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  1. Yeah I kinda figured that and the fact 2017 WR is a pretty good class. Could Hudson start at guard this year?
  2. Anyway TD would give Texas another look if they got full release? Would excel in the new offense
  3. Hey mike, what are your thoughts on our chances with Moses with say a 8-4,9-3 year?
  4. Would anyone wanna be generous and pm me their watch ESPN account so I could watch the spring game tomorrow? Would be much appreciated!
  5. D-Jax is on his way to Austin with Chris brown right now
  6. Could he possible come in this weekend?
  7. What's going on with kam Martin? Or is it just a troll job he doing
  8. Remember when burton said it was us and ou where Murray would go last week lmao
  9. Mcculloch cancelled his visit to aggie
  10. For the sake of the argument and the job at Texas opens who are you hiring? Be real we aren't getting urban either harbaugh or.... Saban
  11. First off I'll admit I didn't think there was anyway Charlie would be gone a few weeks ago, now however I still think he'll be back I thinks it's 50/50 and would not be surprised if he's gone 4-8 won't cut it. I know a lot want Herman if Charlie is gone but I want les miles he's proven to win games and lot of them and can recruit great. His daughter goes to UT I believe so let's go get him and get him Scott frost as OC
  12. Single handle won it for me and I had heard too lol atleast something went right tonight
  13. I'm going with warren haha feel like he gets the goal line carries if there are any lol
  14. Playing draft kings tomorrow and wondering if anyone knows who will get most of the carries warren or Kirk?
  15. Well I'm just saying there is no way he's gonna be fired and I get it we want to win but why fire him and damage the recruiting class significantly
  16. To the fools who think Charlie is gone after this year, BREAKING NEWS that isn't happening but I think we all agree the OC needs to be changed who are some people realistically you would consider? I'm in the traylor camp let's give him a shot also he's one hell of a recruiter
  17. So since you want to fire strong who are u gonna replace him with and what's gonna be your selling point to this already impatient fan base without a ad as well
  18. Question for all that want strong fired, what issues is that gonna fix? Also it will kill our class this year. I think we all are pissed but don't see what issues it'll fix firing strong before he gets more of his guys on the field.
  19. The USC 30 for 30 I finally got a chance to watch it, it's one of the better ones a must watch for college football fans and there's quite a bit about the 05 Texas team. Watching it makes me miss when Texas was a national powerhouse there were so many nfl players in that game. The SC team was cocky as hell and we saw how that ended lol. I know some aren't but I'm convinced Charlie brings us back on top Hook EM
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