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  1. I found out yesterday that I may have the opportunity to buy some Pappy's 10-year that was bottled back in 2010. I'm curious about how much someone would be willing to pay for what amounts to a 20-year old bottle of Pappy's because the guy that I'd be getting it from hasn't given me a price yet and I'd like to have an idea before I make any kind of commitment. Anybody have a ballpark figure?
  2. That's a pretty big if, though, the offensive line's been pretty offensive to this point.
  3. Biden is not legitimate, no one is legitimate at this point. Election results are not finalized until the validity of ballots cast has been verified and then the results have been certified. In the event a recount occurs election results are put on hold until the recount is completed. There's a long way to go before this election is completed and there's a legitimate winner. How and When Election Results are Finalized - Ballotpedia.org
  4. If we lose to Oklahoma State Saturday afternoon is there a chance that we get a treat for Halloween... Or the same old tired trick...
  5. Toxic...perfect word...Toxic Tom. If I was another school right now I wouldn't waste my breath on negative recruiting, I'd just sit back and let the Toxic Tom shit show take care of that for me. Urban can't get here fast enough...
  6. Score, killer instinct's something that we haven't seen for too long! At this point I'd be happy to see any kind of competitive instinct...killer, psycho, really pissed off, angry as hell, extremely irritated, mildly perturbed...
  7. We couldn't afford the coaching change that we're all anxious for without their money so I don't have a problem with them having more than a little involvement in the process, they're the ones who are going to have to pony up the cash to buy out Hermann and pay Urban so, personally, I'm good with them taking a little initiative. Additionally, I don't know the numbers and am too lazy today to look them up but BMD donations don't start and stop with athletics and I'd bet good money that they put more into the academic/research side than into sports, cutting them out of the coaching search could
  8. That's about as accurate a take on the state of Texas football as I've heard. Absolutely hits the nail on the head about recruiting, or the lack of, if Herman's our coach next year.
  9. Has anyone with connections to the program heard any grumblings from the $$ guys about CTH?
  10. There were 980+/- police involved fatalities in the US in 2017* while, in contrast, there were 892,000+ babies aborted that same year. So biden's outraged by one and passionately defends the other? Seems a bit hypocritical... *Using 2017 because that was the most recent year with complete abortion stats that I could find
  11. The fact that Sheila Jackson Lee is still in office is a crime in and of itself!
  12. First and foremost...is there any factual, reliable proof that President Trump had Herman Cain's cause of death modified or changed from COVID to complications from cancer or that he's forcing the CDC to falsify their reports? Herman Cain was an older gentleman with a history of cancer which placed him at a higher risk for contracting and, unfortunately, dying from COVID-19. While neither age nor cancer caused his death they are factors known to increase an individual's risk and to complicate treatment. He was 74 years old which, according to the CDC, made him 5 times more likely to be

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