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  1. Awesome post bbdude!!!! I am pumped up about the Mounties playing in our conference. I will be hitting Keglers and the Varsity Club in 2013!!!
  2. Gideon is saying that because Tannehill made him look like dog doo for 4 years.
  3. Are they proposing the changes for 2013 or 2014?
  4. I think Mack will run Harsin out in a few years and Applewhite will get the OC gig all to himself. Conversely if Mack leaves they hire Chris Peterson and Harsin stays with his old friend. Mack needs to let the OC's run the offense, period.
  5. Tebow at #7???? Mwaaaa haaaaa! for that matter tabbing Tebow at #10 when he has only played one season ia a joke too IMO.
  6. It is an awesome show and the books are even better. Highly recommended.
  7. Let Skull & Bones decide this election.
  8. Seems like Warrick is getting more and more press these days.
  9. Houston blew the game but congrats to Dallas. The Rockets' overachieved this season as it is so not making the playoffs should not disappoint the fans.
  10. An American legend has passed away. Ryan Seacrest will never be what Clark was. A Syracuse grad and slice of Americana. R.I.P. Dick.
  11. Read Prevot's twitter account and tell me if he is Texas caliber. I think not. He needs to grow up.
  12. Rockets are in trouble. And don't blame the Denver loss on the refs.
  13. Take a look at a HS Football stadium in Texas, then visit one in any other state. The difference in ”kingdoms” is all too apparent.
  14. He was extremely relieved when Texas finally offered.
  15. The prostitution ring won't help Obama's effort much. If you have yet to hear his secret service officers were chasing tricks while on a recent visit to Cartagena, Columbia.
  16. Texas wins both games today to win the series vs. Oklahoma State.
  17. BTW the link is down. Too much traffic probably.
  18. She's better than the first gal by a landslide.
  19. I'll take #2, Alex. Geez. Wonder how many more there are out there. Could this reach Tiger Woods proportions?
  20. Seems Bobby has been a very busy man. The latest news is that he was texting stuff to another woman name Alison Melder who works for the Republican Party of Arkansas. Alison Melder Photos: The Bikini Model that Bobby Petrino Exchanged Text and Picture Messages With Photos below.
  21. 60% of his cell phone calls were to the mistress. Petrino went hoggin'.
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