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  1. Yeah definitely. I'm just hoping it all works out. It's nice to have this problem of having too many players though. We usually struggle to field a team
  2. The coaches have some sort of plan about the scholarships because apparently we are going after Jordan Clarkson from Tulsa. He averaged over 16 ppg as a sophomore for Tulsa last year. 6'4 guard out of San Antonio. I remember this happening a few years ago with Oklahoma State. They had a number of guys sign another form of scholarship papers, and they weren't penalized.
  3. Been reading about him, and I've seen a couple of clips, but nothing that says much. He's long and athletic. That is all I've noticed about him so far. Hopefully we will find out more in the coming days.
  4. He isn't the normal highly rated guard we usually get, but it may work. Missouri beat us 3 times this year with a team full of 3 star recruits, so I'm not putting too much stock in his ranking. I don't really see him playing much his first year. Sheldon, Julien and Myck will play close to 30 minutes a game and Gibbs will get good minutes as well. We will also have size inside, so that means time for Holmes and Bond at the 3. We could potentially add Pollard as well. Maybe even Kevin Thomas. It will be nice to have some depth.
  5. McCoy and Ash having me scratching my head. Why are they continuing to throw to Carrington Byndom's side? That's not the guy to pick on
  6. Boy, Case looks lightyears ahead of where he was last year. He looks so comfortable. His 3 step drops are textbook right now
  7. I hope we don't yo-yo them like last season. Pick a guy and go with him
  8. William Russ is looking great. Didn't expect this from him after all the articles written about how bad the kicking was during spring practices and scrimmages. It's nice to see
  9. Maybe that added strength will add to his arm strength. In my opinion, all he was missing was arm strength last year. With some added arm strength for McCoy, the QB race might not already be Ash's like everybody thinks
  10. Hey, what's the format for the game? Is it going to be a regular game or the Spring format we see around the country?
  11. I hope we carry the momentum from last night's win into tonight's game. We haven't had a game where our shooters have shot lights out yet. This is as good a time as any.
  12. What a night for McClellan. Didn't expect him to step up the way he did. Him and Gibbs were big for us last night
  13. JCB hasn't had 30 in a while. He needs to go big tonight. I would like to see Chapman and Wangmene both play well in their last home games as well. They've been through a lot with the program
  14. He's only a Sophomore this year. Looks legit. Check out his film. 6'1 170 apparently. Really good hands. I noticed that he catches everything with his hands. Our WRs have had problems with drops the past couple of years. We need more guys who catch with their hands. Check his film out
  15. We're still in thanks to Miami and Northwestern losses last night. I don't understand why Northwestern is even being mentioned. Compare out resume to theirs and it's not even close. Miami is another team that doesn't even deserve to be in the conversation. They are living off their win against Duke. Their overall body of work isn't impressive at all.
  16. Heard he had 27 and 13 last night. Any chance Rick lets him play basketball? We could use a football player like him. Would be a nice physical presence at the guard spot.
  17. A win tonight will go a long way towards making the tourney. It would not only give us confidence, but it would also bolster our less than stelar resume
  18. Anybody catch Neil Rackers making that huge hit on the Titans KR yesterday? Video: Texans kicker Rackers has the tackle of the day - Shutdown Corner - NFLÂ Blog - Yahoo! Sports
  19. Not sure if many of you have heard of Ioannis Papapetrou, but he's a 6'7 Greek SF who plays his hs ball at Florida Air Academy. He flew under the radar because he didn't play AAU ball, but college coaches have fallen in love with his game. He was heavily recruited by Texas, Kansas, Alabama and George Mason. Each of those schools put the full court press on Papapetrou by sending head coaches down to Florida to visit him. There isn't any tape of him playing on the internet, but I saw some of his U16 stats from the summer of 2010 and he seems like a jack of all trades. Word is he is supposed to c
  20. I got goosebumps when I heard about this. Something similar happened a couple of years ago to an NLF cameraman. A Chiefs player ran into him in the sideline and knocked him out cold, he got up and was able to finish the game. But as a precaution he went to the hospital. While there, they found tumors that were later removed. Kinda makes you rethink your attitude when something negative happens in your life. Those things can be used for a positive.

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