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    I was born in 2011 as a poor, humble alter-ego of a snarky son-of-a-bitch. I enjoy college sports, but I enjoy the business of college sports even more. I love how underdogs can constantly compete with established programs in college sports and how there is no planning to to account for the unexpected variable depending on 18-22 year old kids will react in any given situation. Most of all, I like college sports because the experience or being a player or a spectator can give us memories to last lifetime. And, if we are lucky, we can be better individuals because we were part of something bigger than just ourselves.
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  1. The Surly crew will be at Lee Harvey's Friday night. Not sure what anyone else has planned, but you know where some of us will be. I will be there with a cigar in my pocket, just in case Aaron lets us know we are all (extended) uncles/ aunts (and the kid looks more like him than the mailman). The code word is "OU SUCKS"
  2. So much for "the nicest fans in all of college football." A friend of mine parked his car in College Station near the aggy campus and thoughtlessly left two tickets to the next A&M home game on his dashboard, in plain sight. Some thoughtless asshole smashed out the driver's side window and left four more.
  3. https://www.duffelblog.com/2019/09/texas-am-corps-of-cadets-found-guilty-of-143-years-of-stolen-valor/?utm_source=Normal+Subscribers&utm_campaign=e5b73310f4-Duffel_Blog_Daily&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_6d392bc034-e5b73310f4-23799241&goal=0_6d392bc034-e5b73310f4-23799241&mc_cid=e5b73310f4&mc_eid=8bd9ac752b Air Force Texas A&M Corps of Cadets found guilty of 143 years of stolen valor COLLEGE STATION, Texas – The student body of Texas A&M University was rocked today by news that their Corps of Cadets is guilty of stolen valor and has been for 143 years. Authorities reached a guilty verdict after discovering that despite wearing uniforms in public, displaying military medals, and being big time hardos, less than half of cadets go on to serve in the military. “The fact that these kids and this institution have let this go on for over a century is unconscionable,” says lead investigator Winston Hughes. “While it does not appear any of the cadets were able to translate their fake military status into getting laid, the vast majority did attempt to get free apps at the local Chili’s every Veterans’ Day.” Stolen Valor is typically defined as an individual wearing a military uniform and impersonating a member of the armed forces despite never having served. Texas A&M released a statement clarifying that, while the majority of their Cadets don’t commission into the armed forces, some do and all of them take their “dress up and march around stuff” very seriously. The school also stressed the importance of imagination in developing young minds. “Whether that involves imagining you go to Hogwarts or imagining you attend a military academy, the principle remains the same,” Booster Club President Jimbob Joe Houston notes. Houston was also quick to point out the school’s status as a Senior Military College, a special designation granted to several institutions after the Civil War authorizing their students to wear fancy boots and get high and tight haircuts unironically. However, detractors point out, that authorization is for individuals who are actually going to join the military and does not cover those who are live-action role-playing as soldiers from the Spanish-American War. The nail in the coffin for A&M’s stolen valor case was the fact that unlike other Senior Military Colleges—such as the Citadel or the Virginia Military Institute—it’s possible to be a student at the school without being a fake ROTC weirdo. “Over 69,000 students will attend class this year in College Station while only about 2,500 will dress up and ask people to thank them for their service” Hughes notes. When reached for comment, member of the Corps Josh Taylor was unapologetic. “How am I stealing valor by just wearing a uniform? Like I owe some kind of service to the country?” Taylor says. “I bought these boots with my parents’ own money, and donated my time to appearing on ESPN football broadcasts all fall. The nation has been compensated.” “If anything, you could say I’m overcompensating”
  4. Part of the fun of all this is seeing how what we look at as amusement manages to provide meaningful opportunities for people we come to know and who share our interest in college sports. Your new adventure is a win for you, and a win for us. I will be following your work over on BON and I am sure you will keep in touch. Best wishes. Hope to talk with you soon.
  5. Feel free to be cocky talking athletics revenue smack with the aggys over the next 18 months. I cannot just come out and ask CDC about the timing of things, but my personal guess is they will recognize the revenue early, so it doesn't right before the 2021 legislature starts to discuss appropriation. If I'm right, the reports will start being public around next April. But there is simply no way to massage these numbers. They will be jaw dropping. From Sept 1, 2018 to Aug 31, 2021 UT athletics will bring in roughly $800 mil from all sources. A&M, about $450 mil. This, with UT's debt service staying constant around 7% of operating revenue, and aggy staying around 18% of operating revenue. Add to this the new UT basketball arena that will add $0 to UT debt service. If Tom gets the boys clicking, the revenue numbers will need to be revised. I think UT athletics financials are about to hit a sweet spot a level far above what aggy has been braying about for the past few years.
  6. Longhorn fans should feel free to talk as much shit over program revenues as they want to with the aggys. The fiscal year ends on Aug 31. That is the date the financial snapshot is taken for the 2018-2019 financials filed with the Department of Education reports than can be found here https://ope.ed.gov/athletics/#/ The aggy capital campaigns have ended and their reported revenues will fall back down to the $150 mil level (out of the top 10). Meanwhile, with the SEZ pledges beginning to roll in, UT revenues are going to soar. And by soar, we are talking $220 mil in operating revenue, plus at least $125 million in SEZ pledges. I’m not sure if the timing of the SEZ income, but the $225 mil in operating income is in the bank, and some time between this fiscal year and next, at least another $125 mil will be recorded. We very easily could see aggy drop from $200 mil in overall revenue to less than $150 mil and UT jump to well over $300 mil. Depending on a couple of factors, aggy could be below $150 mil and UT could post over $350 mil. Just giving people a heads up.
  7. I can't tell you how many points I am into the negative on Surly because I don't care. Why should anyone care? UT is unique with respect to social media because we have a large, committed fan base and it is split between multiple sites. Most other schools have one dominant site and the owners of that site dictate the culture. I quit posting on this site about two years ago mostly because of one particular asshole, but because of the overall negativity. But I stay very close to Aaron and a few others. Most people on any site are decent people. This site has a demographic more sophisticated than other sites. Head over to Spurstalk, find the Longhorn recruiting thread. There are a couple of top guys who post there. IT does some good stuff. You will never find insight or cutting edge info on Surly. What you will get is a bunch of people who live and work in Austin and who interact with the Bellmont crew and Fenves' team. If you ever get the chance, introduce yourself to Bob Richards. He started ShaggyBevo during the waning days of HornFans because he thought he could do better than Robert and Katie. He did. Aaron's job on this site has been amazing. How anyone finds time in their life over 10 years to keep a site like this afloat escapes me. And it wasn't "our beloved university" that screwed with Bob over the use of "bevo" in the site name. It was Nick Voinis at the behest of Deloss. A really stupid decision, but there were a lot of really stupid decisions made inside Bellmont during that period. If you want the back story on those stupid decisions, the Surly crew can tell them to you. You just have to catch them before they get surly.
  8. People who attended trade schools after high school don’t care about facts. The rely entirely on emotional arguments and subjective metrics.
  9. Oh, come on. You don’t also consider Tim Beck to be a genius?
  10. I haven't posted in a while for reasons I don't care to get into, but the fairy tale that DKR gave scholarships to every talented kid to keep them from going to other schools is just that - a fairy tale. Scholarship limits started to gain momentum in 1961, and went into effect in September 1965. In he spring of 1965, it was A&M who had given the most scholarships to football players of any school for a number of years, not Texas. If you go back and look at the records, most years DKR also had fewer players drafted into the NFL than A&M. Let's stick to the facts.
  11. Nothing yet from The Candyman but don’t expect anything until after he visits Alabama.
  12. But at least aggy hasn't brought scumbag Baylor rape apologists in to fill out its coaching staff. Or out-of-state drug dealers who were caught selling controlled substances on a high school campus. But hey, he won six games. Let's celebrate. The made us "great."
  13. My problem is that the story isn't totally dismissed on its face. Once Herman brought Horny onto his staff, and then allowed Leitao on the roster, it became a legitimate question how much further he would cross the lines of integrity. It is frustrating that UT Austin can't bring in a coach of demonstrated integrity and will continuously need to be stained with the fallout of Herman's bringing Horny, Leitao and whomever else Herman brings on to the campus. If Herman had just taken the high road, considered the interests of the program instead of arrogantly insisting his radioactive buddy be put on the payroll, he could have avoided a lot of the problem. Not a Mensa move.
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