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  2. I realize KU is better than we thought they were. They gave OU fits, too. But we're clearly not playing even adequate defense. Its not players. Its scheme. We surrender the outside like it's swamp land real estate. Some bright spots . . . – Overshown played a very good game. He needs to play more. – Our CBs continue to get abused. Once in every 10 passes they make a play. – Byron Hobbs played some good football tonight. – Our OL is simply not playing well. At all. – Dicker is nails under pressure. Love that kid. – Glad to see we have a TE who can catch. This was new. – I thought Ingram played better than previous weeks. – Ossai was everywhere. We need 10 more just like him.
  3. Dicker is going to be a legend by the time he leaves Texas
  4. Miles and Riley are miles ahead of Herman and his staff. Embarrassing and wouldn't be surprised if recruits fled in droves. This programs looks like Strong on steroids. Vomit looks better than this mess. Disgusting.
  5. Hey, this team has problems and injuries so I'll take this win, but I dont like it. It is better than a loss to Kansas though.
  6. Again, our D makes every QB look like Dan Marino.
  7. Ok I’ve beat around the bush but I think Orlando needs to find another place to coach
  8. They might want to tackle that guy before he runs 30 yards while you ride his back.
  9. 40 points and counting to Kansas and 34 to OU...wtf?
  10. There you go! Why not more misdirection earlier?
  11. Preparing to go fetal position in despair. Thanks CJ!
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