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  1. We are 23-19 since the bama game that's just unacceptable never thought u would see the day texas is scared of BYU
  2. Yeah completely on both points swoopes should've been in case is a waste and manny iaz is garbage we're on the path miami was on
  3. What a performance they clearly don't listen to his voice anymore there's no way we beat ou or any team that can run its pretty sad we can get any recruit in the nation and we can't even tackle man what I would give to have a real dc back
  4. I'm sure most if not all are from the Austin area but I'm from small ass North Dakota but I'm loyal
  5. I'm hoping daje Johnson has a bigger role he could be lethal
  6. Oh yeah I'm interested in what jaxon does this year and what they do with swoopes and overstreet
  7. Yeah I think jeffcoat has a great year and diggs gets even better and if byndum performs more like his sophomore year than junior well be fine in the secondary and hicks must stay healthy
  8. I hope your right we need a new voice in the locker room this season is big for everyone
  9. Well we've under achieved recently but our toughest games are ou and at tcu I swear if we lose to ou Mack needs fired after the game
  10. Looking at our schedule and the experience we have coming back is there really any reason we can't go undefeated
  11. Yeah that's what I see too he needs to have a breakout year we have too much talent behind him for average play
  12. Well tonight I was watching the longhorn network and I'm very hyped for football as all of us probably are . This isn't too bold I guess but I have David ash emerging as a very good qb in Texas history with colt and vy their junior year they stepped up big
  13. What do u guys think about the chances of us firing Diaz and stealing Kirby smart giving him a raise heard max Olson mention it in his chat
  14. Ya I really wish we could have mustchamp back
  15. I would love chip Kelly although I doubt he would come to Texas
  16. I hope so. Who would u want as the next hc
  17. How many more embarrassing losses to teams as good as us will it take for Mack to go
  18. Can't go wrong with Michelle beadle or Samantha stele both longhorns 2
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