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  1. Agree, but let's remember the Louisville status quo is not the little sisters of the poor as many have suggested. Those coaches recruited less heralded kids to a commuter school a la U of H with little to no football tradition and turned them into a team that would have unquestionably destroyed our football team on the gridiron this year. So...if we end up with some key cogs from that coaching staff, I'm sure of one thing: we will be better off than we were before and that's a positive. Could we be even better off still with an American Idol-like contest for the coordinator positions? Perhaps, but I for one will not let that color my impression of Strong's staff at Louisville if that is the direction he decides to go. So I'm good either way.
  2. As we all condescend re bringing "inferior" Louisville coaches or recruiting "inferior" Louisville commits to Texas (before we even know what will happen), let's remember this fact: Louisville's football team this year with its inferior conference, coaching and talent would have destroyed us if we had played them -- despite our superior conference affiliation, all-star coaching staff and our bevy of 4 and 5 star recruits. With all due respect, can you even imagine Case McCoy up against that defense? Not a transitive property guy when it comes to college football, but we scored 7 against Baylor. In Strong We Trust.
  3. We all need a reality check here. Charlie Strong is not going to look at a bunch of statistics and go out and hire random people he has no connection to over human beings he has worked with or known people who has worked with them. It just defies human nature. There are coaches out there that are real mavericks that do things like that I'm sure. I'm thinking about the Mike Leaches or Mike Gundy's, but that's not what we've hired here guys. Charlie Strong has been coaching football with the kings of the sport for a VERY long time. You think that all of a sudden because he's at Texas he's just going to forget about all of the connections and all of the guys he's coached with over a 30 year career because he has more money to spend? That's just not reality. And more importantly, didn't we just do that with the Harsin/Diaz hires? My sense of those hires is that those two guys were the epitome of the hot young coordinators. The best there was to be had, and UT fans (including me) were THRILLED with those hires. Harsin was out after 2 years and 9 losses, and Diaz was an unmitigated disaster. Maybe hiring random wonder boy coordinators is not all that it's cracked up to be. Coaching is a business like any other, and when a new head honcho comes to town that knows he will be accountable for his decisions, it would just be irrational for him not to bring along guys he's comfortable with. In this case, those guys happen to be coordinators that helped Charlie win 23 games in the last two years, so I think he's somewhat justified (at the very least, not the crazy person we are making him out to be) in thinking these guys could help move the needle at UT.
  4. I'm not sure what the definition of average is, but if we are judging this guy based on last season, that season was not average. They outscored their opponents 35-12 on average and they had the 6th best time of possession in the country. Their QB threw 31 touchdowns with 4 interceptions. Credit to Bridgewater, but schemes play a role in a QB throwing 4 picks on the season. And he worked with and developed what is likely the #1 draft pick in Teddy Bridgewater. And Teddy Bridgewater credits Watson with his development as a passer and person over the past couple of years. That has to mean something, right? Watson doesn't put up numbers like Oregon or Baylor, but imho it's inaccurate to call him "just better than inept". It seems obvious that at Nebraska he had one hand tied behind his back by personnel and Bo Pelini. Watson said as much after he left NU. We all have a list of OC's in our mind that we think would be perfect. But when a name is dropped that is not on that list, it seems that by definition this means the guy sucks or is average. We saw this for the last month with the head coaching search, and once we all took a close look at Strong I think we realized that although he may not have been everyone's pick, he was a darn good choice. If Strong feels comfortable with Watson and he's brought on, I think cooler heads will prevail and we'll find the same thing here.
  5. I tend to agree with that take. It seems clear to me that in college football continuity is king. They don't get that much time to practice all in, and I think the Harsin experience quite clearly showed how much more comfortable everything looked in Year 2. Now some of that was because David Ash was like a lamb to the slaughter in Year 1, but he still looked a bit deer in the headlights-ish in Year 2 yet the offense just flowed much, much better. I'd love to see an OC Charlie is comfortable with come in and be his sidekick for a nice little run. Remember that Mack Brown went out and hired the all-star young gun coordinator crew in Harsin and Diaz. And my recollection is the vast majority of the fan base, including me, was thrilled with this decision. I thought at that time it showed guts on Mack's part. Looking back, at least on the defense, it seems outrageous that Manny Diaz was ever going to be in the position of being JERRY GRAY's boss. Hindsight may be 20/20, but we should be using our hindsight on this front as foresight on these coordinator hires. Vance Bedford seems like a perfect fit here on this criteria. Shawn Watson is less perfect, but he could do just fine here given the approach Strong wants to take, especially if he'll stick around. Harsin was a good hire in my view, but he was still a desperation grab because it was more than obvious looking back that that guy's shelf life was 1-2 years at Texas before taking a HC job. Now, I've got nothing against hiring great young coordinators that will get HC jobs, but I would take someone that will stick around a bit over a young buck that is sure to leave in a year or two.
  6. I'm sure not favorably. We unquestionably play stiffer competition than Louisville does on a week in/week out basis, and I agree that will have an impact. It will not be likely that we give up 12/game next year. But if we field a solid ball control offense that produces numbers akin to the Harsin 2012 team (which was a good but not great offense) or something short of what Louisville did this year (because obviously we don't have a QB on our roster that will throw for 4,000 yards with 31 TDs and 4 INTs like Bridgewater did), we need to remember that the Big 12 defenses we are up against are not the reincarnation of the 85 Bears. So, with a much improved defense under Strong (maybe giving up 18-20/game), we should see significant improvement over the 5 losses suffered this year, with a chance to be really good in Year 1 and great thereafter. And all that being said Louisville did play a handful of solid teams for comparison sake. Check out the box score in the Miami game, they absolutely obliterated them in that game. Miami had 174 total yards. 28 rushes for 14 yards. 12-27 passing for 160 yards. Miami was 0-11 on third downs. Miami had the ball for all of 21 minutes. That's dominance right there. They didn't fare as well against UCF, giving up 446 yards in that game, 250 in the air and 196 on the ground, giving up 38 points. But still significantly better than the 556 UCF put up on Baylor and 52 points. Turns out, UCF was a pretty solid squad this year.
  7. I think a lot of us are thinking about our offensive needs based on how bad our defense has been in the recent past. The reality is that offense and defense must coexist, and a quick look at the top spread offenses in the country generally proves this point. If you consider Baylor, Oregon, Northern Illinois, Ohio State, Fresno State, Auburn and A&M to have been the best "spread" offenses (however you want to define that term) this year, only one of them was in the top 20 in the country in Points Against Defense (Oregon was 13th at 20.5ppg). Ohio State was 28th (22.6 ppg), Baylor was 36th (23.5ppg), Auburn was 48th (24.7ppg), Northern Illinois was 52nd (25ppg), Fresno State was 74th (28.1), and A&M was 96th (32.2ppg). Clearly there is a correlation between teams that put up tons of points quickly utilizing a spread offense and giving up a lot of points on defense. Basically, if you play that kind of offense, you better score a ton of points because you are also going to be giving up points on defense. It seems unlikely to me that you can just choose your own spread coordinator, insert them into Strong's staff, and nothing changes on Strong's defense. It certainly hasn't worked like that for most of the prolific spread offenses in the country this year. Our problem, of course, is that our defense has been weak and we had a middling offense this year, but let's not let that delude us regarding our changing offensive needs under Coach Strong. The good news is that that high scoring offense/weak scoring defense combo is not the only way to win football games. Charlie Strong's Louisville Cardinals were second in the country this year in points against defense (12.2ppg). On offense, Louisville scored 35.2ppg, averaging 314 yards per game passing and 146 yards per game rushing. That's materially better than what Major did this year (against a better schedule, admittedly) at Texas, who put up 29.3 ppg, averaging 212.5 yards per game passing and 196.5 yards per game rushing. It's also a little better than our best offensive team in the very recent past with Harsin's second season in 2012. That year Harsin's offense clearly did enough to win football games, but our defense was atrocious. Harsin's 2012 offense put up 35.7 points per game, averaging 263 yards passing per game and 171.5 rushing per game. The defense in 2012 was the problem, giving up 404 yards per game, 212 yards passing per game and 192.2 yards rushing per game (that's just ridiculous right there). And we gave up 29.2 points per game in 2012 (also horrific). So here's the bottom line. If we could get Harsin 2012 like production, which was not earth shattering by any means, we will be more than fine with this Charlie Strong defense. And it appears to me that Shawn Watson is fully capable of putting that type of an offense together based on what he's done at Louisville. Is he going to come in and put up the 550 yards plus per game that you see at Oregon or Baylor? No. But defense will be the identity of this football team and I think our fan base is ready for that identity, and we will need a ball control offense that doesn't turn the ball over to help facilitate that new defensive identity. We don't need 550 yards per game, and there is solid support for the notion that if we want a defensive identity we don't even want to seek that out given the high likelihood that it will impact our defense (not quite a zero sum game, but close). The ideal would be a ball control offense that doesn't turn the ball over and produces results on the scoreboard (see Florida State this year for this type of offense - no spread). Another important consideration that we can't overlook is continuity. More than anything I want a coordinator that will be here a few years. If you look at Harsin's first year, the offense was not great. 392.5 yards per game; 28.1 ppg. The improvement in the second year was dramatic (35.7ppg, 263ypg/pass, 171.5ypg/rush). And then when Harsin left we go back to square 1 and Applewhite's offense was back to 2011 levels (408 ypg; 29.3 ppg). While the offense was middling this year, even with this middling offense we would have had at least two more games if we had a Charlie Strong defense, which gave up 251 yards per game this year, and only 81 yards per game on the ground!! If we can get a Shawn Watson to come and stay for 3 years+, we will benefit from that continuity and get this thing rolling by year 2. I think year 1 in a new offense will create challenges, and we've seen that with Harsin 2011 and Major 2013. I would expect a bit more of that under Watson (or someone else), but I think the defense will be hugely improved game 1 next year, so I think we will see significant improvement overall next year. But year 2 and 3 should be very strong if we can get that continuity, even with Shawn Watson in control of the offense.
  8. http://www.whas11.com/live-stream I've been watching this the past few minutes. Tom Jurich is an IMPRESSIVE guy. His commentary on Coach Strong is incredibly magnanimous. And he suggested he'd been in contact with Strong most of the last week and knew this was going on. Seems to suggest Patterson may have known Strong was his guy during the interview. Would certainly make a lot of sense given the timing of the Briles/Mora announcements. Anyways, I recommend you watch this press conference when you get a moment.
  9. From a substance perspective, I think the vast majority of UT fans know we acquitted ourselves nicely with Coach Strong. Let's talk a little about Coach Strong's age (53 Years young). 53 is exactly where we want to be, and is one of the reasons I think Strong is a better hire for Patterson than Franklin (although I think Franklin is a fine young coach that will do well) or other young coaches. I say this because I think the days of 15-20 year (or longer) college football coaches in America, much like CEOs, are fairly long since over, which diminishes the premium on getting a less experienced young coach. The demands on college football coaches and other high-profile leaders in this country have changed dramatically in the last 25 years, and I think it will be a rarity to see the Paternos, Bowdens, or even Mack Browns much anymore, i.e. coaches that stay at the same school for a looooong time. And I for one view that as a positive development. More likely I think elite programs are looking at ideal tenures of 8-10 years for coaches, which is why Coach Strong is perfect at 53 assuming things go well. He has 10-15 years more experience than the young gun coaches, and he has plenty in the tank to see this thing through. And we all hope he does. But when that happens it will be time for some fresh ideas with a new regime (just like it was for Mack -- about 4 years ago). More frequent (not too frequent, but more frequent) regime change will be good for the program.
  10. Highly unlikely that is any sort of factor. It's a $1 million lawsuit. At a University with an $18 billion endowment. It's an important lawsuit from a public relations perspective and is being handled as such, but I just don't think the University needs any sort of "cover" for this lawsuit.
  11. I agree with you. Pat Forde spoke similarly towards UT when Jurich was considered a candidate. He ended up being correct there, but his tone suggests a bit of homer-ism on the Louisville guys. He just wants them to stay in my view. Also, all of this stuff about how the UT job requires this persona and that persona is a bit off target in my view. That is how Mack Brown chose to coach at Texas. That was his style, and it worked well for him for many years. But to suggest that is the definitive blueprint for success at UT is inaccurate. There are lots of football coaches out there at major state universities (MANY of which are political hotbeds right now given the funding issues in public higher education - not just Texas) who have great success without the Mack Brown charm. And frankly, I think most at UT are looking forward to a change in personality in that regard. Not out of animosity for Mack, but because change is good after 16 years.
  12. Bring it Coach Strong. Couldn't be happier with this hire if true!
  13. Bring Vance Bedford home, but make sure he's working for Jerry Gray. It's time for Jerry to finally come home to Austin as Coach Strong's DC.
  14. Sorry man, wasn't intending to go there. There is nothing elitist about calling out hyperbole on a fan message board. If 3/4 of our fans don't know who Charlie Strong is, then nobody should give much thought to what Longhorn fandom thinks about football coaches. Problem is it's not true. The vast majority of our fans know exactly who he is. He was the odds on favorite from the beginning for a reason, and he is the guy that dominated the Sugar Bowl last year and won 12 games this year behind the #1 D in the nation. I have all the compassion in the world for those who wanted to go in a different direction. There were lots of great possibilities. But it appears we got Strong, and in due time all our various factions will unite behind him.
  15. And now on SI.com. This looks like a done deal. Just a great hire by Patterson if true.
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