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  1. DMAC was extending an olive branch, but...
  2. Another close one we should have won, but the band didn't support the team. Fire the band director, too. TEXAS 27 ISU 28
  3. Questions. Are the band members on scholarship and what department pays their expenses? If the players had to come out on the field for the playing of the Eyes, why weren't the band members required to play it? CDC has no control there?
  4. Hillary Clinton wants to be Secretary of Defense??? Wonderful idea. Like hiding behind the chainsaws. Well, she does have experience. Benghazi comes to mind. John Kerry as climate change czar??? Obama as king of the SCOTUS??? SERIOUSLY???
  5. Home field advantage doesn't amount to much with the covid19 crowd size. And will the band even show up, or are they still having a hissy fit over having to play that horrid song?
  6. Don't know how many of you watch Dr. Ed Young or attend his service on Sunday, but he alluded to this today. Wonderful sermon and message on our country's division today. It comes on again at 10:30 on channel 11 in Houston. I believe it will be the same message.
  7. Finally found out what happened. LSU fans were just overexcited. They thought they could trade Orgeron for Herman and five players to be named later.
  8. He must have heard the rumor, not the fact. I don't see it on the internet or ESPN.
  9. Herman's gone? Friend of mine, LSU fan, just called to tell me. Is it true? Meyers hired?
  10. Too fast paced and noisy for small towners. Like mini Houston with worse roads. Loved Kenai, the Russian Orthodox Church there and the small villages along the inlet. The flight to the Redoubt Mountain Lodge was exciting and the halibut fishing was good. No luck on the king salmon at that time, but was still fun. Good people. Stayed there too long and didn't have time to make it to Denali. Next time.
  11. We took our time and pulled a travel trailer to Alaska when I retired. Wife made me promise no more than 250-300 miles/day. Really wise. Not cranky at the end of the day. Stayed in Anchorage two weeks and Kenai over a month. Not crazy about Anchorage, but Kenai and Redoubt were great. Awesome, memorable trip. Hope you enjoy yours.
  12. Glad I could make you laugh. That goes a long way towards healing. When you do get to Canada, try to go through Banff and Jasper National Parks. They're both breathtakingly beautiful. Drive if you can or you'll miss a lot.
  13. So you're just naturally combative and insulting. Okay. No further explanation asked nor needed.
  14. Great. I'm glad to hear that, hornsups. Truly. No sarcasm and enough with the insults. I've done well enough myself to be comfortably retired for twenty three years now, and no, I would not trade either. When I started following this thread, I really wanted to try to understand the BLM goal. Police brutality was clearly an issue with any skin color, but predominately blacks. I get that. I understand that you're passionate about inequality, but your anger is preventing you from getting your point across. Would you please give me your clear definition of inequality, what our so

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