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    ***⛑ Coronavirus Thread***

    WTF? I appreciate your value on news, but now you're wandering into worthless political BS. There is a very good retort to this ill-advised story but I generally come here to get away from that, hence my complaint.
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    Belein is still available to take the asst coach job
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    ***⛑ Coronavirus Thread***

    FYI, if you’re so inclined, our friends at Black Sheep Lodge and Haymaker have had to close. They have two separate fund raisers going on.
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    Our defense was consistently top 25 before Yaklich arrived and improved about 2 spots this past year. Basically I'm just saying defense has been our one consistently decent area for whatever reason.
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    Rick Barnes

    Agree with your take above, was just adding my disdain for the state of Texas basketball since Barnes’ departure.
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    Rick Barnes

    And Patterson happened to us.
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