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  1. Most other sites are saying that the Brock's wants to see how Texas plays this year. If there is no season I wonder if they will jump in on blind faith?
  2. The chances of football happening are approaching lottery odds.
  3. Severe fatigue for about a week. Body aches, felt like bronchitis in the lungs. Could not taste or smell food. Took several weeks to recover... It was not fun.
  4. Few thoughts. 1. I just do not see how we have a season. 2. I'm glad I already had the covid. 3. I'm headed to Vegas in a few weeks. Hopefully most everything stays open. F@#K Covid.
  5. Again as an alum, season ticket holder, and Longhorn Foundation donor I 100% support the players.
  6. We can argue all we want about the civil war. But the fact remains the confederates are a bunch of racist traitors. Glad the losers lost....
  7. . Here is exert from WH Stephens VP of the Confederate states Cornerstone speech. "Our new government['s] foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man."
  8. Civil war was about slavery...... Pure and simple. https://www.battlefields.org/learn/primary-sources/cornerstone-speech
  9. Oh I see we're also talking about the Democratic party of the 1950's etc. yes southern democrats were racist. They all left the party and became Republican over Civil rights. Just look at electoral maps of the south in the 1960's Mostly blue... Why do Republicans today keep talking about the Dems of the past and act like that the Republican party today is like some champion on civil rights.... LMAO
  10. Since there also seems to be some civil war debate in here let be clear about that too. The Confederates were traitors and losers... Glad they lost
  11. I 100% support the players. Most alums I know and people who attend games are also supporting the players. Ironically the ones who are opposed and speaking the loudest have no skin in the game.
  12. Herb Hand is getting his ass handed to him right now.
  13. I love that the Texas players are speaking out...
  14. LMAO... ou and Riley are negative recruiting the shit out of Texas. They can sell owning our asses and the Big 12.
  15. Filling up on 3 star bread a little too early.
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