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  1. THIS I quit watching pro football years ago when Bud Adams sold the Houston Oilers team to Tennessee. Was just getting interested in the Texans when this taking a knee shtf. I, too, see it as disrespectful of our flag and our country. I've always preferred the lights out play of college football to the showboating of the pros. Never was much of a basketball fan.
  2. The Purple Wizard will be missed...but not by me.
  3. When I was a teenager, I saw God give the Ten Commandments to Charlton Heston. I'll bet Eastexhorn and oldhorn2 saw the same thing, so we know it's true.
  4. Nice try, SHA, but you're going to have to give us more incentive to respond to this thread. Like, "but wait, I'll double the offer...for a limited time only, you can get TWO HS caps for guessing the correct score."
  5. Okay, okay, SHA. Seriously... UT 42, UTEP 6
  6. You're messin' with my mojo! I ain't achangin' it.
  7. Lol. Well, it worked for awhile last year. I'll take ten 10-9 wins this year not counting post season. Better than the rollercoaster ride last year.
  8. UT 10 UTEP 9 Nail biter, but it's a win.
  9. Meaningless facts to some if they hate Donald Trump's personality, his hairdo, or his skin color.
  10. From Yahoo News. What do you expect?
  11. CNN...Communist News Network I'll go with the CDC report.
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