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  1. This is the same Jimbo Fisher who defended/still defends Jameis Winston and won a national championship with him. I don't think he takes any of that into consideration...
  2. I'm with you on Garrison's, it's good but nowhere near what I expected after hearing friends rave about it. I'm glad that I won it...my boss had just about convinced me to spend the $$ to buy a bottle. "Young" is the perfect description...the flavor's just not as deep or developed. I'll go with Booker's or Old Forester 1920 for $30 less. Your collection is pretty damn impressive!! I love Blade and Bow, I haven't had the chance to buy a bottle of my own yet because I haven't found it at any of the liquor stores that I frequent here in Houston. Do you know the story about the keys? I've never seen the Little Booker's but if it's anything like big Booker's it's gotta be good. Old Forester's has slowly become one of my faves so I'm drooling a little at the Birthday Bourbon. It's almost impossible to find Eagle Rare around here unless you show up on the day they stock it...and that's just the plain ole bottle. The 17-year...you'd have to be pretty damn lucky. Funny Eagle Rare story...I have a friend who bought a bottle and put it with the rest of his bourbon in the pantry. He had a few friends over and put out a cheaper bottle since everyone was a mixer and he wanted to save the good stuff. One of his friends walks out to the backyard with a big cup of Diet Coke..."Man!! That Eagle Rare's good stuff". He'd mixed almost half the bottle with Diet Coke. My friend learned that it's a good idea to close the pantry door when the good stuff's visible on the shelf.
  3. How's Devils River? I've seen billboards all over Houston advertising it but haven't tried it. The only rye that I buy is Sazerac because it makes great Sazeracs...
  4. Tell that to Matt Rhule, while he didn't win a championship he did come pretty damn close without having Alabama talent. His recruiting classes were ranked 40th in 2017, 29th in 2018, 35th in 2019 and Baylor's 52nd currently. He's taken Baylor from a 1-11 team coming off one of the worst scandals in football to 11-2 with a Sugar Bowl berth and has done it without the benefit of having the "best players". You can sign the best players in the nation but if you can't do anything with them once you them get on campus you're not going to beat the guy that has the ability to coach up the kids who aren't the best. If you can't coach you can't win and if you can't win you're going to have a very hard time on the recruiting trail. About Nick Saban... The guy's won 6 national championships, 8 conference championships and has a lifetime record as a college head coach of 242–65–1. He's put more players into the NFL than I care to count and had 56 players who were on week one rosters. He can coach and he surrounds himself with people who can coach, that's why he wins and that's why kids want to play for him. You'd be a fool to believe that he's always had the best players, he hasn't, but what he was been able to do is coach up the 2&3 star kids to play like 4&5 stars and he's won championships with those kids. You don't always win because you have the best players, you win because you get the best out of your players and that's exactly what Saban does.
  5. Absolutely! It would've taken a couple of seconds for someone from LHN to point at the camera and say "hey coach, that's a live feed". Also...if you're gonna broadcast any "war room" live you might want to have it on a 10-second delay just in case a coach happens to let a profanity or two slip into their vocabulary. This is why it's best to wait until you have a little context before forming opinions. I find it hard to fault Herman for any of this.
  6. Doesn't matter who we recruit if we don't have the right guy to coach them up
  7. Was at a swim meet all day so I missed most of the game, turned it on as soon as I got home...wish I hadn’t My wife's a Baylor grad and got home before I did so I got a little trash talk and get to listen to a year of “scoreboard”... thanks, CTH
  8. Only aggy could watch the end of last night's game and take pride in one of their alumni turning into a thug on national television...
  9. I tried this but apparently Twitter doesn't understand aggy...
  10. That's the next one I'm going to try. Have tasted the Balcones (loved it) and the 1835 (take it or leave it), saving the Garrison Brothers for awhile. After tasting the Balcones, I'm going to keep that one to myself and for my bourbon-snob friends...it's too good to end up in someone's Coke.
  11. My boys are year-round swimmers at Dad's Club here in Houston, last night was our annual swim marathon and raffle. I put in 10 $5 tickets for one basket in particular and won, here's my prize... Oldhorn...the Balcones Single Malt is the only one I opened up last night and it is very, very good!!
  12. I started the UCLA game sitting 10 rows up on the 50 yard-line and finished it in a bar yelling "Mackovic Sucks!!!" with a hundred or so Longhorns. I'd tell you which bar but that was in my wilder days and all I remember is that they had a lot of beer...
  13. I've worked for the state at MD Anderson for 15 years and couldn't agree with you more! It's notoriously hard to terminate state employees once they've made it past their probation period, it doesn't matter how well/poor they do their job, if they're consistently late or if they're on the internet all day instead of working*...as long as they show up and occupy a desk they're going to have a job. While it's extremely hard to get rid of someone for any of those reasons, we take classes on employment laws and cultural diversity every year as part of our institutional mandatory training and it's made very clear that there are severe consequences for comments just like that. Comments like Earl's are one of the few things that will get you shown the door before you have a chance to clean out your desk. If Earl wasn't Earl he'd have had a quick meeting with HR and then would've been escorted out by security...I've seen it before and, unfortunately, am sure that I will again.
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