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  1. I stopped watching the NBA because of the 1998 lockout, I got tired of listening to millionaires whining about being millionaires. The last straw for me was hearing Patrick Ewing trying to explain why he needed more money..."People complain that pro athletes make a lot of money; but what they don’t understand is that we need a lot of money because we spend a lot of money"
  2. Do you typically get this worked up over a couple of smartass comments? You may want to try decaf...
  3. You've really gotta do a little research on the whole "your" vs "you're" thing...
  4. And I thought we were friends...alas...
  5. All this time I thought you were full of crap but if there's a meme saying that it's all on Trump then it must be true...
  6. Getting a little desperate if you're using Tom Arnold as a source... Tom Arnold’s Hunt for the Trump Tapes Is an Infuriating, Unwatchable Disaster Tom Arnold's Obsession with 'Taking Down' Donald Trump & Alleged Prescription Drug Abuse Caused Failed Marriage
  7. You "had to stop by" so that you could make an accusation with no examples or facts to back it up, spend most of your rant rephrasing and repeating the accusation in what appears to be an attempt at distracting your audience from the lack of facts, wrap up your rant with "I'm going to take my ball and go home" and then react to every reply to your post that you said you wouldn't reply to. Let's see...an accusation that you can't prove, mindless repetition of said accusation and refusal to participate in any kind of intelligent discussion regarding accusation...are you an aggy? "After all
  8. Collecting medical info on someone without a clinical need and, more importantly, their permission??? It's a HUGE HIPAA violation at the very least, hospitals get cited, fined and can be shut down for pulling that crap.
  9. And then there's this... Texas/ou to the SEC? and a very interesting take here... https://www.bcsnn.com/big-xii/2020-big-12-can-t-cancel-season-with-texas-and-oklahoma-on-the-line.html
  10. I was goofing around on YouTube yesterday...I mean working not goofing around, I never goof around while I'm working on a laptop all day because of COVID...and saw what I assumed was a ditzy blonde wannabe rock star but thought I'd check the video out anyway. I was soooo wrong, this chick can play!
  11. Charlie could recruit them but seemed to have more than a little trouble getting them coached up and ready to play
  12. The Hubris and Harbinger XTC are both worth the money as well. Ironroot's got a good thing going
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