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  1. With all due respect, PD, I agree that this board should be politics free. I doubt that anyone's political views will be altered by anything on this board. I'm here hoping to find good news about the University of Texas and the team we love. There's ample opportunity to vent your political anger outside this board. Here, we need to stick together and focus our anger on OU sucks Okie lite and other B12 vermin. Hook'em
  2. If there is no school, as important as it seems now, football will be the least of our concerns.
  3. Guys, don't miss echeese's thread, "Reflections on Independence Day". Very well done by cheese.
  4. So glad I took time to read your post, Cheese. Very thoughtful, uplifting and well written. A good reminder that America is not about one ideology or race or religion, but a place where an individual from any culture has a chance to rise to the top. Thank you very much for your contribution.
  5. And here I thought it was Bush's fault. Hard to keep up nowadays. Thanks for the update.
  6. Sounds just like old age. Recovery is different though.
  7. Safest procedure I've heard so far...treat EVERYONE like they have the virus, because they might. Don't discriminate. They'll understand and hopefully follow your example.
  8. I went to a private medical facility in Houston this week for some cardio tests. One of the nurses told me privately that I should have cancelled. She said it was a covid19 hotspot. Said some were having chest pains from the covid19 and were insisting on seeing a cardiologist instead of going to a hospital. 15 of their employees now have or had the virus. She told me not to use the arm rests. Said they only spray and wipe them in the morning. Didn't need a stress test after talking to her.
  9. Haven't fished Matagorda Bay in a while, but Norton Tequila Sunrise was a good go to bait then. Fish it high and slow with a long pump and short pause. That's been deadly on specks and reds in the Galveston Bay area for quite a while and I expect it still is. Captain Sweeny probably has a newer hot bait but I'd still stick a couple in my pocket. I'm excited for you. Hope the weather cooperates. Hint: Bite a small chunk out of the top of the bait just in front of the tail. Makes the tail thinner and gives it more action.
  10. Well said, Java! Hook'em! I'm going fishing till everyone settles down.
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