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  1. I attend NDSU so I keep an eye on the program, he is a legit NFL talent really hope Herman can get him in for a visit. With that said K State makes a lot of sense for him.
  2. Don’t know if people were still talking about Kerry Coombs joining Ash’s staff but Herbie went on a show in Nashville today saying osu is looking to get him for DC.
  3. It’s simply amazing to me most of the class has stayed with how much of a shitshow it looks like it’ll be next year..
  4. As far as Kerry Coombs I’m a big Titans fan and also Texas obviously and I will say since he came over to the titans last year he’s a hell of a DB coach. Would be an excellent hire imo although I think Washington and to a lesser extent Naviar are very good recruiters. However, Coombs list of guys he’s coached at Ohio state speaks for itself.
  5. I’m assuming no but is there anywhere you can create your own last name on jersey and get Ehlinger?
  6. Is the guy from Minnesota on here?
  7. Believe so he’s announcing January 5th at the all American bowl.
  8. Lol will do, may try and catch the game @osu next week
  9. We (Arkansas) have been so bad this year and I wear some Texas stuff to class no one ever says anything but I think the rivalry is pretty dead but that’s coming from someone younger and there hasn’t been a rivalry between the schools in last 20 years imo
  10. New student to the university of Arkansas this semester. Just wondering if there was anyone on the board that lives in the area?
  11. Anyone have watch espn info they'd wanna dm me so I can watch the game would be greatly appreciated
  12. Very far away from the game haha but if anyone wants to catch a drink or something before or after the game let me know
  13. Sounds like a decent place to catch a game, hoping for prime time game but the first month will tell us probably how good the team will be
  14. I believe this year I will be attending the Texas vs TCU game in November as my 2nd Longhorn game in my life as many of you I can't wait for the season! Anyone have any experiences or anything they'd like to share about TCU's stadium? Let's all hope we play TCU better than we did in the strong era lol
  15. I would say best day to do chat would be like Tuesday or Wednesday in my opinion
  16. But aggy said after the state game last week he wasn't SEC SEC SEC good and didn't want him?
  17. Daniel, do you think Texas gets Wilson if they land little and or klavon?
  18. With Hines set to announce tomorrow is there anyway we could flip him since we had a in home this week and apparently went well?
  19. Yeah it's just a shame we never got him on the 40 has the frame to be a matchup nightmare
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