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  2. Perroni with a not so good article for aggy about Donovan Jackson after the game. Jackson basically said aggy crowd wasn't loud and OL run game was disappointing. Perroni says he's also noticing what Texas OL is doing. I think we know how this ends.
  3. – I think some here underestimate how good OSU is. They're going to win some games this year. Wouldn't surprise me if they knock off OU. They were back to their old selves again, IMO. That QB Sanders is very difficult to defend, even as young as he is. They've owned us in this series. I'm glad we got the W. Glad there wasn't 5 minutes more on that clock. – I'm not as upset with Orlando as some are. Some of these players still need to grow up a little in their positions. I was encouraged by the Green/Jamison combo at CB. – A good example of "grow up a little" is Montrell Estell. His light has turned on. Good performance from him. – As someone else said, we owned the LOS on both sides of the ball. You can't ask for more than that. – Hello running game. – Anyone else think Devurney reminds a lot of Quan Cosby? – That 4th and 1 play where Roach blew up the middle was a DL coaches wet dream. He knocked two OL backwards into the backfield and forced the play to go where it wasn't supposed to go. Wow. Big time players show up in big time situations. – Best offense we'll see this year besides OU. I'm not sure Sanders isn't better than Hurts. Sanders is going to be a tough out the next couple years. – Dear Tom Herman. Take the points. Take the points. Take the points. – Chris Adimora is going to be a seriously good player for us. – Did anyone else see the end of the play where Angilau was getting up from his block and ended up sitting on the facemask of the guy? I almost spewed my Coke. I considered it an exclamation point. lol – We are fortunate to have a QB the caliber of Sam Ehlinger. After years in the wilderness, it just feels good.
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  5. It will be interesting to see what the cause of death is given how young he was. He had some great years at Ole Miss
  6. CTH admitted he should have instructed him to avoid the ball as needed before that punt. So I blame everybody.
  7. Did fisher actually make boasts, or just the unrealistic aggy fan base? Ex: future NC trophy...
  8. I remember him catching a punt running backwards inside the 5 yard line a couple years ago and costing us big time. He's a valuable player at safety. Keep him off the dad-gummed field on punt return. I’m sorry but I cannot fathom being that obtuse of the situation! And while I’m on my rant - if a coach wasn’t in his ear as he trotted on the field with the final instructions “if it’s not an easy catch, get the heck away!” then they deserve a swift kick in the pants too! Bush league is not a severe enough term for that play.
  9. Just read former Texas QB Jevan Snead passed away in Austin last night. Couldn’t read the article as I’m not an online Statesman subscriber. Thoughts to his family.
  10. LOL. The aggies now have two losses with probably losses against LSU, Alabama, and Georgia. If they lose to Arkansas next week on the road then the aggies could be looking at a 6-6 season. Kevin Sumlin apparently trolls A&M after Aggie loss https://247sports.com/college/texas-am/Article/Kevin-Sumlin-tweet-Texas-AM-auburn-135935960/
  11. texbound, do we know Green has a dislocated shoulder?
  12. Our place kicker is good for the first time since Mack’s Penn State transfer Fera. We have a good punter. We stuffed Ok St when they attempted the fake. I agree the punt returners made big mistakes. B Jones won’t make his mistake again. And J Smith might midfield a punt again but probably not at that time of the game. Those mistakes are fixable during the year. Not having the talent or desire isn’t. This team looks very talented and passionate to me
  13. Punt coverage. Once had a ball bounce inside 10 with two guys watching it go into the EZ. Another punt landed around the 7-8 with a handful of guys between it and the EZ but nobody protecting the bounce back. The ball rolled back to around the 20. Two muffed punts gave up 14 pts. herman needs to learn when to kick FGs. That hurry up on 4th they should’ve kicked. FGs add up too. for Herman to say he puts a huge emphasis on special teams, ours isn’t so special
  14. I noticed Sterns was slow to get up the play before he went out. He was limping a little but seemed to try and walk it off. I love Brandon Jones and after the punt goof I could tell he didn’t want to get up from the ground. Nobody felt worse than he did at that moment. IF he is on the field to return another punt I guarantee he will never try that again. Ok St should have never gotten their offense on the field their last 3 possessions without us scoring. For a guy as aggressive as Herman is in the course of a game he gets too conservative when we have a lead in the 4th. That has to stop.
  15. Texas game should come with a warning like cigarettes. A warning that these games will shorten your life.
  16. I had the same thought. Also cost us an injury right afterwards.
  17. The punt fumble by Smith should have never happened with halftime seconds away. Immediately reminded me of the UGA/UT Cotton bowl.
  18. What does it take to put the special teams coach in the portal? Punts returns no you have to catch the ball to return it.
  19. Giad you mentioned Estelle he is really improving IMO. He had two of the few pass breakups . Can Texas never return punts ? I can remember a muff costing Texas a National Championship. Wonder if Herman can?
  20. Bijan Robinson - Salpointe Catholic - Game highlights vs. Cactus https://www.scout.com/Video/Bijan-Robinson-Salpointe-Catholic-Game-highlights-vs-Cactus-9439592/
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