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  1. aggy is terrible. They had like 18 points at the half in B2B losses at the Orlando tourney - against Harvard and Temple. Plus a loss to powerhouse Fairfield. They suck. https://12thman.com/sports/mens-basketball/schedule
  2. MSN is reporting that Helton is staying...for now.
  3. Okay, but that can be more than a little self-serving and certainly undermined Orlando if Ash is hired. His time would've been better-served developing winning defensive game plans, IMO.
  4. Hell, UTA would've been more convenient for both fanbases.
  5. That scheme still works pretty good for Patterson and TCU.
  6. He's tryin', but I don't know if it's genuine.
  7. Man, I thought we were gonna lay down again when the score was 14-0, Q1. Glad we finished the season on a high note. My thought in preseason was 8-4 was the worst we'd do. The offense proved me wrong 3x against TCU, Iowa St, and Baylor. Nice work, Cheese.
  8. I kinda felt bad for Orlando, since he dealt with a lot of injuries to key players this year. It looked like he had a good "bend don't break" scheme going the last 4 weeks, too. But, then I read this article from BattleStats...
  9. Long drive to McKinney for both Duncanville and Southlake Carroll. Why not The Star in Frisco? Doesn't it seat 12k?
  10. What invaluable "analysis" did Ash provide while contributing to Orlando's 108th ranked total defense as its analyst, he asked?
  11. Q: If you have a car containing a Sooners wide receiver, a Sooners linebacker, and a Sooners defensive back, who is driving the car? A: The cop.
  12. ESPN GameDay crew discussing Gomer Pyle Field and why aggy sucks at home. https://twitter.com/TexasTakeover05/status/1180961880485105665
  13. @Paul_Longhorn is just the best memesmith. Follow him on Twitter.
  15. 1st & 10: Does A&M have a $75 million mess on its hands?
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