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  1. I tried this over the weekend and it's pretty damn good! I think Ironroot might be the best distillery in Texas right now. This one's 103 proof and is very smooth, kind of reminds me of Booker's a bit. It's $40 to $45 depending on where you pick it up.
  2. The single malt's pretty good but it's $65 or so a bottle and there's better bourbon out there for the price. I like the Baby Blue and their Rye but they wouldn't be my first choice. I think I'd spend $65 on Booker's before I did the Balcones. The Old Forester 1897 Bottled in Bond and 1920 Prohibition Style are cheaper than the Balcones Single Malt and, IMO, much better bourbons.
  3. Time for you to hit the recruiting trail, the last two sentences make me want to suit up and hit the field! The trainers will have to have O2, a stretcher and, possibly, a defib standing by once the field hits back...
  4. Got my quarantine shirt last week... https://nemopremium.com/product/special-gift-lf-657/? If you decide to order one....it takes more than a few days for it to arrive
  5. Could be interesting but it's not. Shiner makes good beer and Balcones makes good bourbon but, to paraphrase Kipling, never the twain should meet. I'm not sure how to describe it but the taste is kind of muddled if that makes any sense, there's not really any kind of flavor profile to it and the aftertaste is pretty bitter. This one could use a couple more years in the barrel... I tried to make and old fashioned with it after deciding that I wasn't going to be drinking it straight up and ended up tossing it down the sink. I haven't mixed bourbon with soda in a long time but am going to try it with cream soda to see if that'll work...
  6. I'd be happy with just being able to impersonate this lady...
  7. Dangerously delicious... I used Buffalo Trace instead of rye
  8. I can't find the Harbinger anywhere but did find it's little brother Harbinger XC and really like it. It's a little spicy sweet and is very smooth. It's got a pretty unique flavor that, I'm guessing, is due to the different types of corn that they use in the mash. I'd definitely recommend it.
  9. Anyone tried this? I've got the Harbinger XC and it's pretty good, it's definitely worth trying! Ironroot Harbinger: Is This $60 Underdog The World’s Best Bourbon Whiskey?
  10. I'm sure that this has already been answered but I'm too lazy to look it up...how big is the Horns 2021 class expected to be?
  11. Cheap Trick was absolutely the worst show I've seen and the only concert that I've ever walked out of...horrible. I took my wife to see Phil Collins and have to agree, one of the best I've seen and "In the Air Tonight" is hands down the best song from any artist that I've seen live. The loudest concert was Sammy Hagar's "VOA" tour at the Summit. Sammy's one of the guys that you know would play all night if they'd let him, I've seen him a couple of times since and had a blast every time. Krokus opened for Sammy on the VOA tour...I didn't listen to them much before the concert or after the concert but they put on a good show that night and were a blast to watch. A close second when it comes to volume was KISS. I didn't get to see them until their first farewell tour with Peter and Ace but they were still rocking! When I was a kid we pulled up to my cousin's house in Baton Rouge, my aunt walked up gave me a hug and told me that my cousin had gone to the KISS concert about an hour before and had a ticket for me...no one would take me up there to find him. I'm still holding a grudge... The funnest concerts...Jimmy Buffett! I've been a Parrothead longer than I'd care to admit and have seen him at least 40 times...lost count after that.
  12. Absolutely!! The man is absolutely phenomenal! Both my boys are year-round swimmers and are going to the Longhorn Swim Camp this year for the first time. Both want to swim in college and the oldest wants very badly to swim for Eddie Reese so he's very excited about camp! I saw a couple of this year's Longhorns swim at a meet earlier this year...got to time one of them...I'd be shocked if we didn't see a couple of them swimming in Tokyo this summer.
  13. You'll be in our prayers, so sorry for your loss.
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