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  4. All coaches are assholes. Ex-coaching ranks are filled with nice guys.
  5. I see. So we just ignore the players that have come out in support of Kelly? It was my experience when dinosaurs ruled the earth and I played football, that most coaches were assholes. They were hard and unyielding, but they taught me a lot about not quitting and being a man. And the racist label is being thrown about far too liberally these days.
  6. You are correct. They are disgruntled that they have a coach who is an asshole. Why do ex-Eagles keep calling Chip Kelly a racist? https://www.phillyvoice.com/chip-kelly-eagles-racist-boykin-mccoy/
  7. A lot of times Yahoo will run local stories on their website. The article is from NBC Northwest, so it's a local story that Yahoo ran.
  8. What a slap in the face to UCLA. Can you imagine? Former Houston coach Tom Herman . . .
  9. Sounds more like disgruntled players to me.
  10. Because most people know him from Oregon and forget he’s even there. Lol
  11. I know the story talks about his time at Oregon, but why is the title "Former Oregon Coach Chip Kelly" and not "UCLA head coach Chip Kelly". Why not use his present position?
  12. FSU AD Says Football Team Met with Mike Norvell After HC Was Accused of Lying https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2894774-fsu-ad-says-football-team-met-with-mike-norvell-after-hc-was-accused-of-lying
  13. Former Oregon coach Chip Kelly under fire after tweet regarding protests https://www.yahoo.com/sports/former-oregon-coach-chip-kelly-162921374.html
  14. Texas WR Brennan Eagles tweets he’ll ‘never play another snap’ amidst racial injustice, police brutality https://www.bing.com/search?q=texas+longhorns+football&qs=LS&pq=texas+lon&sk=LS1&sc=6-9&cvid=719E3B76EEE846F6A337E7B50A849C01&FORM=QBLH&sp=2&ghc=1
  15. Last week
  16. From the offer board... WR Troy Stellato (Fort Lauderdale, FL) https://247sports.com/Player/Troy-Stellato-46059004/
  17. Texas Football Players March in Austin, Protest Against Killing of George Floyd https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2894873-texas-football-players-march-in-austin-protest-against-killing-of-george-floyd
  18. 2. Texas A&M is hotter than Texas on the recruiting trail. Farrell’s take: FACT. I like what A&M is doing recently and some big commitments are on the way such as Romello Brinson and others from outside the local recruiting territory. Texas continues to face issues with Tom Herman being on a bit of a hot seat. The Longhorns will get theirs and might even finish higher than the Aggies in recruiting in the end with a good season, but right now I hear more about A&M. Gorney’s take: FICTION. It might seem that Texas A&M is gaining some steam on the recruiting trail, but the numbers just don’t prove it and Texas still is in better shape right now. The Longhorns are four spots ahead of A&M in the early 2021 team recruiting rankings and in two of the previous three classes, Texas was ranked higher. There are two issues: Texas has recruited well (top-four classes in 2019 and 2018) and yet don’t have much to show for it on the field; and there’s at least a decent chance out-of-state programs are going to raid the state of Texas for top talent this year. This includes five-star OL Tommy Brockermeyer , who is a Texas legacy but Alabama is pushing very hard. In terms of just recruiting, Texas A&M is doing an impressive job, but Texas is still slightly better https://n.rivals.com/news/fact-or-fiction-controversies-at-clemson-fsu-will-hurt-recruiting
  19. Todd McShay releases his top prospects for 2021 draft. Sam Cosmi comes in at #8. Hopefully he can break the 1st round streak!
  20. The rising junior Women's Basketball player caught up with Voice of the Longhorns Craig Way.View the full article
  21. Try using Stella De Oro Day lilies instead of those annual flowers. Unlike most day lilies, the Stellas will bloom all Summer and into Fall. They go dormant in winter and then faithfully return each spring on their own.
  22. Thanks, SHA. If this tropical storm keeps coming west it may reflood the yard for me. Lol I'll send you an update next week on the landscaping. I know they put a ton of flowers that seem like a lot of upkeep. Will want to move to something less intensive next year.
  23. LHN will feature UT's Baseball, Softball and Volleyball programs this month.View the full article
  24. The junior JACK led the Longhorns in tackles, tackles for loss, sacks and hurries last season.View the full article
  25. WR Ketron Jackson (Royse City) https://247sports.com/Player/Ketron-Jackson-46041149/
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