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  2. I don’t think we lose any. I was thinking the other day about film on our coaches. Guess they could get some from Alabama, Washington, who else do they need to call to look at tendencies for early games? But then hmmm, we have different athletes, oh well, that sucks.
  3. It’s gonna be so fun watching you bunch of idiots complaining.. I think what Trump people liked saying was.. if you don’t like it here, leave. Oh and elections have consequences. Trump lost. Deal with it or don’t but posting biased Gateway Pundit articles doesn’t really move the needle. A right wing hack site that put that Biden allegedly won New Mexico kinda shows how idiotic that article is. Oh and getting a quote from the Republican mayor of Carlsbad. Yeah funny that they didn’t want to maybe get a more high ranking person complaining... A House member, a Senator, Lt Governor, Governor. May
  4. Per Roach he should be on campus next week.
  5. Woke up again in Biden’s America. Another day of moronic Trump people complaining about things that aren’t true. It’s a good day.
  6. It's been for what seems like forever. Welcome back Kate.
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