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    Daniel Seahorn

    Some Personal News...

    At 5:14 PM today, our second daughter made her grand entrance into this world and officially made us parents of two! I’m happy to report that mom and little Mia are both healthy and recovering as I type this note. I’ll be a bit preoccupied in the interim, but I will be in and out periodically as I am able to get the family back home and settled. Until then, still feel free to send questions our way and I will try to get back to y’all as soon as I can!
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    So this post has nothing to do with any UT sports, this is just me being proud of my daughter. She just got accepted into UT pharmacy school. Sorry for going off topic, but I had to brag a little. Back to you regular scheduled program.
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    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I wanted to everyone to know, I took @Sirhornsalot post wrong and said some pretty childish and unwarranted towards him. I sent him an apology in PM but since I made my comments publicly I wanted everyone to know. I enjoy this board, its the only one I visit my longhorn news. SHA is a good guy and have known him on here for years. Its not an excuse for my comments, but I have been going through a tough time the last few months with family medical issues. Been burning the candle at both ends and believe me I dont have much wax left. Again not a an excuse for my behavior. Sorry for the shit show everyone! Hookem PS thanks for accepting my apology and your understanding SHA, much respect for you man
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    Okay, spoke to my friend this evening. Lots of good stuff. – The recent run on commits is enabling the staff to circle back and revisit some other recruitments that most think/thought are lost. Namely White (LSU) and Jaxon (OSU) and another OSU commit named Ransom. All three are very much in play, despite the commitments. Staff is trying to get them in for visits. Ransom is a name I didn't expect to be on this list, but he is. – Two things he's very excited about . . BOTH lines. The OL is working more like a machine, mistakes are greatly reduced from the past years and we're moving people. The DL is young, feisty, and big. Coburn is a monster. We have big guys on the ends who can fly for their size. – Injuries are starting to worry staff. So far, damage is minimal but it could get worse. They will not change their practice intensity despite the injuries. – Said Casey Thompson is quietly coming along. Said he's not ready now, but isn't so far off. Encouraged by the improvement, just since camp began. – Junior Angilau is the talk of the OL. He outworks everybody and is sharp. Shows leadership. – I asked about our defense. He agreed that he thinks we do have our fastest defense is some time. But also said we're more experienced than some would think. He said just because they haven't started much doesn't mean they haven't gained experience. – Thinks we'll land another one this coming Friday. Thats it for now.
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    2nd or 3rd hand info, so take it for what it's worth. Struck up a conversation with a woman at work last week. I've seen her around, but we work in separate areas. She introduced herself. Last name Ojomo. Jokingly I asked if she had family in Katy (I'm in the dfw area). She said that her husband does, but she doesn't know the extended family as they are recently married. I briefly mentioned why asked and that there was a kid being heavily recruited by the same last name, but never told her my affiliation to any school. Fast forward to today and I run into her in the parking lot. She tells me that her husband told her that he has a nephew who is a big boy and is going to be a longhorn!!! Hope she's right...
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    FWIW... and bear with me on this... Each week I receive the Forty Acres Insider from Chris Del Conte. I replied back to it the week after Iowa State with some constructive comments and suggestions about what CDC had written. My phone number was nowhere in my email. The next day my phone rings. I don't usually answer numbers I don't recognize (Robo calls and all.), but the number was 512.471.xxxx, which i recognized as the UT exchange, so I decided to pick up. I answer, "Hello." On the other end a man's voice says, "Can I speak to Bill?" I answer, "Who's calling... and why do you wanna speak to him?" The other man's voice says, "Bill, this is Chris Del Conte." I said, "Chris, give me a minute while I sit down. I'm shocked that you called me!" I then went on to say "But, I'm not that shocked knowing the type of person, or at least imagining the kind of person you are from everything I've listened to you say and read that you've written." He went on to say how disappointed he was at the last second loss to Iowa State. I commiserated and said, "Yeah, that was a very disappointing loss... and this has been a disappointing season, especially after the Sugar Bowl win last year." He went on to say, "Yea, I guess I need to learn to control my emotions." I said, "No Chris, don't control your emotions. Channel them. Guide them. That's what makes you who you are." We went on and talked for several more minutes. It's hard to inagine that the Athletic Director of the University of Texas would pick up the phone and call me. I am not a BMD, nor even a season ticket holder. I didn't even have my phone number in the email. He had to look in the UT database, find my number... and then dial me. I say all this because I truly think CDC is the Athletic Director Texas needs to keep advancing. I also think CDC will not let Texas back slide. I also think CDC will find... and give the support CTH needs to find the personnel we need, so the program advances. Yeah, this year has been disappointing, for sure. No denying that. I believe the important thing is not so much where we're standing now, but the direction we're moving. I choose to believe that we're about to be moving in a really good direction, that eventually will yield less disappointment and us experiencing more of what we had hoped this year would become. Hook 'em, Bill
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    doc longhorn

    2021 Recruiting Board/Thread

    What I like about this site is the quality of the posters. I'm on most Longhorn sites where I can bring out my alter ego asshole persona. And, believe me, posters on those sites will happily confirm this. I have little tolerance for arrogance and condescension from posters or mods and this is where I get into trouble. So this is the only site where I reveal what little behind the scenes info I get. For whatever it's worth.
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    Daniel Seahorn

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Ladies and gentlemen that concludes the 2019 recruiting cycle. With this class now in the books, it is full steam ahead on to 2020 and beyond! Appreciate y’all following along as always. We will probably have something up in the next couple days discussing the Texas recruiting class. Until then y’all get stretched out and ready for 2020, because it is shaping up to be a fun ride.
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    Didn't know where to put this, but here ya go. Looks like Derrian Brown on the road to recovery and at the least he could have a normal life!
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    Daniel Seahorn

    5 Thoughts: Sugar Bowl Edition

    Georgia is a playoff team and one of top four teams in the country they said. Georgia is going to run all over Texas and it won’t be close they said. Georgia is too physical and defense is nonexistent in the Big 12 they said. THEY were dead wrong. Texas entered this contest a two touchdown dog to the Bulldogs from Athens, Georgia, and if you listened to the talking heads this game was over before the teams ever took the field. Just about everyone seemingly had written off the Longhorns having a chance in this matchup. That is just about everyone except the team itself. While Bevo certainly set the tone before the game, it was evident from early on in the game that Texas had come in confident and prepared to slug it out with Georgia. They were playing fast and flying around and looked like the Tom Herman coached teams that we’ve become accustomed to seeing in big games. It was refreshing and fun to watch this team play the role of giant killer, as they proved to those around the country that they are heading in the right direction. Herman and his staff have certainly righted the ship and they have a chance to really make some noise in 2019. With that all said here are my takeaways from the Texas sized takedown of the Bulldogs. Sam Ehlinger’s Rise To Stardom Continues I’ve written about Ehlinger’s progression as a player this year several times over now. Ehlinger went from a reckless freshman trying to make every play in year one to an All- Big 12 caliber quarterback who will certainly be in the Heisman conversation going into the 2019 season. Last night wasn’t Ehlinger’s best performance, but as usual he provided a steady hand for the offense, played turnover free football, and put together a gritty performance against one of the nation’s best defenses. Ehlinger went on to tie the Sugar Bowl record for rushing touchdowns by a quarterback on the way to earning MVP honors for the game and on top of that almost brought the house down with his now famous quote during the trophy presentation. Have a night, young man. Ehlinger has never lacked confidence or swagger, but walking into house that Drew Brees built rocking a Brees Westlake throwback was a total boss move and on top of that he delivered the win. On the year, Ehlinger tallied just over 3800 yards of total offense and accounted for 41 touchdowns. Texas fans get to enjoy him for two more years. Big 12 Defense > SEC Defense Remember all that talk about how the Big 12 didn’t play defense? Well the Texas defense showed up to the Superdome like they were sick of all that talk, because they brought the hard hats to the yard and went to work. Todd Orlando’s bunch came out flying around the yard and laying the wood to anything in red and white and it was a lot of fun to watch. Georgia has a ground and pound offensive identity that they like to use to wear down defenses, but their vaunted rushing attack only produced 72 yards on 30 carries, which was good for a meager 2.4 YPC. On top of that, the Texas defense forced two turnovers and almost got a third on another fumble, which left the Longhorns at +2 in the turnover margin for the evening. Texas was able to generate pressure on Jake Fromm for most of the night and BJ Foster laid a hit on him that most certainly landed Fromm in an ice bath after the game. This entire group deserves a game ball for showing up with their big boy britches on and winning a scrap that many people didn’t give them chance to win. Tre Watson Will Be Missed In 2019 Convincing Watson to come to Austin over Lubbock and Baton Rouge ended up being one of the most underrated recruiting victories for the Longhorn staff. In a game where running room was at a premium, Watson came out as the leading rusher at 91 yards on 18 carries (5.1 YPC) and despite being a smaller back he was consistently finishing his runs and dishing out some punishment on the back end. Finding a back with his skillset that could provide a veteran presence this year was very important given that Keaontay Ingram was banged up for a good portion of the year and couldn’t shoulder a full load of carries. Watson made the most of his touches last night in NOLA and his success brought some balance to the Texas offense and kept the Georgia defense from omitting the Texas run game and making life harder on Ehlinger on his drop backs. The issue of Texas being thin at running back has already been discussed in length here, so it will be interesting to see how the staff goes about replacing Watson’s production. Quiet Night For Texas’ Dynamic Duo At WR Collin Johnson and Lil’Jordan Humphrey absolutely terrorized defenses all year long, but last night was one of the quieter nights for the duo that I can remember. While they both made some key plays that prolonged drives or eventually led to points, they were held in check for most of the evening. Johnson in particular seemed invisible early on in the matchup before he finally made a nice catch up the sideline for a 35 yard gain. Johnson ended the night with 3 catches for 40 yards, but he did convert Texas’ lone two point conversion on a back shoulder fade late in the game. Humphrey on the other hand was the Longhorns’ leading receiver in the contest (7 catches, 67 yards) and he also completed his only pass attempt for 8 yards. I figured with Deandre Baker out that these two would have been a little more busy last night, but the Georgia defense fared pretty well against them all things considered. With this game in the books, now we wait and see if Johnson will opt to return to school or decide to take their talents to the NFL. No Sterns, No Problem With Caden Sterns hobbled coming into this game, Texas was down one freshman All-American and forced to do some juggling on the back end of the defense. Even with The Wolf on the sidelines, Texas was more than fine due to the performances of guys like BJ Foster and PJ Locke, who ended up playing bigger roles in Sterns’ absence. It was refreshing to see Locke play well and come up with a big turnover given his well-documented struggles over the past two seasons and Foster absolutely looked the part of the five star recruit the networks pegged him as. Foster’s hit on Fromm late in the contest was one of the plays of the night, as he got a free run off the edge on a blitz and laid a hard, clean hit on the quarterback. While Texas will have to replace both starting corners in Kris Boyd and Devante Davis, the Longhorns are absolutely stacked at safety with Brandon Jones likely returning and the Foster/Sterns combo being underclassmen. The future is bright on the back end of the defense and I know the staff has to be giddy about how this group is shaping up going into 2019.
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    5 Thoughts: Sugar Bowl Edition

    Excellent writeup Seahorn. In addition to those GA rushing stats-- 72 yards on 30 carries -- T.O.P. was Horns 35:00 to GA 25:00. How's that for exact minutes. Seldom see that. Horns passing yardage was 177 to GA's 224, but try this: Comp-Att for Horns was 20-28. And 2-2 on 4th down efficiency, with 9-19 3rd down. That's a lot of 3rd downs for the night. Not counting punts (guess this is how it works on the Team Stats sheet) Horns show 77 plays -- 28 passing, 49!! rushing! GA shows 65 plays -- 35 passing, just 30 rushing. This performance out of Texas, who hasn't had 10 wins in almost 10 years, against recent upstart powerhouse Georgia throws a huge wrench in the SEC-SEC hype, and/or says a lot about Herman and his coaching style. Get this also: The mighty SEC was 6-5 in their bowl games. About what it was last year. Either they have no umph for bowl games, or they really are not that strong overall playing outside their conference. Take Alabama's win out, and it's .500, which what I recall it was last year. As I showed in a previous thread, the top 5 finishers in each SEC division played 40 Non-conf. games. 9 of the 40 games were against Power 5 conference. Only 4 of the 40 were played on the road. 6 of these top finishers (again, top 5 in each div) played 8 home games. The other 4 of those programs played 7, with Aggie playing Ark at Arlington. Regular season ranking placed 8 SEC teams in the Top 25. Based on what? They mostly play each other and, on average, play 8 home games. They also play a cup cake one of the last two weeks of the season, thereby avoiding a late season loss (how can they.. when nearly all 14 SEC teams play outside the conference, and I think all are indeed cupcakes). So they end the regular season with lofty rankings overall -- 2/3 of the conf in Top 25. But then come the bowls. Bowl losses to: Virginia, Iowa, Okla-State, Texas, Baylor. Beating: NC-State, Purdue, with quality wins over OU, Penn State, UCF, Michigan (if that's a quality win). Factor in, of course, one team and one of those wins, is en route to the title game. However, Texas pushed Georgia around much more than did Bama (going aggie there). For Texas to even come close to this game performance... I mean it was over at 28-7 (true representation of the beat down); Georgia looking no better than Iowa State as a product on the field. If that. Thing I noticed about Georgia, they did not look athletic. Okay, going full-on aggie there. How did BigXII do in their bowl games against the SEC? 3-1, including besting a 14-pt underdog spread in NO. Overall BigXII was 5-3 in bowls.
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    Daniel Seahorn

    5 Thoughts: Sugar Bowl Edition

    Sorry for the delay, folks! Was finally able to get back to Houston after a lengthy trip back. Thank you guys for following along with us this season and making this site what it is!
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    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I don’t live in Huntsville, but I am very involved with the high school. I have worked on an academic level Tee. I really respect him as a person. The day he committed, he brought Corby Meekins by to see me, and told me about his commitment. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to steal his moment. He is everything you could want in an athlete, a real team player and leader. Hook ‘em!
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    A&M In The Headlines...

    A&m may have to vacate the national championship that they gave Jimbo.
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    A little on the long side, but we wanted to give ya'll a little something as we head into the home stretch.
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    Coaching Changes, Rumors, Misc.

    Graham Harrell just started following a bunch of Texas recruits.
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    2020 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Hello everyone. I just popped in to say hello. Since my crazy ass haven't been in here in almost Coons age due to alot of personal issues family related I've been having to go through and having to work several weeks straight without a day off. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying your day. I'll be back later after work to pop in here and catch up on everything
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    2020 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Saw Herman speak today at a luncheon at the Headliners club here in Austin. He did say that we would make room for 1 more OL commit in 2020 and that those of us who follow recruiting would know who he's talking about.........meaning Lindberg. Just wanted to share since there's been a lot of speculation as to whether Karic's verbal means were done with 2020 OL recruiting.
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    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    If I were to base it online predictions, I would say Garret Wilson to Ohio state. But when I talk to my brother, it seems like we have more than a chance. Hope we scoop em up. Told Roschon to link up with Bragg too but he is already on it. Hopefully they can swing some.more kids to the burnt orange
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    doc longhorn

    Oh Aggy, Part Deux

    Daughter (Aggie vet school grad) thinks TAMU will never change until it gets rid of the Corps and all its faux "traditions". Son-in-law (Aggie vet school grad) thinks TAMU will never change until they get rid of the yell leaders and fish school. To be clear - daughter went to TAMU because they have the finest veterinarian school and son-in-law went to TAMU on a baseball scholarhip..and vet school. And both want to resume the rivalry with UT. Both think Dodds and bow tie were idiots. Neither are allowed to wear aggie swag in my home - including grandkids. That is my punishment for my daughter going to aggy. Told daughter she has been removed from my will, with the exception of a 12 year old, dumb as hell, sway-backed old Longhorn steer. Who farts when alarmed. Wife threatened to make my life hell if I removed daughter from will. Daughter still in will.
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    Daniel Seahorn

    Daniel's Crystal Ball Picks

    The Ossai pick is in. Lets get Weird.
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    FYI it's kinda long. I wasn’t planning or expecting to have to drop one of these pieces so early in the season, but now that I’ve had a day and some change to think it over I’m going put some of my thoughts on paper about what transpired on Saturday in Austin. I said in the predictions piece on Friday that no matter how the game played out that you couldn’t get too high or too low because the season can’t be won or lost in week one. I’m sticking by that because obviously there is still plenty of season left to circle the wagons. They say in coaching that when you go back and watch the film it is neither as good nor as bad as you thought was when the game was playing out live. More times than none that holds true. I’m sure when Tom Herman and his staff go back through the film they will find some positives that they feel like they can build on, but they will probably also find plenty of things that they either need to fix or scrap completely going forward. At the end of the day the game against the Terps brought about a lot more questions than answers and given how the schedule is setup, that isn’t promising for the Longhorns. So where do we start? From the moment this staff was hired and put in place we’ve heard time and time again about how the little things have been stressed and how Herman constantly harps on the details. It was hammered home how the team would be sound fundamentally and discipline would be instilled after the previous staff failed to accomplish that. After taking in that game in its entirety I can safely say it feels like everyone was sold a bill of fake goods. Bad angles in pursuit, alarming number of missed tackles, defenders not hitting their run fits, busting simple protections in pass protection, blunders on special teams, and lastly... penalties. These are things that plagued this team last year and led them becoming the butt of several jokes nationwide. After watching this team on Saturday all those things mentioned seemed to be front and center once again like nothing had changed. Except this time there is no Charlie Strong to blame it on. After the game, Herman said something along lines that if everyone expected things to fixed in nine months then they were mistaken. I don’t think anyone reasonable expected all issues to magically disappear between now and last November, but at bare minimum I was expecting this team to be able to go out there and execute what is being asked of them and that they will play sound, disciplined football. It’s safe to say that bar was not cleared. At this point I have questions that span from things such as why some guys seem to be stagnant in their development and when is it time to give other guys a bite at the apple to what exactly was going in the coaches’ office when they were going over game planning for Maryland? For instance, the staff knew going in they were deficient at tight end and were going to have to trot out Garret Gray as their starter if they wanted to use him in personnel packages. Gray is a converted wide receiver who in normal circumstances is probably not going to see too much PT in an ideal situation. The coaches knew going in that the situation was far from ideal and they still opted not scheme around the position like Herman had previously mentioned. Instead they put Gray in situations in which he had to win as a blocker on the edge and it went about as bad you would expect. They also opted to keep Gray on the field when they decided to go to empty sets rather than putting another receiver out there, which I didn’t really understand at all. That’s just one example, but here’s another. Linebackers are still completely lost when it comes to their run fits. We saw a lot of this last year to the point where you had to ask if guys just weren’t getting it or were the coaches just horrible teachers. At this point it’s probably a bit of both because after having months to hammer out the basics they were back to getting gutted in the run game and letting Maryland rip off big runs. It was no secret that Maryland wanted to establish the run early and pound the rock. Everyone knew for months that was what they wanted to do when they rolled into Austin. Yet the defense looked completely bewildered and confused. Want another? The secondary is still getting balls thrown over their head in crucial situations where they absolutely can’t allow it and guys seem to not know where there help is coming from. This once again led to the defense not being able to get off the field and kept drives alive for Maryland. You can take your pick and just about every guy in the starting lineup gave it up on Saturday. So once again are things just not clicking for guys or are the coaches horrible teachers? These are the kinds of things going through my mind as I watch the same issues from last year play out in week one of this season. The offense has plenty of things it has sort out in short order, but if the defense is going to allow 40+ per game, then it makes the margin of error for the offense almost nonexistent and forces them to have to be perfect. That’s not feasible. Speaking of the offense, my worries about the running back position came to fruition on Saturday. Texas doesn’t have a feature back on the roster to pick up the slack left by D’Onta Foreman (landing JK Dobbins stings even more now). On top of that, the offensive line wasn’t getting a consistent push at the LOS for the run game to get going and they had Shane Buechele under fire most of afternoon, which was something I wasn’t anticipating to be an issue outside of right tackle. The run game was basically abandoned early on as Texas found itself in a big hole it had to crawl out of thus leading to Buechele having to throw the ball 50+ times. Anytime the Texas offense looked like it was getting some momentum or putting a drive together, they found a way to shot themselves in the foot via penalties, lack of execution, or poor play calling. I love Drew Mehringer as a recruiter, but he better be drilling his group all week on how to run a proper pick route. If my three year old daughter can tell it’s an illegal pick then you need to go back to the drawing board and re-evaluate how you are teaching the technique. While I’m talking about coaches going back to the drawing board, Derek Warehime needs to rally his troops. It’s unacceptable that Maryland was able to get pressure on Buechele with as few as three rushers at times. It’s unacceptable that his bunch looked befuddled when it came to picking up blitzing linebackers who are tipping their hand. This is day one stuff that an experienced group shouldn’t be struggling with in week one. Can’t happen and shouldn’t happen. This brings me to the topic of the quarterback. As you see I just laid out some issues that were surrounding Buechele on Saturday and I’ve already previously written on the board that I don’t fault him for a lot of the stuff that transpired out there. Was he without fault? Absolutely not. The first series of the game was as bad of a series you will see from Buechele and it resulted in him getting squared up for a big hit that he doesn’t need to be taking. He wasn’t as crisp on the deep balls as we’ve seen in the past, he self-sacked and self-pressured himself at times, and he isn’t going to strike fear into a defense with his wheels and ability to improvise. He’s not perfect and nobody is saying he is. With all that said and all the issues plaguing the offense, Buechele still posted a respectable stat line that included 375 yards passing with a completion percentage of 65% and three total touchdowns. Lets make things clear. Buechele is far from the biggest issue holding the offense or the team back right now. Before we start screaming for a change at quarterback, I would rather see a staff competent enough to scheme around the strengths of their starting quarterback who threw for almost 3,000 yards last year and set freshmen records in 2016. Capable staffs can scheme around the strengths of their personnel. I don’t think Sam Ehlinger, a kid who was just taking snaps on the high school level several months ago, is going to be some kind of magic bullet that people are making him out to be. He has yet to take a snap at the collegiate level and people think he will be the answer to kick starting the run game without having anything to go off of. If the offensive line doesn’t get its act together it may not matter who is back there taking snaps, so be careful what you ask for. I’ve talked/written a lot. But these are the things that have been on my mind since the clock hit triple zeroes on Saturday. At this point I have as many questions for the coaches as I do for the players, because I feel like the coaches didn’t have their team put in the best possible position to go play confidently and to be successful. Texas was never going to win all of their games this year. That wasn’t feasible. Thinking this team was going to hit the corner and win 10+ games wasn’t any more feasible. At this point this team needs to show it can put together a complete football game for sixty minutes before we start trying to predict wins. Saturday’s loss to Maryland showed that this team isn’t anywhere close to competing for championships of any kind. The season isn’t over by any stretch, but expectations need to be dialed back and recalibrated until the team proves it on the field.
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    2021 Recruiting Board/Thread

    CB for James Brockermeyer to Texas
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    I saw a report today that said Brown was walking and talking today. He's been moved from ICU to a regular room now. He should begin rehab in the next week. His progress has beaten expectations. This is fabulous news. At this rate, he may very well play football again.
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    Daniel Seahorn

    ****NSD2 Running Thread****

    Javonne Shepherd is signing with Texas. It’s finally over folks.
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    Per Justin Wells of Inside Texas, 5-Star ATH and USC signee Bru McCoy has entered the transfer portal after notifying USC of his intentions to transfer. Texas will be right at the top of the list for his next destination and don’t be surprised if it comes together quickly. It’s on ladies and gentlemen.
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    Daniel Seahorn

    Update on the #Bruuuuumors

    As you can probably tell by now I was very hesitant to discuss this, but with things looking like they are leaking out I’ll share what I can on the latest #Bruuuuumors. Texas finished runner-up in the Bru McCoy sweepstakes earlier this month, and came very close to reeling in the 5-star ATH from SoCal. The hiring of Kliff Kingsbury at USC solidified McCoy staying home, but once the NFL came calling that added another layer to the story. There was talk that McCoy would consider a transfer if Kingsbury bolted, but even after Arizona made his hire final things were quiet. That was until today. Earlier today we received a tip that McCoy was looking to finalize his intentions to enter the transfer portal. I wanted to dismiss it since it still seemed like a wild rumor, but after cross checking that (b)rumor in fact had legs. With things like this being sensitive and so incredibly fluid we didn’t want to hastily post something and get the board’s hopes up. So where do things now? Well as things sit McCoy is still enrolled at USC, so there hasn’t been any movement just yet. Discussions were had today, but no official decision has been made. So right now we are in wait and see mode like everyone else. If things do indeed progress... we will go from there. But until McCoy’s name enters the portal Texas can’t contact him and not much else can be said at this time.
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    View from the Cheap Seats-Dawgs How SWEET it is . . . ..(see what we did there sweet. . .sugar bowl) One word to describe this win? PHYSICAL #2 in the BigXII vs #2 in the SEC. The entire Horn team, including Bevo showed up ready to play. Bevo took offense pre-game to Uga, the yapping Georgia mascot and went after him, setting the tone for the rest of the evening. TEXAS came out and kicked the shit out of the Dawgs for 59 minutes. No clue what happened in the last 46 seconds (2 ejections, 3 penalties and gave up a TD when the D was wandering around lost and the coaches couldn't figure out a time out was needed), Coach Todd and his guys seeming lost their shit but for 59 minutes, the TEXAS D made a YUGE YUGE statement. Dawgs came in rushing for 251 yards a game, TEXAS/Coach Todd's crew held them to 72 yards. Was great listening to Kirby Smart post game saying "give credit to Tom, they out physical led us, they out coached us" You could not have drawn it up better. #1 thing TEXAS needed to do was take an early lead and force Georgia to throw. Georgia is 0-3 this year in games where Fromm threw 24 times or more. Coach Todd and the TEXAS D harassed Jake Fromm at every turn. One of the early notes made was that TEXAS was out coaching Georgia and clearly in Smart and Fromm's heads. TEXAS took the Dawgs completely out of their game. Georgia entered the game #4 in the FBS with 7.3 yards per play but would only yield 4.4 vs the Horns. TEXAS balled out. 10 wins for the 1st time since 2009. 1st "Major bowl win" since 2008 Fiesta Bowl. CTH now 2-0 in bowl games at TEXAS. CTH and TEXAS finishes the season on a serious high note after (to quote CTH) the loss in Dallas left a serious bad taste in the mouth of the Horns. Does this win push TEXAS into the Top 10? Not sure but they will be moving up from #15 and likely open next year Top 10. Sadly despite kicking the crap out of Georgia, they likely do not climb over the Dawgs in the standings. Make no mistake, TEXAS lined up against a more talented team, a more accomplished team and TEXAS played harder, out hustled and out wanted the Dawgs from Georgia. Football is an angry and emotional game. TEXAS simply wanted it more tonight. Both the staff and the players played to win. Twice CTH went for it on 4th down, the results, 1 1st down, 1 Touch down. In fact the only real "questionable" move was the on sides kick to open the 2nd half. Gotta give it up for the Seniors, they played like it was their last game. No guys pussing out to get ready for the NFL draft. Charles Ominahu, Tre Watson, Anthony Wheeler, Gary Johnson, Davante Davis, PJ Locke, Kris Boyd, Chris Nelson,Patrick Vahe, Calvin Anderson, Brecklyn Hager. tip of the cap to these young men. Who would have imagined TEXAS playing for the Big XII title and winning the Sugar Bowl after the Tulsa game where face it, most fans were questioning whether CTH had the "right stuff". 7 times TEXAS would face ranked teams this year, twice Top 5 teams. TEXAS would go 5-2 vs the ranked team and 1-1 vs the top 5. Let's go "big picture" for a second. BigXII would face SEC teams 4 times in the bowl post season posting a 3-1 record. It was pretty funny listening to the fans at the game chant "over rated over rated". We will admit, despite the Horns leading wire to wire, the announcers could not stop slobbering over the Dawgs, simply annoying as hell. Bittersweet typing this tonight. Last Cheap Seats for more than 8 months. This is truly a labor of love. Thanks to our small but demented following. Offensive Player of the Game: Duh, Sam E, 3 TDs, Sam is the Man. Honorable Mention to Tre Watson who balled out for 5.1 a carry and ran hard every time he carried the rock. Lil Jordan not far behind. Defensive Player of the Game BJ Foster with some huge hits tonight including creating a fumble. Honorable mention: PJ Locke with an INT to snuff out a Dawg Drive. Where do we go from here? Future is bright. Step #1 is to use this high profile win to wrap up a 2nd straight Top 10 class. TEXAS can still use a RB, an OL (or 2 depending whether you count Shepard as a commit or a target) and another DL plus a wild card. A grad transfer or 2 would not hurt our feelings. As the All American games go on, it's seems the players we landed are showing well for themselves. The defense will see the biggest turnover this spring as we lose 7 starters including all 3 DLs, 2 LBs and both CBs. Does Brandon Jones try to grab the brass ring or does he come back as TEXAS best secondary player. On offense, the TEXAS fan base will be on pins and needles seeing if Collin Johnson and/or Lil Jordan jump to the pros. Depth at RB is a concern and TEXAS will need to find a TE though there are plenty of good options. Biggest offensive issue will be replacing 3 starting OL. Good news, TEXAS also returns 2 starters and one player in Kersetter who has extensive starting experience. Biggest challenge for CTH will be managing success and inflated expectations for the coming year. TEXAS will start the year ranked in the Top 10 most likely and will at least be a co-favorite to win the BigXII. TEXAS' 2nd game in 2019 will be in Austin vs LSU. Should be very interesting.
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    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I’ve been wrong before and I would hate to get you guys all riled up and disappointed, but I have a credible source that says we are landing a certain 5 star player
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    Interesting stats 8 total Texas offensive possessions in the game 1 ended taking a knee 1 TD 1 FG 1 Missed FG 4 Punts 0 Turnovers All of this on the road in a place where Texas has not won in a long time Texas is 4-1, 2-0 in conference Anyone here would have taken this if offered after the Maryland game. Absolutely everyone.
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    Congratulations are in order

    Shout out to our boy Aaron C for his wedding tonight. Beautiful ceremony set in the wine country of Oregon. He definitely outkicked his coverage, (as he will readily admit.) I was lucky enough to score an invite to the festivities and attended with mrs joeywa and my son. Congrat Aaron. You done good, bud!!! Thanks for having us out to be a part of it. BTW, here’s the backdrop of the “altar”:
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    BIG BOOM! De’Gabriel Floyd has committed to Texas. Profile going up shortly!
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    I'm going to be out of pocket for the next day or so. My sister will be undergoing cancer removal surgery tomorrow morning. She's endured 7 chemo treatments and now they're ready to remove the dead cancer. That might sound simple, but she's also dealing with a pacemaker and defibulator, so there's some risk involved. For that reason, me and my family would welcome and appreciate any and all prayers. Thank you in advance!
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    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    well, hopefully he's not behind closed doors with Kevin Spacey.
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    View from the Cheap Seats-Utah

    View from the Cheap Seats-Utah Utes get TRUCKED in Longhorn Stampede In what was the most complete game in all 3 phases of the ball for TEXAS during Coach Tom Herman's 3 year tenure, the Horns absolutely destroyed a talented and well coached (well not New Year's Eve) #11 ranked Utah Utes. Keep in mind that had Utah beaten Oregon, they most likely take OU's spot in the CFP, with the exact same results. Coach Tom now 3-0 in bowl games, off to a better bowl game record than any coach in TEXAS history. And he's done it against some very stout competition. Many predicted TEXAS would get run out by Utah. Believe the line was 7.5, TEXAS covered by nearly 30. TEXAS' Defense was absolutely suffocating, shutting out Utah in the 1st half and only allowing a FG in the 3rd quarter. Coach Naivar showed the value of coaching, generating massive amounts of pressure while still running TEXAS base 3-3-5. Of course his big "tweak" was turning our LBs loose which completely disrupted the Utah O. Special teams were actually pretty special, lead by D'Shawn Jamison's 104 yards on 4 punt returns and our offense was both efficient as well as effective. Had you told us that both RBs would average over 8 yards per carry, we likely would not have believed it. Had you told us that Sam would not even attempt 20 passes, we likely would not have believed you. Of course had you told us this TEXAS team would dominate both sides of the ball, we likely would have laughed. Yet that is EXACTLY what TEXAS did. Opening the game with the type of big strike between Sam and Collin Johnson we expected to see all year. The tone was set early and the Horns simply kicked ass. It was interesting to see CTH slow down the O in the 2nd half and start milking clock in the 3rd quarter. Have to admit, damn nice to see both sides of our lines dominating the opposition. Joseph Ossai gets his own paragraph. The young man played the game of his early career and showed us for 4 quarters why so many are so excited. 6 tackles for loss and 3 sacks. As Louis Riddick (an announcer I like, the opposite of E Acho) commented, Utah's All Pac QB Tyler Hundley is going to have nightmares about Joseph Ossai for years to come. Cannot remember the last time a TEXAS defender so dominated a game. And it was great to see Ossai turned loose on the QB to disrupt our opponents offense. And a game where we only spotted one missed tackle, very refreshing to see. Cannot wait to see JO terrorize teams in 2020. Way too early projection, TEXAS enjoys the 3rd BixXII DL of the Year in the past 4 seasons. Offensive Player of the Game: Defensive Player of the Game Stats that matter The Future For the 3rd year in a row, a big bowl win propels optimism for the following season. This year brings the biggest changes on CTH's watch as he is replacing both co-ordinators and several position coaches. Like many HC's, CTH is a stubborn one and he waited too long jettisoning staff member who were either out of their depth or out right insubordinate. The biggest change will be seen on the defense as we are thankfully ditching the failed 3-3-5 model for a more traditional 4-3. This has already had a positive impact on recruiting D linemen as players who had us off their list, now have us back on. Hopefully it's not too little too late. Coach Ash brings a reputation for coaching players up, teaching fundamentals and getting the most out of his players. A welcome change from the past 3 seasons. The D will lose Brandon Jones and Malcom Roach as key starters from 2019 but should enjoy improved play with another year's worth of experience for a team that was young and showed it often this past season. Future is very exciting for on this side of the ball though CTH likely looks hard for another LB to add depth to a talented but thin group. On offense, Coach Y will use the same scheme as CTH, which frankly is a good thing. The O will need to replace our top 2 WRs including Mr 3rd Down Duvernay and a pair of offensive linemen but the player generating the most excitement for 2020 will be true freshman 5 star RB Bijion Robinson. Biggest question is whether any WR or combination of WRs can step up on replace what Devin Duvernay brought the table. Today he appears the most difficult player to replace. 2020 needs to be "the year" as Sam the Man will be a senior. Time for the no excuses tour to begin and the TEXAS season will largely be defined by 2 games, a trip to Baton Rouge to face a rebuilding/reloading LSU team then as always, facing off against the land thieves in the Red River War. Both opponents will be breaking in new QB and will lose a bunch to the NFL. The defensive play should be much improved but can the offense maintain consistency instead of floundering down the stretch in 2019? The CO changes were needed and not sure CTH could have landed a better pair to step in and improve the team. CTH did an excellent job keeping the bulk of the recruiting class at home but we lost some guys who would have driven this class higher. Based on the new COs and the way the bowl game went, we're projecting CTH lassos 2-3 "surprise" recruits in addition to some guys who already have TEXAS high and will not sign until Feb. No idea whom though a grad transfer/JUCO OL and LB would be welcome. Don't place too much stock in "team ranking" at this point as TEXAS only has 17 commits (all signed early) but measured by "average star ranking" (quality not quantity), TEXAS is #6 in the nation. Pressure is on, CTH has 2 to 3 seasons left at TEXAS to show he can take the next step and bring home a BigXII title. The Cheap Seats fully expect TEXAS to play in AT LEAST 2 of the next 3 big title games. Bold prediction for 2021, Casey Thompson is the starter for the entire season but not sure he can hold off Card/JJ (do not under estimate JJ) in 2022. Hopefully TEXAS blows out enough teams in 2020 for Casey to log some real reps. Cheap Seats has LSU by 10 over Clemson for the title. And our homer/way too early prediction for 2020 is TEXAS 11-2 winner of the BigXII title with another Sugar Bowl trip in store. TEXAS should enjoy the best QB in the conference (though there is some comp here) the best OL in the conference, the best RB stable, a top 3 (talentwise) group of WRs. Today the most glaring weaknesses appear to be TE on the O and LB on the D. Schedule's biggest negative is that after a 3rd week bye, TEXAS does not get another break. It is interesting that TEXAS ends the season not on the usual Friday date but Sat in Stillwater which means Bedlahm isn't the last game of the year either. 202 Schedule break down: 50/50 games. Games were TEXAS has as much chance of winning as losing Tough games we should win Upsets if we lose Hope my small but demented following has enjoyed the read this year, certainly have enjoyed writing the Cheap Seats. Happy New Year and Best wishes to all you filthy animals.
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    Aaron Carrara

    Coaching Changes, Rumors, Misc.

    There was no announcement in the class that they were entering the transfer portal. There was a lot of discussion, feelings expressed, but no manifesto of entering the transfer portal.
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    Welcoming New Mod TFloss32

    Really appreciate Aaron inviting me to come hang out and talk Longhorns, recruiting, etc. Hope y'all join in on the conversations.
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    Daniel Seahorn

    Some Personal News

    I've been trying to figure out exactly how I was going to word this and have been drawing blanks for the past few days. I'm going to shoot this from the hip and just see where I end up with it. I'd like to start things out by thanking Aaron Carrara for giving me the opportunity to come aboard Horn Sports. Back in 2015, I was in a bit of a weird spot after stepping away from coaching and deciding to be a full time dad while trying to figure out what the next move was. I was an avid follower of recruiting in my younger years and after getting a chance to be on both sides of it as a player and a coach it only took my fascination to a different level. So with coaching in the rear view, I was looking for a way to still "scratch the itch" when it came to stay connected with the recruiting landscape and keeping tabs on recruits all across the state. This is where Aaron comes into the picture. When Aaron first reached out to me I wasn't at all familiar with Horn Sports, but had seen tweets every now and then from Mike Roach on Twitter. I didn't know exactly what to expect starting out, but four years later here we are. I'm extremely grateful and thankful for both Aaron and Mike taking me under their wing and for being good friends and mentors along the way. Without Mike, Aaron, and Horn Sports there is really no telling what I would be doing these days and this site has really allowed me to come into my own as a writer and accomplish some dope things along the way. I'd also like to thank the Horn Sports community for being warm and welcoming over the past four years. You guys welcomed me in as one of your own from day one and have been generous to not only me, but to my family as well and I can't put into words how thankful I am for that. I'd like to shout out @Harrison Wier, @Jameson McCausland, @joeywa , and @Mike Roachfor all of their time and effort they have poured into the site during my time here. I am forever thankful for all the hard work you guys put in around here to help keep this site running year round. So now comes the hard part where I tell you why I just went on this entire tangent on a Sunday morning. At this time I am officially announcing that I am leaving Horn Sports and will be taking on a new role as a Recruiting Contributor for SB Nation's Texas site Burnt Orange Nation. I'd like to thank both Wescott Eberts and Cody Daniel for the opportunity to come aboard their team and add to their recruiting coverage. This decision was a hard one and comes after a lot of time and deliberation. Horn Sports is and will always be family to me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to not only do what I enjoy, but to do what I love. This is not goodbye, but more of a see you later. Horn Sports will always be a part of me no matter where I go. Hook'Em! - Daniel
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    So.... Mack Brown just poached Tim Brewster from A&M. That happened.
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    Jacoby Jones is in the boat, folks. Felt good about this one, but wasn’t expecting an announcement so quick. Profile coming later this evening. Lots of versatility to Jones’ game that makes him a great fit for what Texas does upfront defensively.
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    Not Texas related, but a USC writer spoiled Chris Steele’s commitment to to the Trojans by trying to be First on twitter to report it. This happens every cycle, but it is always frustrating to witness it every single time. I know some around here get restless about knowing when the next commit is going to drop, but we here at HornSports believe firmly in letting kids have their moments and not spoiling their time in the lime light. Even if we know a commitment/news is coming and have sat on it for any period of time we always let the kid break the story on his terms becuase that’s the way it should be. At the end of the day this about the kids and not us or anyone else. So just be conscious of that the next time you ask about who is committing next or when. We are not in the business of stepping on toes or breaking the trust of those we speak with.
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    Better than last year? That's why I said "trending". But what I am hearing behind the scenes is Texas will be the team to beat for the conference title. And this with OU being the media darling for that position. Of course, everything always hinges on the injury front, but this is true of all teams. Seahorn is hedging his bets a little, which is the prudent thing to do. Maintaining ones credibility, as a mod, is paramount as the opposite could be a death knell. Personally, I think Daniel has done a wonderful job and has been one of the better mods of all the sites. He doesn't exhibit arrogance or condescention. I like that. I, on the other hand, have nothing to lose as most on here already think I am an obnoxious blowhard. But, 10% to 90% of the time, I mostly know what I am talking about. We gone be good this year and we gone have a fantastic recruiting class. I think.
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    Daniel Seahorn

    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    It’s not an excuse, man. The coach at Carthage wants his team locked in instead of planning an elaborate ceremony in the middle of a Prep week for the biggest game of the season. Ingram has offers from everyone (literally), committed early, and hasn’t been taking any visits throughout the year. That sound like a kid that isn’t solid? We haven’t been worried about Ingram since the day he committed and he’s earned the benefit of the doubt.
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    Poona Ford

    I just want to take a minute to appreciate Poona Ford. Not only is his name freakin awesome, but the work he's doing on the defensive line so far this season cannot be understated. Truth be told he has A LOT to do with the fact that Malik (along with Johnson) is able to run free and just attack the ball carrier. He constantly holds his position even in double teams; freeing up the linebackers (see previous statement). We're gonna miss this kid next year. STAND UP POONA FORD!!!
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