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  2. I expect to see a LOT more blitzes and stunts this game. The personnel they have right now (Foster, Thompson, Schooler, etc) has shown they can not play straight up defense. The "bend but dont break" hasnt worked with offenses with a pulse so they will have to try and something that causes disruption in order to get off the field.
  3. You can look at the 247 Composite rankings two ways. Their rankings are weighted toward quantity which is why we are currently 4th. There are only 2-3 teams with more commits than us included Penn State who is currently ranked 2nd. But if you look at it from a quality standpoint, i.e. the average player ranking, Texas is 11th and Penn State is 12th. And, yes, I know that having a kicker and deep snapper affect both of those. And I also know that there are a lot of teams with a special teams player included in their commits. But none with 2 like Texas.
  4. Today
  5. agree. however, having a strong safety spin down to the second level is not uncommon but he shouldnt be a replacement for a real LB in a base defense. Any team with a pulse of a running game can exploit that. We use to call a spun down SS "rovers" back in the day. This can give a 4-2 defense with two legit LBs, a 4-3 look with more speed to the field side on certain plays. I could be wrong but we could be seeing the result of some of the transfer-outs during the Herman years. They could sure use Juwan Mitchell and Caleb Johnson right about now.
  6. Are we even on his radar? This far into the season and no visit scheduled. I thought he was our #1 target.
  7. I’m certainly tired of Hybrid players. We need LBs that can do everything a LB needs to do. Depending on a 210lb safety to plug gaps don’t cut it, even in the Big12. Overshown is talented side to side, but we need a true LB. he should be playing safety now. Owens should’ve transferred the minute they tried to get him to spin down to LB. that should’ve been his cue.
  8. https://247sports.com/player/johntay-cook-ii-46086827/
  9. If any of y'all looked over the prospects list I posted at the beginning of the year, you may be familiar with this guy. He doesn't have any Texas interest yet that I know of, but he keeps producing. https://247sports.com/player/reshaun-sanford-46102629/ https://www.hudl.com/profile/13294741/ReShaun-Sanford-ll
  10. OrangeBloods saying Stewart had dinner at the stadium tonight in one of the suites. Sounds like Sark and most of the staff were there.
  11. Nothing set up for Texas yet, but that would be his last one if he takes it. He's taken three with LSU coming on Thanksgiving weekend.
  12. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/texas-vs-oklahoma-state-prediction-pick-football-game-odds-spread-live-stream-watch-online-tv-channel/ It seems the line has moved from TX by 12 down to 3.5 against an undefeated 12 ranked team. I'm still pissed off about last week and I imagine the team is still shell shocked and could let OU beat us twice. It will take an amazing job by both sides of the UT team, and special teams to stay alive in the Big 12. Sorry to say I feel a letdown coming with a loss 42-38. We always knew this 1st part of the season was a tough stretch, and I think our luck runs out. Hope I'm wrong.
  13. I do not either he seems to have snap judgement at times like his answer to T-Shirt horn. on another thread. Can Okie lite run the ball
  14. If Sark does go "All gas no brakes" tomorrow it should help the cause tremendously. The more successful CT11 is, the better the chances of landing Manning.
  15. Hate to say it but one more open spot for this year's recruiting class.
  16. Versus good Spencer Sanders Texas 48 Okie St 42 Bad Sanders Texas 59 Okie St 24
  17. Yesterday
  18. @TFloss32 when’s Campbell’s OV? I thought he was going to be here this game?
  19. We currently have the #4 ranked class. We were #2 and then some other teams got some commitments and moved past us. With a kicker and a deep snapper in our class, I see us finishing between #7 and #10.
  20. I currently have no issues with Mike. I was just seizing the opportunity since someone got into my realm (lawn) lol
  21. I would point Texas does not have the number two class but hate to be called a non Horn fan.
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