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  1. Your thoughts... Which team should take him? Should he be a starter or back up?
  2. The Rams won their first game today against the Saints. Is it because the Cardinal's won the World Series? Maybe the Saints where tired after beating the Colts the week before by 62 points. Either way this just shows that anything can happen on Sunday.
  3. The Texans waived RB Steve Slaton and signed UT's, RB Chris Ogbonnaya from their practice squad to active roster. Can't wait to see what he can do this weekend against the Steelers.
  4. The Houston Texans play the Miami Dolphins today. They plan to to use both Tate and Foster for running backs. Who should I start? I can start them both as well.
  5. I was impressed with Case. I think the Longhorns have a starter.
  6. If you went to the game this weekend you saw the owner do this...HoustonTexans Must-watch video with a message from Houston Texans owner Bob McNair: Content Not Found | Facebook Content Not Found | Facebook
  7. If you drink Blue Moon, most of the time you get it with an slice of orange. Well take away the orange, and add a shot of Absolut Mandrin Vodka. ROUGH!
  8. I am just so proud of them as they try to reach 100. Losses that is. Hopefully the new owner can finally get the STROS back in order.
  9. Oh don't forget at the end the ball was hiked and Romo wasn't ready. Anyone want to give credit to the Cowboys old head coach Wade? He has done a good job putting the Texans defense together.
  10. St. Louis and Houston are 3 - 0 in the pre-season. I know it's just pre-season, but are you still shock?
  11. Kerry Collins is back and is the back up for Peyton if he cannot start the regular season. Is this a hint that Peyton will not start against the Texans?
  12. I hope so. Slaton has to go. They tried Slaton on punt returns and nothing. With the move to kick off's on the 35 forget it. Ward can go to IR, and keep Foster, Tate, and Ogbayanna.

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