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  1. Agree, but let's remember the Louisville status quo is not the little sisters of the poor as many have suggested. Those coaches recruited less heralded kids to a commuter school a la U of H with little to no football tradition and turned them into a team that would have unquestionably destroyed our football team on the gridiron this year. So...if we end up with some key cogs from that coaching staff, I'm sure of one thing: we will be better off than we were before and that's a positive. Could we be even better off still with an American Idol-like contest for the coordinator positions? Per
  2. As we all condescend re bringing "inferior" Louisville coaches or recruiting "inferior" Louisville commits to Texas (before we even know what will happen), let's remember this fact: Louisville's football team this year with its inferior conference, coaching and talent would have destroyed us if we had played them -- despite our superior conference affiliation, all-star coaching staff and our bevy of 4 and 5 star recruits. With all due respect, can you even imagine Case McCoy up against that defense? Not a transitive property guy when it comes to college football, but we scored 7 against Bay
  3. We all need a reality check here. Charlie Strong is not going to look at a bunch of statistics and go out and hire random people he has no connection to over human beings he has worked with or known people who has worked with them. It just defies human nature. There are coaches out there that are real mavericks that do things like that I'm sure. I'm thinking about the Mike Leaches or Mike Gundy's, but that's not what we've hired here guys. Charlie Strong has been coaching football with the kings of the sport for a VERY long time. You think that all of a sudden because he's at Texas he's
  4. I'm not sure what the definition of average is, but if we are judging this guy based on last season, that season was not average. They outscored their opponents 35-12 on average and they had the 6th best time of possession in the country. Their QB threw 31 touchdowns with 4 interceptions. Credit to Bridgewater, but schemes play a role in a QB throwing 4 picks on the season. And he worked with and developed what is likely the #1 draft pick in Teddy Bridgewater. And Teddy Bridgewater credits Watson with his development as a passer and person over the past couple of years. That has to mean
  5. I tend to agree with that take. It seems clear to me that in college football continuity is king. They don't get that much time to practice all in, and I think the Harsin experience quite clearly showed how much more comfortable everything looked in Year 2. Now some of that was because David Ash was like a lamb to the slaughter in Year 1, but he still looked a bit deer in the headlights-ish in Year 2 yet the offense just flowed much, much better. I'd love to see an OC Charlie is comfortable with come in and be his sidekick for a nice little run. Remember that Mack Brown went out and hired
  6. I'm sure not favorably. We unquestionably play stiffer competition than Louisville does on a week in/week out basis, and I agree that will have an impact. It will not be likely that we give up 12/game next year. But if we field a solid ball control offense that produces numbers akin to the Harsin 2012 team (which was a good but not great offense) or something short of what Louisville did this year (because obviously we don't have a QB on our roster that will throw for 4,000 yards with 31 TDs and 4 INTs like Bridgewater did), we need to remember that the Big 12 defenses we are up against are
  7. I think a lot of us are thinking about our offensive needs based on how bad our defense has been in the recent past. The reality is that offense and defense must coexist, and a quick look at the top spread offenses in the country generally proves this point. If you consider Baylor, Oregon, Northern Illinois, Ohio State, Fresno State, Auburn and A&M to have been the best "spread" offenses (however you want to define that term) this year, only one of them was in the top 20 in the country in Points Against Defense (Oregon was 13th at 20.5ppg). Ohio State was 28th (22.6 ppg), Baylor was 36t
  8. http://www.whas11.com/live-stream I've been watching this the past few minutes. Tom Jurich is an IMPRESSIVE guy. His commentary on Coach Strong is incredibly magnanimous. And he suggested he'd been in contact with Strong most of the last week and knew this was going on. Seems to suggest Patterson may have known Strong was his guy during the interview. Would certainly make a lot of sense given the timing of the Briles/Mora announcements. Anyways, I recommend you watch this press conference when you get a moment.
  9. From a substance perspective, I think the vast majority of UT fans know we acquitted ourselves nicely with Coach Strong. Let's talk a little about Coach Strong's age (53 Years young). 53 is exactly where we want to be, and is one of the reasons I think Strong is a better hire for Patterson than Franklin (although I think Franklin is a fine young coach that will do well) or other young coaches. I say this because I think the days of 15-20 year (or longer) college football coaches in America, much like CEOs, are fairly long since over, which diminishes the premium on getting a less experience
  10. Highly unlikely that is any sort of factor. It's a $1 million lawsuit. At a University with an $18 billion endowment. It's an important lawsuit from a public relations perspective and is being handled as such, but I just don't think the University needs any sort of "cover" for this lawsuit.
  11. I agree with you. Pat Forde spoke similarly towards UT when Jurich was considered a candidate. He ended up being correct there, but his tone suggests a bit of homer-ism on the Louisville guys. He just wants them to stay in my view. Also, all of this stuff about how the UT job requires this persona and that persona is a bit off target in my view. That is how Mack Brown chose to coach at Texas. That was his style, and it worked well for him for many years. But to suggest that is the definitive blueprint for success at UT is inaccurate. There are lots of football coaches out there at majo
  12. Bring it Coach Strong. Couldn't be happier with this hire if true!
  13. Bring Vance Bedford home, but make sure he's working for Jerry Gray. It's time for Jerry to finally come home to Austin as Coach Strong's DC.
  14. Sorry man, wasn't intending to go there. There is nothing elitist about calling out hyperbole on a fan message board. If 3/4 of our fans don't know who Charlie Strong is, then nobody should give much thought to what Longhorn fandom thinks about football coaches. Problem is it's not true. The vast majority of our fans know exactly who he is. He was the odds on favorite from the beginning for a reason, and he is the guy that dominated the Sugar Bowl last year and won 12 games this year behind the #1 D in the nation. I have all the compassion in the world for those who wanted to go in a diff
  15. And now on SI.com. This looks like a done deal. Just a great hire by Patterson if true.

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