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    "The Eyes of Texas are upon you..." Yes, they are, and when you run off the field and show disrespect for your school, what have you accomplished? The school song is only racist if you imagine it is. Racism is real and it's bad, but the school song is not a good example. Creating a problem when there is no problem is utter foolishness. Choose your battles wisely, young men, so you don't do damage to the very cause you're fighting for.
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    Fish, if they cave and change the song, it’s going to make me very angry. It’s going too far. The song isn’t racist. Students didn’t know how to write a song, so they took a melody they liked, I’ve been Working on the Railroad, a part of a phrase they liked, The Eyes of... Then, they filled in the rest. So, someone explain to me what part of our current song is racist? Unless I’ve been Working on the Railroad is racist, that is. Is it? So please, explain to me how I’ve been Working on the Railroad is racist?
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    Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)

    https://www.texasexes.org/about-us/history-and-traditions/eyes-texas I read the article. I read what R. E. Lee said. I read what the original song was, and honestly, except for the fact that the original song and The Eyes are both set to I’ve been Working on the Railroad, there is virtually no resemblance except The Eyes of Texas are Upon You. C’mon, for so much to be made about a song that has two lines in common with the original, and means so much to so very many, many people who have also played, sweat, given of their heart and soul, given money when they had it, their time and energy, their sons and daughters to The University and never been racist. Why throw the baby out with the bath water? It sounds like the players don’t want to be forced to sing it. They shouldn’t have to. I do think that they should acknowledge the fans, win or lose. They don’t have to sing, and there should be no pressure on those who want to sing it or not, by anyone-fans or otherwise. Just my 2 cents. Hook em!
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    Now I'm really confused. If no whites knew that the song was racist, how can singing it in tribute to the school we all love be racism? There is no intent to demean blacks, but only to honor our university. We stand with the black students and Asian and Latino as well when we all sing together and show our unity. As Sanya said, it is like an anthem. How in the world would eliminating something so revered advance your cause? IMHO, it would have a negative effect.
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    I like this. I do. But what are we going to do when Bijan Robinson wins his Heisman?
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    I think once everyone had a chance to step back and discuss, cooler heads prevailed.
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    Inevitably some of the discussion around sports and the current state of the world will involve/incorporate politics. What we won't allow on this board is personal attacks or name-calling. There's certainly a way to share your thoughts and information without degrading another poster. This isn't directed toward one or several posters, but everyone on the board. We're a good board and let's keep it that way! Thanks to all
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    No, it's hardly all I have. I chose not to dump all that stuff on a football board. Yes, I can name a long list of other items Trump has shown leadership on in just four years. Biden can't point to anything but disaster after disaster over a 40-year career. HE IS the sponsor of the '94 crime bill which has put thousands and thousands of blacks in jail over non-violent crimes. Biden bragged about this to no end after calling blacks "animals." The handling of the Wuhan Virus? He blocked travel to and from China when Biden was calling him a bigot for doing so. He did it after six weeks from debut of virus. Obama, on the other hand, took six MONTHS to make the same call with H1N1. I don't think I'll let you tell me what other people think. Let's be honest. You've been wrong on practically everything so far. Its not like anyone can just take your word for anything. Whether he thought Trump was a racist or not, he gathered along with all the other NAACP members to honor Trump for his contributions to the black community. You can hate on the NAACP all you want now because, they, not Trump, made that decision. Financially, Trump has helped lift a record number of blacks out of poverty. He's culled down the number of blacks on food stamps which hit a record under Obama (13 million). And the black unemployment rate has been at record levels ever since Trump's second year. Racists don't do those things. They don't allow those things. They work to prevent those things. But you, without specifics at any time, just call him a racist. He says a lot of things a white supremacicst would say? You know I understand why you didn't go further and provide a simple example, don't you? It's because you can't. And that, my friend, is what should embarrass you. There is ample evidence that Biden is a racist. Ample. Abundant. You don't even blink. Trump provides you with ample, abundant, evidence that he's not a racist. So what do you do? Call Trump the racist. lol
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    Half your team will be on the field singing the Eyes. So you won't be with your team. You will be with some of your team. If I were CTH, Mitchell would ride pine all season. Its not the wish to not sing the Eyes. I don't care if he sings a rap song at the end of the game. But to continue to go to the world and diss the school you play for would make me wonder about the player every time he missed a tackle. Was that intentional or not?
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    I think posting a gif of Kate Beckinsale will equate to a double like.
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    I think Herb is doing pretty good
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    Coach Gus suffered a heart attack this morning. He is at Ascension Seton getting care. He is currently in stable condition and being treated for pulmonary edema. Please keep Coach and his family & friends in your thoughts and prayers. Gus is 89 years old, the winningest coach in Texas Baseball history and an all around great guy. HookEm #18
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    ***⛑ Coronavirus Thread***

    POLITICO. A name you can trust.
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    So from reading responses.. be got what they wanted most and that’s that The Eyes stays. But now it’s turned into how dare these student-athletes go back to the locker room instead of singing The Eyes. They are spitting on tradition, maybe they miss tackles on purpose because they don’t respect things you do. Oh and the song is only racist if you imagine it is. These guys can’t win. They are represent this school in a way that most on this board have never. Yet they are told they don’t respect the tradition of the school they bleed and sweat for because some will choose to go into the locker room instead of singing a song they do not agree with. There is no middle for you guys, no give or take. You disparage their stance for equality. Then you disparage them for taking what should be a win-win for you. The song stays and they get to exercise their rights and leave the field when the song is sung. No one is hurt by this. I guess except you guys who want to control what mostly minority kids do because you think it’s disrespectful to “tradition”. Well I’m part of this school and so are many that look like me and these players, we have a say in what’s right for the school we attended as well. So I’m fine with them leaving during the song. And my voice counts as much as y’alls so deal with it. If not, I guess go protest them doing it. That’s your right as well.
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    You start with naming the Suites, then naming the seating sections; instead of Section 1, it'll be Section Vince Young.
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    2021 Recruiting Board/Thread

    The young man has every right to not play - and though I disagree with his politics I tip my hat for his conviction. however, I think if he chooses to not play football he should certainly lose his football scholarship which would open up another spot.
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    2021 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I used to play golf...till I ran out of clubs. Now I just turn on the TV to get angry.
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    North Texas Golfer

    2021 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Well, I'm retired. But it's still true. Would much rather be on the course than sitting around the house. Although I'm going to tell on myself and tell you that it was bad enough that my 3 wood didn't survive the day And did I ever catch shit from the wife. She let me have it. Without saying a word.
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    ***⛑ Coronavirus Thread***

    When a study of a larger group of patients being administered Hydroxychloroquine came out it was labelled as anecdotal. But this one isn't? Looks like an agenda to me.
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    New Members-come on in

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    The virus started in China sometime in November, 2019 and was reported to the World Health Organization on 12/31/2019. 01/13/20 first confirmed case in Thailand; 01/15/20 first confirmed case in Japan; 01/20/20 first confirmed case in South Korea; 01/21/20 - first confirmed case in the US (the patient contracted the virus in Wuhan, traveled back to the US and was diagnosed here). On 01/22/20 WHO declared that COVID wasn't a global health emergency since there was no evidence to human to human transmission outside of China despite confirmed cases in Thailand, Japan and South Korea. 01/24/20 Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, comments that "We don't want the American public to be worried about this because their risk is low". First confirmed cases in Europe reported on 01/24/20. 01/30/20 WHO FINALLY declares COVID to be a global health emergency. 01/31/20 President Trump declares COVID a national public health emergency. 02/21/20 Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the CDC's National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, told reporters that U.S. health officials were preparing for the coronavirus to become a pandemic. "We're not seeing community spread here in the United States, yet, but it’s very possible, even likely, that it may eventually happen". Trying to put dates on the CDC's screw-ups would take more time than I want to spend right now but... WHO had reliable testing kits available that the CDC declined to use because they were developing their own which created a delay in Americans being tested. The CDC test kits had to be approved by the FDA which caused a delay. The CDC kits were released in small numbers and, according to CDC guidelines, were earmarked for symptomatic patients (closing the barn door after the horses are already out?). The CDC kits have to be recalled because they are unreliable creating further delays. We were/are behind in testing because we didn't start early enough because through ego or ignorance someone decided that they could make a better homegrown test than the one that was available and, for the most part, reliable. Without proper testing it's hard to determine which areas are at risk and to plan on how best to contain the spread. COVID is a global pandemic and the mistakes and missteps made in handling it have been global as well and laying our current state at the foot of one politician is beyond ridiculous, it's short-sighted and looks/smells like political bias. Reporting and reacting to the virus was a mess from the start and there's plenty of "blame" to go around here and abroad. No one was prepared for this including the organizations who exist primarily for the purpose of preparing for, identifying, containing and mitigating contagious disease. Has Trump handled this well...yes & no...but find me a politician who has. Political infighting and partisan politics have been part of the problem from the beginning (on just about every issue). I can go online and find all the "facts" that I need to prove that our current state is the fault of one person, party, country etc.. but it's a waste of time because, IMHO, it's not the whole truth. I'm going with Occam's Razor...the simplest explanation that will account for a circumstance or event is most likely the correct explanation... the simplest explanation is that no one knew how serious this was and no one was really prepared for a global pandemic, we all got caught with our pants down.
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    I thought this was the 2021 recruiting thread.
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    Not a damn thing
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    PD, you political BS is becoming tired and old. Not many folks are going to agree with the "leaderless" BS because our economy sure had leadership to experience record all-time growth. Trump doesn't support white supremacy and you can't show that he ever did. It's sickening. Im embarrassed for people who parrot that lie. Joe Jamail was so sickened by this race thing that it took him decades to realize his name didn't need to be on the UT field .
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    That would be better than a C section.
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    This. If you won't sing the The Eyes of Texas, can you still respect the decision of those who do? If you can't, you are a hypocrite.
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    I agree. Here's another question. Does it create a divide among the players when some sing and others don't? Are they grown up enough to respect each others decisions?
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    TDS is a very real disorder.
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    Astros Season Opener Announced

    It's not too late for MLB to screw this up.
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    2021 Recruiting Board/Thread

    That was a founding fathers thing. Respect their decision. lol
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    It is all pee and vinegar to me until I see football...
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    2021 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Is there any room to ban the use of “respect my decision” in the First Amendment?
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    Sounds like a win/win. Keeping The Eyes is huge to me.
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    Joseph Ossai and Caden Sterns both were named to the Chuck Bednarik Award Watch list. The Bednarik Award is given annually to the most outstanding defensive player in college football.
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    I am friends with the CEO of the North Texas Food Bank. . .great organization making a REAL difference in the communities of North Texas. https://www.bloggingtheboys.com/2020/7/12/21321022/dallas-cowboys-rb-ezekiel-elliott-is-helping-to-feed-more-than-400000-families-this-summer Dallas Cowboys star RB (and sometime knucklehead) doing something to make a difference. He's actually been involved with NTFB for sometime and this is an annual donation as I understand it. Doubling down on his famous "feed me" move Way to go Zeke. .
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    To ban The Eyes would be nothing but virtue signaling. F no.
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    2021 Recruiting Board/Thread

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    Mine does, so I see why not!
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    F aggy.
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    Astros and Rangers will play 10 games of those 60. Can't wait.
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    ***⛑ Coronavirus Thread***

    Total horseshit.
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    Did Jimbo have to give back his fake, dateless national championship trophy aggy gave him?
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