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    Just joined the board here. It seems that the number of injuries should be mentioned in considering the woes our defense was having in the 4th quarter. Devin Duvernay was playing the nickel for cryin’ our loud. This team has some issues. We aren’t world beaters but we have chemistry and we haven’t been embarrassed by anyone, except perhaps ourselves, since Herman has taken the rains. The pieces are falling into place. We are learning how to finish but the depth, particularly on defense, is not there yet.
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    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Seems to be some buzz that LJH might come back next season. His mom tweeted he was coming back. This could impact the WR numbers for 2019. The Lewis news makes more sense now.
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    It was an ugly win, but an ugly win is better than a pretty loss. Oooooooooooo
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    It’s a good thing I’m in the hospital waiting for my granddaughter to be born or I would be really upset right now
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    Well that escalated quickly. Texas was in control of things for most of the night in Lubbock and the things got wild and crazy as things normally do on the plains as the Red Raiders came storming back late in the 4th quarter. If you are tuning into Longhorn football games these days, then you better make sure to pop a double dose of your heart medication, because nothing is coming easy for this team as the season heads down the home stretch. Tonight’s game had a similar ending to the game that took place ten years ago when, Michael Crabtree and Graham Harrell delivered a gut shot to Texas national title aspirations, but this chapter ended in favor of the Longhorns. It got hairy down the home stretch, but the Longhorns found a way win rather than finding a way to lose. Behind Sam Ehlinger and Lil’Jordan Humphrey, Texas scrambled late to notch their 7th win and remain in contention for the Big 12 title. Now that the pleasantries have been exchanged, how about we get to the meat and potatoes of this piece and discuss some of the bigger storylines coming out of this matchup. The Struggles Continue Defensively The back half of this schedule has not been kind to Todd Orlando’s defense and the issues that have plagued them the past couple weeks showed up tonight in Lubbock. Texas Tech was down to its backup quarterback in Jett Duffey, who coming into this game had struggled as a passer. Duffey proceeded to shred the Texas defense to the tune of 524 total yards, including 444 through the air with four passing touchdowns. If it isn’t for three turnovers by Duffey those numbers would be even higher and Texas probably isn’t as fortunate tonight in Lubbock. What makes the numbers even worse is that Texas unraveled defensively late in the fourth quarter. Texas held Tech to 10 points in the first three quarters and then allowed a 24 point explosion that almost pushed the game into overtime if it wasn’t for the Ehlinger and Humphrey being the monsters that they have developed into this year. Todd Orlando has some serious soul searching to do and some things to get sorted out as the Longhorns prepare to host Iowa State. LJ Humphrey Turns In A Monster Performance Texas has one of the top receiver duos in the country in Humphrey and Colin Johnson, but the Longhorns were forced to head into this matchup without Johnson due to an injury suffered during the week. This was something that worried me going into the matchup because it would allow Tech to scheme up the Texas offense and take away Humphrey. Well it worried be until number 84 reminded me he was part transformer and went full Optimus Prime on the Red Raiders tonight. It didn’t matter the coverage or who was covering Humphrey tonight. He came up with several big catches including the reverse Crabtree that ended up being the game winner and a dagger to the heart of Red Raider fans hoping for another upset of their rival from Austin. Humphrey turned in an 8 catch, 159 yard performance and found the end zone twice in Lubbock and continued to make an excellent case that he may be ready to get paid to catch touchdowns on Sunday. The kid is an absolute stud and Longhorn fans may only have a few more weeks to enjoy him. On another wide receiver note, it should be mentioned that Devin Duvernay came up big with two touchdown catches of his own. He was the number two option tonight with Johnson out and he more than did his part within the offense. Sam Ehlinger: Budding Superstar How much fun has it been to watch number 11 in burnt orange and white this year? You will be hard pressed to find another player on the roster that has come further in their development as Ehlinger has this fall. I was as critical of Ehlinger as anyone last year when it came to his tendencies to turn the ball over in critical spots, but he has taken care of the football as well as any quarterback in the country this year and hasn’t committed a turnover since the season opener against Maryland. Tonight Ehlinger broke the Big 12 record for pass attempts without an interception (273) that was held previously by former West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith and its makes even more impressive considering Ehlinger is pushing the ball down the field consistently and not dinking and dunking. Ehlinger posted 312 yards through the air and recorded four passing touchdowns, as he continues to make remarkable strides a player in year two in Austin. Ehlinger is playing at an All-Big 12 level and that’s saying something when you got guys like Kyler Murray and Will Grier playing in the same conference. Ehlinger continues to come up big when the game is on the line and he and Humphrey hooked up for a cold blooded touchdown connection that turned the lights out in Lubbock. Ehlinger is likely a four year player and that should make every Texas fan ecstatic. Winning The Turnover Battle As mentioned early, the Longhorns forced three turnovers of Jett Duffey this evening and you could even say they forced four when you count the 4th down stuff on the quarterback sneak that set the Longhorns up with favorable field position. The two fumbles and interception of Duffey all occurred in the red zone and ended up being back breakers for the Red Raiders, as Duffey simply was careless with the football in each instance. On the other side of the ledger, Texas didn’t commit a single turnover and didn’t give Tech any extra opportunities to beat them. At least in that manner anyway. That’s meaningful given what this game came down to and it’s those kinds of things that can make a difference in a ball game. Survive and Advance It wasn’t the prettiest win of the evening, but with the Big 12 title race shaping up the way it is you will take them however you can get them. Texas isn’t a playoff team this year, but they are still in the hunt for the conference crown and they could end up in the dance if they take care of business the next two weeks and get a little bit of help. Oklahoma flirted with their second loss today in their annual Bedlam matchup with Oklahoma State and still has to travel to Morgantown to take on West Virginia to end the regular season. Meanwhile, the Mountaineers have to take on the Cowboys in Stillwater before hosting the Sooners. All hope is not lost just yet, Longhorn fans. Things have been complicated with the two conference loses in the previous two weeks, but if the Longhorns handle their business and a few bounces go their way, then we could be seeing a matchup for a chance at redemption for a conference title. Keep the faith and for now… #BeatISU.
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    5 min drive ends in points.
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    I think it just seems that way. Ingram looks great running the ball. Ditto for Watson. Some of our passing success can be attributed to the need to respect our run game. But this offense wins or loses on the back of Sam Ehlinger. He is the catalyst.
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    Obviously, not having 3 of 5 starters in the backend during Tech's rally was a major contributor to the defensive breakdowns. Getting lined up, being in the right space to force the QB to look elsewhere. As was mentioned earlier, when I saw #27 (Donovon Duverney) out there I thought to myself "well that cant be good". However, 2 of the long throws (including 1 TD) were on Boyd. He was again in good position, but his ball skills are horrible. He might need contacts because he cant see the ball. Reminds me of Major League when the skip asks Vaughn to look at the picture of Nolan Ryan.
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    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Mom probably wants him to get his degree then make the jump
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    Well, it was actually Devin's brother, Donovan. But you are exactly right on with this post. Multiple starters on defense were not on the field for most of the 4th quarter. And welcome to the board. When is Butch joining?
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    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Bru was at the USC game last night.
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    5 Thoughts Following The Win Over Tech

    Good write up. If not for those 3 turnovers, we easily could have given up 50+. It was a win, but I’m starting to think this is about as bad a defense as I’ve seen at Texas, and I’ve lived through some really bad ones since 1977 when I went to my first Texas game. Offense is simply mind boggling good. Mind boggling since I might have made the same critical statement as the one above about the offense last year. At Texas we are prone to love our DCs and rag our OCs but Tim Beck should be applauded! Even if only for his coaching up of Ehlinger.
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    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I'm putting my CB in for Bru to Texas. If he picks USC with this shit show he was never coming here...
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    The thing that bugs me about this defense is they're so concerned about giving up the big play, but they let QB have all day with a 3 man rush. News flash, they're still giving up the big plays so just bring the pressure a lot more then. Kind of like running a full court press in basketball. Sure you're going to breakdown and give up a couple of layups, but you'll probably create more TOs and possessions for your team. Just bring the pressure and live with it. Have an identity.
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    So it forces the QB to beat you with his legs? I'll take it. A lot of teams fair worse than we did against Tech's offense. I don't expect this team to be perfect or even "back" yet. But they're sure fun to watch and seeing them grow and develop. Ehlinger set a Big 12 record this evening for passes thrown without an interception.
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    444 yds from a 2nd or 3rd string qb is embarrasing..no excuse for that to happen
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    I'm freaking exhausted.
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    Iowa State is licking their chops looking at the UT game. UT has now given up over 500 yds in 3 consecutive games. This is rediculous. Tech gave this game to Tx with the turnovers.
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    I am starting to deeply dislike this coaching staff... every week it’s the same old bullshit. 17 points in 4 mins to allow the tie!? Be drawn offsides 3 times to allow free plays which huge gains were made! Come on! This staff is not good... I hope they can get better but they are not good.
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    Sam has gigantic balls. And he is only a sophomore. Imagine what he'll be like as a senior.
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    Glad we won, but Jesus I hate how conservative we get on offense with late game leads. I understand running the ball but mix it up with quick hitters for short yardage to keep the defense off balance and respect the pass. When the entire stadium knows it’s going to be a run, you’re going to have a tough time moving the chains
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    I think we can all agree, that Locke should no longer be on the hands team.
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    This game never should have come down to a finish like this...coaches and players must figure it out..but a W is a W..
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    SAM and LJH carry this damn team
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    Tech planned injury timeout bs
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    Orlando needs to be fired. Million dollars my ass. We suck
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    We're going to lose. We're going to lose because we get to the 4th with a lead and PLAY NOT TO LOSE.
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    While I wanted more, I'm happy with points off the TO. It stopped them from getting points, took time off the clock, gave the D some rest, and increased it to a 3 score game.
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    Yeah, OL not doing a great job in pass pro tonight and Sam has made some misreads as well. However, for the most part the rum game has been effective.
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    Considering we were inches from disaster when Duffey made a play for us, being up 17-10 and getting the ball coming out isnt bad. They need to put these guys away.
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    Yeah, but it's hard to be upset at him due to the 1st half he had overall.
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    I mean otherwise hes been killing it for us...
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    Don't let them get a cheap one here before the half
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    Congrats. Grandchildren are a blessing.
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    Same thing happened with my sister. We were there all day, but now I got a 1 year old nephew watching parts (short attention span) of the game with me.
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    Well, that was a gift. Please no holding penalty or a quick 3 and out giving TT the ball at the 35.
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    Interesting. I'll have to try that. One of my favorites is Dr. Pepper and Bacardi.
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    Opponents hit Tech with three-man rush all the time. It allows an extra guy in coverage against an offense that airs it out a great deal. We beat Tech in a night game in Lubbock. I'll take it.
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    They may be without their top RB for a half, but this defense is so bad Purdy wont need him. I have deep concerns about this one.
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    Stop f##king jumping! God!
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    Just stop reviewing for targeting. Ridiculous
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    YES!!!!!! Thats a monster TD
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    Another turnover by Duffey
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    Davis has the ball!
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    Now can the D hold till half?
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    Sam is going to get hurt if this OL doesn't step up.
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    Dumb ass get rid of the f##king ball if it’s not there
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    That was a promising 3 and out. More of that please. Oh, and a little OL push for the running game.
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