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  1. 2. Texas A&M is hotter than Texas on the recruiting trail. Farrell’s take: FACT. I like what A&M is doing recently and some big commitments are on the way such as Romello Brinson and others from outside the local recruiting territory. Texas continues to face issues with Tom Herman being on a bit of a hot seat. The Longhorns will get theirs and might even finish higher than the Aggies in recruiting in the end with a good season, but right now I hear more about A&M. Gorney’s take: FICTION. It might seem that Texas A&M is gaining some steam on the recruiting tr
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  2. Try using Stella De Oro Day lilies instead of those annual flowers. Unlike most day lilies, the Stellas will bloom all Summer and into Fall. They go dormant in winter and then faithfully return each spring on their own.
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  3. Thanks, SHA. If this tropical storm keeps coming west it may reflood the yard for me. Lol I'll send you an update next week on the landscaping. I know they put a ton of flowers that seem like a lot of upkeep. Will want to move to something less intensive next year.
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