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  1. He isn't the normal highly rated guard we usually get, but it may work. Missouri beat us 3 times this year with a team full of 3 star recruits, so I'm not putting too much stock in his ranking. I don't really see him playing much his first year. Sheldon, Julien and Myck will play close to 30 minutes a game and Gibbs will get good minutes as well. We will also have size inside, so that means time for Holmes and Bond at the 3. We could potentially add Pollard as well. Maybe even Kevin Thomas. It will be nice to have some depth.

  2. Not sure if many of you have heard of Ioannis Papapetrou, but he's a 6'7 Greek SF who plays his hs ball at Florida Air Academy. He flew under the radar because he didn't play AAU ball, but college coaches have fallen in love with his game. He was heavily recruited by Texas, Kansas, Alabama and George Mason. Each of those schools put the full court press on Papapetrou by sending head coaches down to Florida to visit him. There isn't any tape of him playing on the internet, but I saw some of his U16 stats from the summer of 2010 and he seems like a jack of all trades. Word is he is supposed to continue growing as well. Seeing that we will only return 11 players again next season(if J'covan Brown leaves with Kabongo, Chapman and Wangmene) it would make a lot of sense for him to commit to Texas. Papapetrou also said that he would know the right school after making his visit. Good news for us, he was in Austin last weekend and this past week decided he would choose between UT and KU today. Another positive is that Rick Barnes has done really well with international players. One such advantage is probably the fact that they feel comfortable with the diversity of the city of Austin and the diverse student body at UT. Hopefully we get this kid. He is supposed to grow to be a 7 footer. Which would be great. A 7 footer with guard skills isn't something we've had since KD. As Bob Barker would say...Ioannis, come on down!

  3. I got goosebumps when I heard about this. Something similar happened a couple of years ago to an NLF cameraman. A Chiefs player ran into him in the sideline and knocked him out cold, he got up and was able to finish the game. But as a precaution he went to the hospital. While there, they found tumors that were later removed. Kinda makes you rethink your attitude when something negative happens in your life. Those things can be used for a positive.

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