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  2. Ivy League Is the First to Suspend Its Football Season. Who’s Next? https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2020/07/ivy-league-suspends-fall-sports-schedule-football-coronavirus.html
  3. I saw where Stanford cut 11 sports programs for this year and Shaw, along with others, took a voluntary pay cut.
  4. If Trump is doing everything he can about Covid then he's doing a terrible job. The numbers do not show that he's making America great again. Not when it comes to Covid. To be fair Trump is doing better than Bolsonaro. It was a tie until Bolsonaro got Covid. That broke the tie. COVID-19 Cases and Deaths, By the Numbers https://www.factcheck.org/2020/06/covid-19-cases-and-deaths-by-the-numbers/
  5. Oh yeah Trump cares about Covid.19. You would think he would want to protect his own supporters. At least until November. Health official: Trump rally ‘likely’ source of virus surge https://apnews.com/ad96548245e186382225818d8dc416eb
  6. Your horseshit is bullshit. White House Hopes Americans Will Just Get Used to Dying of Coronavirus https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2020/07/white-house-hopes-americans-will-just-get-used-to-dying-of-coronavirus
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  8. I agree with Bear except I say bullshit.
  9. Astros and Rangers will play 10 games of those 60. Can't wait.
  10. UIL ruled to allow each school district to decide on fall sports. https://www.dallasnews.com/high-school-sports/football/2020/07/08/uil-will-allow-each-school-district-to-decide-if-students-can-play-sports-if-they-choose-to-do-virtual-learning/
  11. Look for the original (official) national championship trophy at aggy for the year 1939. You won't find it. It was given to USC.
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  13. In an effort to keep the football content alive... . .here's the news that's fit to print. 3. Sam Ehlinger, Texas (Sr.) Sam Ehlinger worked his way into a starting role at Texas as a true freshman in 2017 and hasn’t looked back. Tom Herman gave him the keys to the UT offense as the program has tried to move back up the college football pecking order, and Ehlinger has led the Longhorns to three straight winning seasons and three bowl wins. In the process, Ehlinger has thrown for 8,870 yards, 68 touchdowns and 22 interceptions while showing his proficiency in a downhill running attack to the tune of 1,526 yards and 25 scores. The Sugar Bowl victory over Georgia was the high point so far, but Ehlinger wants to lead Texas to a Big 12 title as a senior. https://sports.yahoo.com/college-footballs-top-25-quarterbacks-entering-the-2020-season-150003760.html Mack's boy Sam Howell (true soph) is #4. . ..way to go Mack Brock Purdy #8 Shane Buchelle #12
  14. Thanks! And I'm in 100% agreement. I have no clue what these guys are doing these days lol! An "White Iverson" is my favorite Post Malone track.
  15. https://247sports.com/Player/Andrew-Mukuba-46085357/
  16. Head coach Shaka Smart and the Texas Basketball program landed their first commitment in the 2021 class, in 6’9 power forward Keeyan Ietjere. In 2019, Texas had the 17th ranked class nationally via 247Sports. They landed three four-star commits Will Baker (Austin Westlake) Kai Jones (New Hampshire) and Donovan Williams (Elkins.) In the 2020 class, they’ve landed just one commit thus far, but it came from five-star top prospect Greg Brown. Two months later, Itejere becomes the first to commit to Smart’s 2021 class. Keeyan Itejere is a 6’9 190-pound power forward from Grace Christian School in Raleigh, North Carolina. He had offers from Charleston Southern, Elon, Radford, Rhode Island, and Texas before ultimately choosing the Longhorns. Player Information Name: Keeyan Itejere Position: Power Forward High School: Grace Christian School City, State: Raleigh, North Carolina Measurables Height: 6’9 Weight: 190 Film Three Best Traits: Athleticism – Itejere can jump out of the gym. He’s 6’9 and has the athleticism and body to bully whoever he wants to the basket. His dunking and leaping ability are beyond impressive. He can go from the three-point line to the rim in just one long step. Itejere is athletic, long, and has the vertical to back it up. Defense – Down low Itejere is a rim-protector who snags any rebound near him. No one at his level of play is out-jumping him for a board. Opponents will have a tough time attacking Itejere down low as he has the size and length to block any ball coming near the rim. Potential – Itejere currently has no star rating via 247Sports. That is likely due to the fact that he’s very new to basketball and hasn’t had a real opportunity to be seen by a large portion of fans. With that being said, he’s already brimming with talent, but still has a lot of room to develop. By the time he’s at Texas, he could be a serious down-low force. Areas for Improvement: Experience – To go with the fact that Itejere has a ton of potential, it should also be noted that with that he doesn’t have a ton of high-level experience. Of course, this is an area that slowly fades away over time with every game he plays but it is something fans should know. Stretch the Floor – Big men these days are becoming more and more able to stretch the floor. Most can shoot the three and some even can take the ball up the court. The idea of a straight-up big who’s just a defender and rim protector is slowly dying. Developing a three-point shot to be able to stretch the floor is something Itejere can definitely improve upon. Summary Itejere transferred to Grace Christian from the Triangle School of Science and Math after his junior season. He’s a guy who didn’t take basketball seriously until very recently. Itejere is an under-the-radar prospect who is blooming with potential but has a long way to go before he’s fully developed. Final Verdict Keeyan Itejere is an interesting commit. All eyes are on him as he’s right now the lone soul committed to Texas’ 2021 class. He has loads of potential. One more year in high school will definitely serve him well to develop more as an all-around basketball player. He has the athleticism and the potential, but he just needs to harness that now. He is an exciting commit and one that Texas fans should be thrilled about.
  17. TEA announced yesterday that parents will be able to choose if their kids go to school on public school campuses or online; however, they may not make changes during a grading period. Thank you, TEA. I have no idea how Principals will do the scheduling. It will almost necessitate 2 conference periods for teachers, with one conference period being an online tutoring period. I am pretty certain colleges & Universities will be open for business. I think it’s a good thing. Most kids are not at high risk. If they are, they can take classes online until there is a vaccine. One way or another we need to develop herd immunity. We may as well do it having a good time. Hook ‘em!
  18. In mid-October of 2019, Texas secured the commitment of arguably the best middle-distance runner in the state of Texas. Graydon Morris, from Aledo, announced his intention to run track for the University of Texas for the next four years. “I chose UT because I wanted a coach and team that I felt comfortable around and that I could trust. I know a lot of the guys that are on the team already, and from my first phone call with Watson, I noticed this calm and humble demeanor. He was very straight forward In the recruiting process, and there was a genuineness that allowed for that trust to instantly start building,” Morris explained. Graydon Morris and his sister, Gracie Morris, are both committed to the Longhorn Track and Field Program for 2020. They are both middle-distance runners and they are both some of the best in the state. In the case of Graydon, he has been historic in his high school track and field career. He has won multiple state championships and won the 1600 and 3200 meters as a sophomore in 5A. As a junior he won the 1600 meter run. In 2020, before COVID-19 shut the end of the year down, Morris had gone undefeated. He’s only lost a handful of races in his high school career. “The love for this sport drives me. Many people hate training, allowing the end goal to drive them and get them through the monotony leading up to the competition. I would lie if I said I didn’t always have the main goal in the back of my mind, but I enjoy putting in the work and seeing the improvements,” Morris said. “There is an excitement that surrounds training for me. It keeps it fun, and I think that’s one of the biggest driving forces to my success.” After losing out on his senior season at Aledo, Morris is focused on beginning his collegiate career. “I’m most excited about getting to put in work with my new team, try different events from what I was running in high school, and wearing the Longhorn across my chest on race day, Morris said. While Morris is known primarily for the 800,1600 and 3200 meters, he loves further distances even more. Along with his illustrious track and field record, he is a three-time state champion in cross country. “Currently my favorite event is the 5,000 meters. I love this race because it is so tactically heavy. Your mind is constantly observing and speculating. Should I cover this move? When is the best time to start applying pressure? Does my competitor’s breathing pattern suggest he is getting close to his limits? The sheer thought that can go into this race really draws me to it,” Morris explained. Graydon and his sister Gracie are the most dominant set of siblings to walk onto the track. Together, they will hold down the track and distance events for the Longhorns for the foreseeable future. “It’s truly incredible for me and Gracie to share this common interest. I believe it strengthens our relationship and allows us to also drive and push each other every day. For us to both get to represent the same university is really special, especially because so many told us that it was very unlikely to happen,” Morris said. Gracie and Graydon will arrive at UT this upcoming year. Graydon wants fans to know a few things about him before everyone knows his name. “I’m a pretty quiet and somewhat shy person at first, but once you get to know me I really open up. I also love art,” Morris said.
  19. And so far, zero national titles to show for it. The QB who wasn't good enough to play at GA is a Heisman candidate now somewhere else.
  20. There was no spring sports and none of those kids lost any eligibility. I anticipate if there is no fall sports then it will follow the same rules. Most likely not pushing back the February signing day but could see December signing day temporarily suspended a year unless you're an early enrollee. Cant push it back much from February cause kids have to be ready to move in early summer. Don't see any way there is no school in the fall. Worst case there is only online school. But education will continue.
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