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  2. I can relate Java. Giving similar math tests this week and also have finals next week. Add to that being surrounded by sooners gloating about another playoff appearance and it has me digging for any scrap of positive news about the Horns. This site is one of the few rays of sunshine up here in goonerville.lol
  3. May this particular horse Rest In Peace. He died a very slow, painful death. Don’t take offense, I have had STAAR tests to monitor since Tuesday. Almost over! Next week finals. That is definitely cruel and unusual punishment Hook ‘em!
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  5. LOL. Sorry if it was too complicated for you. Harrell must still be making a decision on going to UT or USC. He may want to flip a coin like Chris Warren.
  6. Sorry, but "maybe" and "if" just doesn't make much of an argument in my book. Anyway, all I simply did was dispute what the USC people said, that he said no to Herman.
  7. Well, I guess it is settled, CDC has now idea what he is doing, Herman is lost and the whole athletic department is clueless. Maybe we can find someone with the skill to be HC, AD, and University President to put us all at ease. Wonder if Jerry Jones is interested in a new gig?
  8. I will give you an example. The writers are always saying that the NFL likes Kirk Ferentz at Iowa. The NFL hires Ferentz then Iowa hires hot head coach at lower level school. Lower level school hires Graham Harrell.
  9. So I f Texas wins a couple more games, there will likely be no coaching vacancies to fill. Problem solved!
  10. The only coaches that might be hired by an NFL team would come from big time programs and I just don't see Harrell being hired as the HC for a blue blood program. At least not for a couple of years. So if the domino effect does happen, I only see Harrell making a lateral move.
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  12. Does Riley call the plays at ou? Seems it is a concept that can be achieved and still win if you call good plays...
  13. Maybe we should try winning a couple of more games. That could solve this problem...in the future that is.
  14. Agree that I doubt the NFL will be interested. However, they could hire a college coach which could cause that team to hire another coach from another school who then will hire GH. Domino effect
  15. My guess is If they told Tom Herman he's staying then that's what their telling recruits.
  16. The NCAA head coaching carousel has about run its course. He's not a candidate at BC, Memphis or App St. And the NFL won't come calling unless it's an OC position. Kingsbury's name carries more clout than Harrell's.
  17. Coach Hand checking on OL Devon Campbell of Arlington Bowie today. https://247sports.com/Player/Devon-Campbell-46093947/
  18. Per The Football Brainiacs, both WR Quentin Johnston and WR Troy Omeire will be in Austin this weekend for their official visits. This is great news, especially for Johnston, because they won't be taking any other visits before the early signing period.
  19. But then that would affect their recruiting, because that would say that their offensive coordinator is not certain.
  20. Two words Kliff Kingsbury.. They don't want to announce he's staying and then a head coach position opens up.
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