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  1. "Every college campus has hot coeds..." Riiiiiiiiiiiight...
  2. It’s 9:30pm, we lost but BlowU still sucks
  3. We lost to the number 5 team in the nation by 7 and anyone who knows even a little about football knows that we were in that game until the end and, if we'd made a couple of plays could have finished the night with the W. We had a dropped pass in the end zone and couple of questionable calls in the red zone that should've put points on the board but LSU's D did a great job of stopping us on 4th down and keeping us from scoring. The whole country saw a damn good game between two very good teams, if you saw something different you might want to use a little more aluminum foil on your television's antenna.
  4. Any idea when Kate might appear? Is this one pretty solid or is there a chance that the outcome of the game could affect the decision? For the record...I absolutely believe that the Horns beat the Tigers this weekend so that's really more of a hypothetical question. The Horns better beat them...my dad's an LSU grad and my youngest wants to go to vet school there and I'm ready for the trash talk to begin. My son wants to go to LSU for vet school because he refuses to be an aggy...I raised him well.
  5. Don't know about anyone else my coaches weren't big believers in taking the afternoon off for poor demeanor, focus and execution in practice. They were BIG fans, however, of gassers, belly flops, '40-60-80-100s', bear crawls and other brutally painful drills. They were also pretty high on watching us puke...
  6. Anyone wanna go in with me and trademark the word Ohio?
  7. I'm going to have to tear off a corner of my man card for quoting this movie but like the mama said in My Big Fat Greek Wedding..." The man is the head, but the woman is the neck. And she can turn the head any way she wants." The dad may want Auburn but there's a very good chance that he'll change his tune when mama tells him what parts she'll cut off if she can't be at games to watch her boy play
  8. Is having recruits in for the annual aggy $ervices Elephant Cock game good news? "I know that they mudstomped us but since we dick ride Bama pretty hard it's really like we were beating ourselves... You'll love it here! Could you excuse me for a second?? HEY BUFORD...you got an extra jar?!?!?"
  9. So aggy defines a "decent team" as one who will lick your ass on a regular basis? I guess that would make aggy a decent team in Bama's eyes...
  10. Will there be any Kate sightings before, during or after the Spring Game?
  11. I ran a 3.3 once...there was a very pissed off German Shepherd chasing me
  12. Does he mean diet, dye it or die "in" it? aggy would be so much easier to understand if they talked like real people...
  13. aggy...the only university that gets it's energy from sharing a big dick
  14. Both my boys are year 'round swimmers, the oldest wants to swim at Texas. We're planning on sending them to the Longhorn Swim Camp next summer so that they get to see/meet Eddie and to get some coaching from a pretty amazing coaching staff...Eddie, Carol Capitani, former UT swimmers, Gold Medalists and other Olympians (including Ian Crocker), NCAA champions and the list goes on. We'd have sent them this year but the camps fill up fast!!
  15. The Longhorn Men's Swimming/Diving Team took 2nd at the NCAA Championships and the Women's Swimming/Diving Team took 5th. "UT's NCAA runner-up finish was the 12th in program history and marked the 26th time in 41 seasons under head coach Eddie Reece that the Longhorns finished among the top two nationally. All totaled, under Reese, Texas has earned a top three finish on 33 occasions and finished among the Top 10 for the 40th straight year." Men's Swimming and Diving takes second at NCAA Championships
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