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  1. Let's take a look at Joe Biden's Covid-19 fear mongering with assists from partisan hacks disguised as "medical experts". A thread by former Texas Ranger and Constitutionalist, Roscoe B Davis -
  2. I don't think it'll be that close, but I agree that blue cities will burn. DJT needs to finally deploy the NG and military in hotspots. You're going down ANTIFA and BLM!
  3. Rumble is good. So is Bitchute for everything that YouTube has blocked/banned.
  4. I wish I could figure out my recently downloaded Parler machine
  5. Where's Hunter? When does a bird sing.....
  6. It pains me to see UT forced to offer an aggy-like contract to somebody like Urban Meyer. But, he may be the only "splash hire" capable of turning us around at this point. Good news is Mack Daddy and his cronies won't ruin the deal this go 'round. Make it happen, CDC.
  7. Sooo...the FBI has had an "active criminal investigation" into Hunter Biden's overseas business affairs and money laundering since 2019? Why are we just now hearing about this? Can you imagine being a Bernie bro? He got screwed out of the DNC nomination again!
  8. Wow.....Hunter's depravity knows no bounds. The Bidens are one sick family.
  9. Good to hear you're on the mend. Did you lose your sense of taste or smell? Those are the only symptoms that frighten me.

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