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  2. Did they hire Shawn Watson as an O consultant during the bye week? Because this looks a lot like that team.
  3. I love Bevo’s Horns. He’s not a baby anymore!
  4. Man I never have like that play where the QB rolls left away from his arm. Hardly ever works well
  5. Seems like herman is content playing everything safe to avoid making mistakes. The offense is best when they are pushing the ball down the field. The longer bailor hangs around the more confidence they will have. Its just that simple
  6. A lead in the second quarter! Big 12 Championship game here we come.
  7. If this team had any balls and we were a contender. We would have come down and scored on our first 2 possessions. Let our defense pin their ears back and we would stomp a mud hole in bailor and there would have been no looking back as we cruised to a 45-10 win. Instead we have herman. Hire Urban now!!!
  8. Can we just fast forward to OT and get to the exciting part?
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