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  2. Bound to be photo-shopped, but I would love to live in that town.
  3. Bijan is apparently looping in the OL on his Pinkerton BBQ deal and a shoe deal. Smart kid right there!
  4. The big question that needs to be answered is has the OL improved as much as it seems. My guess is that it will be much better then they were against the swine but not be as dominant as we were the last Saturday. UT 31 TCU 27
  5. I once heard it was the plan to announce early entry into the SEC. I have not heard different. SEC just released next year's schedule. We're not on it (except for OOC game with Bama). This is probably posturing on the SEC's part so Bowlsby can't claim SEC pushed the early exit by UT and OU and file a lawsuit. IMO, if Texas and OU want in next year, SEC will make it happen.
  6. I'll play. Horns trail early 6-0 then figure out the toad defense and pull away behind a 125 yd running day by RoJo and a 100 yd rec day by Wiley to win 45-13.
  7. Yesterday
  8. And Guilbeau commits to the Fattersons. Not SEC ready. lol Terrance Brooks, you're being paged for a flip. Enjoy your visit to Austin next week.
  9. Patterson has a history of confusing QBs with coverages and forcing mistakes. I think our run game is progressing better than year's past. I think we go old school and 3 yards and a cloud of dust them to 42-13. Hook'em
  10. McClain was in Austin on Saturday. https://247sports.com/player/jahlil-mcclain-46102057/
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