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  1. All this money for buyouts and for Urban is cooing form donors....
  2. Urban is in play. He ahs not said no.. It also mentioned that the main reason Herman is getting fired is not because of wins and losses etc but a major off field issue that will come to light later. .. OB confirmed this last night.. I know many do not like Ketch but he said last night that if he was betting money in Vegas his bet would be that Urban is coaching Texas next season.
  3. Then we're done as a football school. Oh and that is not what others are saying he is saying..
  4. Only way to save this is to hire Urban... What a disaster.
  5. Another few days I suspect we won't have any 2022 commits.
  6. Every second Herman is still here is another step we're becoming Nebraska.
  7. I'm sure @doc longhorncan provide more details.
  8. Sounds like the wheels are already in motion for Herman to be out soon...
  9. If Texas brings Herman back for the 2021 season the current recruiting class is not getting better. The 2022 class will probably be the worst in program history. Baylor is a 3 win team. Today changes nothing. FIRE HERMAN
  10. It may not happen but Texas has the money to pay him. Also all those that will make the decision are all on board... Texas also now has a President that winning football is very important.. If Urban wants to coach again it will be at Texas IMO.
  11. The recruits know Herman is done. URBAN 2021
  12. This happens at all the big time schools. How do you know CDC has not instructed a few to reach out?
  13. 10 m over 5 years.... Sign that shit today..
  14. IT said that the President, AD and BOR are all on the same page. Might be a first for Texas... Urban 2021
  15. He would recruit well but would lose games he shouldn't Franklin at Penn State 1-5 vs Ohio State 2-4 vs Michigan State 2-4 vs Michigan 3-3 in bowl games
  16. Recruiting is dead until Herman is fired... URBAN 2021
  17. The Longer Herman is here the more damage is being done.. FIRE HERMAN NOW

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