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  2. `yeah, I find that it works using old wrestling names: blackjack (mulligan), the shiek, Wahoo (Mcdaniel), Pretty Boy (Rick Flair), etc etc.
  3. good to know. In the past I have drilled holes in stumps and poured Roundup gel into the holes and it didnt seem to do very much damage
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  5. PS, this just in: 440-0 Before today that was the record of NFL teams scoring 39 points and committing ZERO turnovers. Just sayin'
  6. Great Googly Moogly. What a wild game. The most improbable win of the year but just the kind of confidence builder Da Boys need. Let's break down what went right and what went very wrong. The Good NFL Record setting day for Dak. 1st time an NFL QB scored 3 rushing TDs and threw for more than 300 yards. Dak would throw for 450 and add a passing TD 109.4 Passer rating. 2 100 yard or more WRs and Dalton Shulz with an 88 yard 1 TD game, his 1st in the NFL Zeke went BEAST MODE, Watching him truck that DB and carry Falcons for extra yards was awesome Not ofte
  7. There's really no excuse for this since he said not long ago that 100 million had died. Then he said 180,000 military had died. Can you imagine this man in a negotiating situation with Putin? lol Putin – "We want you to dismantle your warheads and leave Europe. In return, we will let you dismantle your warheads and leave Europe." Biden – You gotta deal, you dog-faced pony soldier!
  8. @primal defense I'll play, even though I have no faith in the positive result here. "This is just like DMAC's racist argument that Jacob Blake getting shot in the back was his fault." You have a suspect who has a warrant, who is not complying with police directives, and who is resisting arrest and now trying to get something out of the front floorboard of his car. What do you do if you're that police officer, PD? Do you stand there and hope he's not reaching for a gun stashed in the car? Or a knife? (Which he had in the car). If you pull your weapon and wait to see w
  9. I think he's the only safety left that they're recruiting, if I'm not mistaken. I think the assumption was that he would not commit without having taken a visit there. Well, we see where that thinking went. . . lol
  10. Yeah, he's Clemson bound. But Halle wanted to make an appearance anyway.
  11. Looks like he is Clemson bound. Clemson mod who is spot on most of the time just put CB in for Clemson. Several coming in for Clemson as well on Rivals. He apparently did a video meeting with Clemson today and they told him he was their top priority. Some thought he might not be a take for Clemson. Looks like he is?
  12. I googled this and found 3, count em, 3 hits. This link by far had the most info. https://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/3885853/posts From the link: "If the story was opposite and a white man with a MAGA shirt entered a bar and killed three people the mainstream media would have made a major headline from the story."
  13. It is interesting when comparing facts with the narrative.
  14. Folks, this is why there should be a IQ test to vote in this country. @primal defense You have to be to the stupidest person I have met on this board. Discussing matters with you makes me feel so effin sorry for you. I would make a pop-up book for you to help your with mental handicap but alas that would probably short circuit your one neuron. PD go commit a felony crime and when the cops show up, assault an officer, and go your car as they are telling you to stop and reach under your seat (whether there is a weapon or not) . Are you white? if so then you have nothing to wor
  15. Shut it all down. Someone has influenza.
  16. Yesterday
  17. So now your argument is a movie, hahaha. Were you there, were you one of the cops? Who are you to judge what a cop deems life threatening or not. Have you ever been in that situation? I personally think 7 shots is excessive but I’m not going to try and second guess what that police officer was thinking while Blake was reaching into his vehicle. I think your argument is based on your opinions and not facts.
  18. I never got to see the whole video but some people I have talked to said when they put Floyd in the car he told the cops he couldn’t breathe. No one was touching him at that time. Again, I didn’t see that part of the video I was told that.
  19. https://twitter.com/espnmma/status/1307524775829536780?s=20
  20. You did a good job trying to point out facts against his disingenuous arguments, but he's a propagandist This is a perfect example of a racist wanting to help you by pointing out the problems in the black community is not with a cop pressing his knee in someone's neck. It's the black community fault. However, he's so nice that he's going to point them out. He even warns everyone that if you think it's racist then the problem is yours. Then he brings out the old racist right-wing crap that this had to do with one parent family and then he dust off the Moynihan report from ov
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