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  1. Looks like he is Clemson bound. Clemson mod who is spot on most of the time just put CB in for Clemson. Several coming in for Clemson as well on Rivals. He apparently did a video meeting with Clemson today and they told him he was their top priority. Some thought he might not be a take for Clemson. Looks like he is?
  2. One day Texas will not longer be the 2nd choice and scraps for the elite programs.
  3. Lots of positive research news. Lets get back to normal soon.
  4. Did not see any tailgates on campus. There were some up on state lots on MLK. I hung out by my truck and had a few beers. Several others were doing the same. They left us alone...
  5. Plus iv'e never quit something just because I do not agree on everything. Plus they are snowflakes because as soon as they leave all they do is bash the site they left and bash various mods. Yet while they were there they acted all cool with them. I just find two faced people to be bitches. I mean be consistent. Don't act all cool and then go bash someone on another site. Weak sauce IMO.
  6. Depends on the reason they left IMO. I mean the anti cancel culture is cancelling everything... LOL...
  7. Nope. I'm still on both. I'm mocking the cancel culture snowflakes who have quit and then flock here....
  8. Had a good time at DKR. The atmosphere was better than I expected.
  9. Probably 6-8. I suspect if they do not get who they want they will save spots for 2022
  10. I actually do the same in real life too. So there is that..
  11. He is back on Orangebloods. He spends 90% of his time there in the Corral which is the political threads.
  12. I don't give two shits about teams who hate my University and root for us to lose every week. F them....
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