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  1. I agree that were atleast 8-4 team and can you imagine what a recruiting class strong can pull off considering we went 6-7 last year and pulled that class, only 50 more days!!!!
  2. I agree with all of that I think whoever wins the turnover battle will win the game
  3. Really need some football talk so I figured why not, I'll start with saying I think swoopes and heard split time first few series in south bend then heard takes job and runs with it. At ND I'm probably a little optimistic but I do believe we have a good shot because they aren't much better than us I think they're overrated as usual so I say we win a close one by a field goal. Home vs rice a good confidence boost and game to get some of the stud freshman experience beat rice. Home versus cal it'll be closer than some think but we win. Osu at home we win don't see where people say they are better than us. At Tcu very hard game to win we fight but lose. OU we win stoops is like Mack at the end of his era not good. K-state at home will be better than people think but at home we win a tight low scoring game. At Iowa state on Halloween we win. KU at home simple as they are Kansas we win. At West Virginia tough place to play I say we lose close one.Tech at home on thanksgiving our D will be damn good by then we'll win. At Baylor the end of year very hard game to pick but I say Charlie has the team rolling and we crush their playoff hopes! So I have US going 10-2 I know probably a little optimistic but that Norte dame game is huge if we can win it'll be a great confidence boost. I just don't see why where people have us with 6 wins. Let's hear your predictions fellow horns!
  4. https://twitter.com/_whoisjuiceee/status/621006301431070720 Huge get LETS RIDE
  5. I'm 100% with you that's what got me started on here I believed everything too lol, glad we got strong that's what the program needed very bad but does anyone know what happened to mcphaul?
  6. McPhaul is looking for Saban house shopping in Austin still
  7. Is it Denzel Okafor if you care to share ..
  8. Well you may as well tell us Matt.. Lol
  9. Are there any big names committing this weekend at the opening?
  10. I know strong doesn't prefer early commits but higs and other guys have been saying we have guys ready to commit when can we expect to finally get one
  11. Don't have the link but kris Boyd tweeted that he won't be redshirting
  12. I understand they can't sell with players name on back legally but do any online stores sell them?
  13. Yeah we do, yeah I'm right in between grand forks and Fargo and yes we do need to teach the bison fans how throw up the horns
  14. Got everything figured out thank you so much once again!
  15. I'm gonna try hopefully I'm writing about ut dominating a&m one day soon!
  16. Thank you very much can't say thank you enough
  17. Just when I think you guys can't top what you've already done, I'm not terribly optimistic I'll be able to this year but I will forsure let you know you guys are THE BEST
  18. Today in the mail I received the $230.00 visa gift card, I can never thank you guys enough!!! Hornsports has been a great place for me as a big Texas fan in small NorthDakota to go as there aren't many Texas fans up here, so I love the hornsports community more than words can explain thankyou so much for welcoming me and being so nice to me really appreciate it and I love coming to the site everyday. I look forward to the day I finally get to experience a game at DKR which is hopefully very soon would love to meet you guys and of course Hook 'Em!
  19. has anyone reported about the hulk picking anyone but bama? I realize we could flip him but it wont be easy for a defensive guy to flip from satan
  20. Welcome to HS Chris, hope we can get your insight this upcoming season, that book would be awesome to read hope you decide to write it soon
  21. When do single game tickets go on sale?
  22. Is it his grades aren't good or his transcripts are messed up
  23. Does anyone know about his eligibility really hope he can come here he would help out a lot I feel we need DEVO in Austin
  24. Yeah I wasn't 100% sure because I saw the notre dame game time, if things work out I was thinking about the Oklahoma state game anyways
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