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  1. "The Eyes of Texas are upon you..." Yes, they are, and when you run off the field and show disrespect for your school, what have you accomplished? The school song is only racist if you imagine it is. Racism is real and it's bad, but the school song is not a good example. Creating a problem when there is no problem is utter foolishness. Choose your battles wisely, young men, so you don't do damage to the very cause you're fighting for.
    7 points
  2. Half your team will be on the field singing the Eyes. So you won't be with your team. You will be with some of your team. If I were CTH, Mitchell would ride pine all season. Its not the wish to not sing the Eyes. I don't care if he sings a rap song at the end of the game. But to continue to go to the world and diss the school you play for would make me wonder about the player every time he missed a tackle. Was that intentional or not?
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  3. So from reading responses.. be got what they wanted most and that’s that The Eyes stays. But now it’s turned into how dare these student-athletes go back to the locker room instead of singing The Eyes. They are spitting on tradition, maybe they miss tackles on purpose because they don’t respect things you do. Oh and the song is only racist if you imagine it is. These guys can’t win. They are represent this school in a way that most on this board have never. Yet they are told they don’t respect the tradition of the school they bleed and sweat for because some will choose to go into the locker r
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  4. This. If you won't sing the The Eyes of Texas, can you still respect the decision of those who do? If you can't, you are a hypocrite.
    2 points
  5. I agree. Here's another question. Does it create a divide among the players when some sing and others don't? Are they grown up enough to respect each others decisions?
    2 points
  6. Quinn Ewers | Courtesy of our Greg Hammer @creolehammer17 247Sports has just updated their rankings for the 2022 recruiting class. One of the most notable changes was quarterback Quinn Ewers’s move to the number one spot. However, Ewers is already a well known product in the recruiting world as ESPN had named him as high school football’s number one prospect. Today, I will highlight the Texas targets that landed in the top 25 of the rankings. You can find the full list of players ranked by 247Sports here QB – Quinn Ewers (Southlake, TX) Updated Ranking: 1 Previous Ranking: 2 Follow
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  7. That would be better than a C section.
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  8. While my memory isn't what it once was, I seem to recall many of the players stating tradition as one of the main reasons they committed to UT. Seems like an oxymoron that several are now so eager to skip one of the most endeared traditions.
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  9. IT thinks Ezra will get an offer very soon.
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  10. Why not take both? One could slide over to guard. Texas needs more than two more OL. Any thing is possible but one would think twins would want to playtogether and with the other brother. Some time one has thier sights set and complete misses bywaitihg too long
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  11. TDS is a very real disorder.
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  12. I like this. I do. But what are we going to do when Bijan Robinson wins his Heisman?
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  13. The Hubris and Harbinger XTC are both worth the money as well. Ironroot's got a good thing going
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  14. Baron

    ***⛑ Coronavirus Thread***

    When a study of a larger group of patients being administered Hydroxychloroquine came out it was labelled as anecdotal. But this one isn't? Looks like an agenda to me.
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