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  1. Doesn't matter who we recruit if we don't have the right guy to coach them up
  2. Was at a swim meet all day so I missed most of the game, turned it on as soon as I got home...wish I hadn’t My wife's a Baylor grad and got home before I did so I got a little trash talk and get to listen to a year of “scoreboard”... thanks, CTH
  3. Only aggy could watch the end of last night's game and take pride in one of their alumni turning into a thug on national television...
  4. I tried this but apparently Twitter doesn't understand aggy...
  5. That's the next one I'm going to try. Have tasted the Balcones (loved it) and the 1835 (take it or leave it), saving the Garrison Brothers for awhile. After tasting the Balcones, I'm going to keep that one to myself and for my bourbon-snob friends...it's too good to end up in someone's Coke.
  6. My boys are year-round swimmers at Dad's Club here in Houston, last night was our annual swim marathon and raffle. I put in 10 $5 tickets for one basket in particular and won, here's my prize... Oldhorn...the Balcones Single Malt is the only one I opened up last night and it is very, very good!!
  7. I started the UCLA game sitting 10 rows up on the 50 yard-line and finished it in a bar yelling "Mackovic Sucks!!!" with a hundred or so Longhorns. I'd tell you which bar but that was in my wilder days and all I remember is that they had a lot of beer...
  8. I've worked for the state at MD Anderson for 15 years and couldn't agree with you more! It's notoriously hard to terminate state employees once they've made it past their probation period, it doesn't matter how well/poor they do their job, if they're consistently late or if they're on the internet all day instead of working*...as long as they show up and occupy a desk they're going to have a job. While it's extremely hard to get rid of someone for any of those reasons, we take classes on employment laws and cultural diversity every year as part of our institutional mandatory training and it's made very clear that there are severe consequences for comments just like that. Comments like Earl's are one of the few things that will get you shown the door before you have a chance to clean out your desk. If Earl wasn't Earl he'd have had a quick meeting with HR and then would've been escorted out by security...I've seen it before and, unfortunately, am sure that I will again.
  9. Another good bourbon...Shenk's Homestead from Michter's. It's a $38 bottle that's better than quite a few of the $$$ bourbons I've had, I bought a bottle early this year and haven't seen one since.
  10. Buffalo Trace is my go to for the most part, I'm a fan of most of the bourbons that come out of the Buffalo Trace distillery. I've also started mixing in Old Forester on occasion as an any occasion bourbon. The bourbon's that I have right now that are reserved for me and any other bourbon snob who visits are E.H. Taylor and Old Forester 1920. I'd love to have a bottle of Stagg, Eagle Rare 17 year or Pappy's in the collection but a) they're out of my bourbon budget right now and b) they're not the easiest to find. I have a buddy who's wife bought him a bottle of Pappy's 15-year as an anniversary present...she called all over the country and finally found one at a liquor store across the street from Wall Street. He's pretty good gift giver and I'm positive that he thought that his gift for her was going to top anything she got him...I wish I'd seen his face. It's very good stuff...best bourbon I've tasted. If you're looking for a good old fashioned recipe try this one...Julian Van Winkle's Old Fashioned Cocktail
  11. "Every college campus has hot coeds..." Riiiiiiiiiiiight...
  12. It’s 9:30pm, we lost but BlowU still sucks
  13. We lost to the number 5 team in the nation by 7 and anyone who knows even a little about football knows that we were in that game until the end and, if we'd made a couple of plays could have finished the night with the W. We had a dropped pass in the end zone and couple of questionable calls in the red zone that should've put points on the board but LSU's D did a great job of stopping us on 4th down and keeping us from scoring. The whole country saw a damn good game between two very good teams, if you saw something different you might want to use a little more aluminum foil on your television's antenna.
  14. Any idea when Kate might appear? Is this one pretty solid or is there a chance that the outcome of the game could affect the decision? For the record...I absolutely believe that the Horns beat the Tigers this weekend so that's really more of a hypothetical question. The Horns better beat them...my dad's an LSU grad and my youngest wants to go to vet school there and I'm ready for the trash talk to begin. My son wants to go to LSU for vet school because he refuses to be an aggy...I raised him well.
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