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  1. Oh,no! Well, I guess I can put a stop payment on my $9.95 check. It'll probably bounce anyway.
  2. I saw that Joshua Moore is currently listed as a starting receiver on offense. Has all been forgiven on the weapons charge?
  3. Thanks very little for reminding me. Lol Jackson's no slouch either. But maybe we are just counting eggs.
  4. And he's a threat to throw the ball too. He's got a pretty good arm.
  5. I couldn't agree more. But there's going to be a lot of talent in the QB room as well. He's an outstanding young man and we all want him to have the best opportunity for success.
  6. Sure hope they got an upgrade in the buyout thanks to the portal of economic opportunity. I should not have said that.
  7. Maybe so, but could be like playing chess with more than one queen. Compromise one and get checkmated by another. Whittington can still be moved around and I would like to see RoJo used more in the wildcat at least. Versatility like this should be a coach's dream. Can't wait to see how our new OC uses them.
  8. Agree, but a new play caller could get all our talented receivers involved more and not need a 50+ guy. Harder to defend when all are go-to receivers.
  9. I'll still take 10-9 every game as long as we're on top, but yeah, 100-9 does sound better.
  10. Forgetting is just about the only thing I've gotten better at since I got older, but I'm really good at it now. ???
  11. So, is Hagen a done deal, or just a strong possibility?
  12. Agree. You could add Floyd, Brown, and so far, Whittington.
  13. Big need. Huge get. Now let's see what our new coaches can do with all this talent.
  14. Rivals.com ranked him as one of the top recruiters in the nation twice.
  15. The question now is not which school will he choose, but which school will be willing to choose him. Ags, probably.
  16. Okam is not a big name. Only four letters.
  17. My thoughts also. OTOH, CTH may have a little more insight into Fedora's thinking.
  18. Okay. Doesn't appear that he helped our offense last year anyway.
  19. So what's the story here? Was it the disappointing season, the coaching changes, or are they just seeing a better opportunity elsewhere?
  20. Mutual agreement is the best way to part ways. Everyone saves face.
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