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  1. The Tony Brackens hit on the Tech punter in 1995 wasn't the most memorable moment in Texas history but it is one of the most memorable hits. I remember talking about that hit for weeks at work. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4267665746365044843
  2. Like you, I thought the draft was a success for the Cowboys and as a result of that, and free agents, the secondary will be improved. A rookie CB is still worrisome but there was no room to move but up for the DBs. The offensive line is easily the biggest question mark. Romo has enough weapons to create a running game for almost anyone, Murray or otherwise, IF the line will protect.
  3. Internet rumors are just that rumors, I'm not buying. By the way, just heard Arizona State has invited Mike Sherman in for an interview.
  4. I agree the Cardinals are going down this weekend but the Cowboys just haven't been good enough consistently to beat a quality team in the playoffs. Romo can get away with sloppy first half play and then epic second half recoveries against the weaker teams but not the Saints and Packers of the world, maybe not the Lions either. Eli & the Mannings are finished though which doesn't hurt my feelings.
  5. I don't know a single aggie excited about Sumlin, he's had a great year at Houston but the general thought is Sumlin = Fran 2.0.
  6. Down to the 3rd string QB in Houston, I'm not concerned about making the playoffs but can TJ Yates do anything IN the playoffs or are the Texans doomed regardless of their opponent?
  7. bbdude, thanks for the props.This is my first time to the site but definitely not my last!
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