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  1. Have any recruits scheduled their official visits?
  2. Okafor will be in Austin this weekend
  3. He only has one official left right that's what I thought I read
  4. Is mccoluch gonna take us or a&m as his last official
  5. I'm hoping the burnt orange side of the stadium doesn't have too much blow u in it
  6. We're beating OU mark my words Charlie is not as bad of coach as some of you doubters think give him time! PS I may be drunk lol but I believe it Be13eve
  7. Has anything changed with your thoughts on Texas position on maybe landing Brandon jones dontavious Jackson etc?
  8. Just search the horn on the App Store
  9. Anyone have any recommendations of places to buy a Sweet Horns shirt before football season? Being in North Dakota I don't have the luxury of having UT gear in every store lol any recommendations would be greatly appreciated HOOK EM
  10. When in the world are we gonna hear about if Devo will get in
  11. Good thing is Charlie has said multiple times both will play at nd that will be heard's chance to prove he can ball
  12. Everyone needs to relax on heard from what everyone says he is more of a game player than practice player so let's wait and see what he brings vs ND
  13. Welcome maybe we can have another 4th and 5 experience with heard in the national title game vs sc this year 😉
  14. Never got to meet Dennis but sounds like a hell of a man rip prayers to his family and friends
  15. Great news on heard! Is it September 5th yet?
  16. Another great write up one of the few things to look forward to on a Monday
  17. Curious who do you think starts most of the games at qb?
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