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  1. Watch the first part of this video. There's nothing peaceful about it. The first 7 minutes shows you everything you need to see. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1VdhQbfSTY
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  2. OU game - they were atrocious. We need Hand to work out. I hope you’re right.
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  3. Maybe Hand needs more and better prospects to work with. If he can corral five or four more recruits I will be happier.
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  4. I come in peace.... Every now and then I have a drastically difference of opinion than the masses and this is one of those occasions.... perhaps it’s me lol. I don’t see how Hand is held in such high regard based on his performance so far at Texas. At the very least I’d say the jury is out. People point at good individual players as evidence Hand is a good coach, but can we honestly say the OL as a unit has been a team strength? Or.... is Hand stocking the cupboard in a way that makes us salivate in anticipation for the future? I’m not saying “fire him” but I think the se
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  5. I thought Calvin Anderson was a good get and thought he developed some skills to get him noticed in the league. Calvin did say he was happy/grateful he went to Texas and learned new things/techniques to help his game. Braun not so much, but that was probably more to do with his time at GT since they didn't pass block a lot. In fact, Braun probably pass blocked more in the LSU game alone than he did all the previous year at GT. Just my opinion
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  6. Baron

    2021 Recruiting Board/Thread

    That didn't work as well as any of us thought in the last two instances
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  7. I'm sadly starting to question this staff regarding their OL scouting and offers. Ezra should've been offered weeks ago and it seemed like it was inevitable per IT, but it now seems, per IT, that Texas is waiting to hear from Myslinski, who I think is slightly inferior to Ezra, but I'm going off of what I've read so who knows. I know the staff wants more Tackles in this class so I guess I slightly understand the avoidance of a ton of guard/center offers, but they might as well offer the better options and advise that they can only take one more....hoping Ezra jumps first, but now I'm not
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  8. very true Dee....but if they dont show they can develop linemen any better than they did the last 2 GT then I dont have much hope.
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