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  2. Ahhh, now that is a problem, but we one a national title with the Herman and Meyer marriage....I'm not sure if yuricich was in on that as a co coordinator or not.
  3. Well we're still here, lol, we've just been stinking up the place. lol There is no way Herman will remain at UT in any capacity. BMDs here are beyond ticked at him. Did you see Sam Ehlinger standing alone after OU to sing the Eyes of Texas? Yeah, well, the BMDs did too and they won't let go of it. It was also insubordination on Herman's part. Herman burned his bridge here. I'd be happy to just keep Yuricich on in the OC role. His offense, what we saw of it, was pretty effective. Herman was a bit overbearing on offense, I am told.
  4. Na, trust me dude. I don't want to play against an urban team, and I'm pretty sure, and I could be wrong, he eyeing the AD job for Ohio State. I watched him fall down on the sideline and it wasn't good. All good things come to an end sadly. He ain't the same coach he was. I only mentioned stoops because he's healthy and his main adversely would be a dude he raised up. Now, hypothetical if urban were to take the job, keep Herman on as oc, and my personal biased opinion, don't take Larry Johnson from o state. Lol. either way, I really want to see Texas again, cfootball not the same without them.
  5. Understand. I just can't see Stoops coming here or being invited here. Maybe I'm wrong. I just asked because I see a lot of Ohio St interest in this despite not really being a part of this or being affected by this. IMO, UM would be crazy to turn down the money on the table right now. Last I heard on Thursday was he was trying to put together a staff he's comfortable with and that we wouldn't hear much until Saturday.
  6. I'm sorry. Didn't mean to offend. I'm a college fan and Texas is monumental. Want to see you guys get back. I guess Oklahoma is your rival, I didn't think about that. Just trying to think of a solution I guess.
  7. May I ask why you care? Don't you already have a head coach? As for Bob Stoops, it's not that we've ruled anyone out. It's that it's all in on Urban right now. Stoops might as well be Satan around here.
  8. Bob stoops is on the Oklahoma Sooner coaching staff
  9. I'm an Ohio State fan. I don't think urban is coming. But, Iowa State coach yes. But even better, have you ruled out....Bob Stoops?
  10. This just shows that herman is long gone. You don't just not show up to practice for a week.
  11. As this drama unfolds, it doesn't matter what he said, she said. What matters is if UM decides to take the job or not; thus, what UM decides is what really matters. The rest is conjecture (which sounds like middle schoolers gossiping and the paid sites LOVE that). Remember the Saban episode, especially the ridiculous flight tracking and house hunting/real estate fiasco. SMH. Now think about Albert Einstein's quote: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
  12. Texas Pride? Not too bad at $2/6pk. And you could get it cheaper if you shopped around. That's what my friend would buy when it was his turn. Lol
  13. Very young men allowing their emotions and their egos to override logical thinking.
  14. You have to ask yourself. With all common sense, . . why is this guy so emotionally involved in this? You don't turn down a large sum of money because you "care" about your legacy at another school. If this were true, UM would have never gone to OSU after Florida.
  15. I trust Football Scoop since they have been reliable in the past. They said he has not turned us down yet. Take a break. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIVJH5yADt1/?utm_source=ig_embed&utm_campaign=embed_video_watch_again
  16. I saw this apparently this site is like the buckeye IT but our sites are plugged in and haven’t said the same. Looks like a good ole fashioned source war
  17. Edinburg player ran off the sideline and hit the ref in tonight’s game after being ejected for roughing the passer.
  18. Fickell. He took over after the Tressel mess and actually had some success. Went on to have success as a coordinator under a proven winner and has now succeeded as a HC at his current school. While having a similar track record as Herman, I believe he benefited greatly from the interim position as well as being passed over after that and having to work his way back up to the top spot. Being humbled like that can be a valuable learning and motivating experience. Also believe he would be the best fit in Austin of the 3.
  19. Wow, well, let's hope he's still plugged in like that
  20. A Twitter guy who broke the Ewers news both times
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