prime minister for Israel. He does have a nice looking family, though.
  5. I just want to hear him sing "The Eyes" without choking before I'm convinced he's not a Sooner spy. Also wouldn't hurt to hear him say "OU sucks" just once at least.
  6. So, we still don't know for sure who's coming in, only know who's leaving? My wife's at it again.
  7. I think he's referring to Texas being behind Stanford in recruiting for Austin Uke.
  8. Nansen is also Samoan born. Would be great to have a Samoan pipeline.
  9. Lol. If my math is right, that would necessarily include a CC and a NC appearance at worse case. I'll take that.
  10. It sure sounds like it is. Now if all these 5* coaches will work together, we'll be great again.
  11. The coaching staff is like the team itself. Any weaknesses will be exploited by the opposition. This staff doesn't appear to have any. Don't want to hurry time up at my age, but I'm really looking forward to next season. (Oops, wrong thread. 'Scuse me.)
  12. This is true, but keep in mind who they're recruiting for. 'Bama is not a hard sell. Still, being coached by a coach who just came from the most successful team in nation should have it's appeal to the recruits.
  13. Soon as we get a new DC. Right now, we need you. Carry on...and thanks.
  14. This is hilarious! New DC is Lupoi. No, it's Golding. No, it's Arnett. It's Ash. No, OMG, it's Lanning! My wife is rolling on the floor laughing. She says we sound like gossiping women at a hen party.
  15. "I mean odds are if y’all actually did go to UT, y’all graduated in what.. 1965 & before?? I mean no disrespect, but it’s an entirely different ballgame now. It’s the same name on the diploma but it’s a different animal." You're right about that, hornsups, the standards at UT have obviously been lowered.
  16. I can't imagine why now, unless he just doesn't want to sing. Hate to lose him just when things are looking brighter in aTx.

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