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  3. what in heck is that even supposed to mean?...that he is so busy filming commercials to full fill his NIL obligations that he has little time for class or football practice? Maybe it turns out he is not ready for actual college level courses which he must be enrolled in in order to play football? Explain what this is all about please....
  4. October 16th is shaping up to be a huge recruiting weekend.
  5. Yeah, go ahead and slap that smug look off his face, Sark.
  6. You might be right but you are just speculating. You have no source on this. Denver talks to very few people.
  7. Per IT today CB Denver Harris, North Shore (Galena Park, TX), On3 No. 12: Like with Perkins, you just want to find yourself in the final two, then win it from there. Texas is in the final two.
  8. Harold is coming back to watch second game in a row
  9. Didn't Card play in the second half? If there's no mercy, why aren't you criticizing his play? He led the team to no scores.
  10. Well, yeah, last year always matters. When you have a last year, then you have a track record to analyze. No, you and I couldn't have made those hand-offs, or those runs, or those passes that Thompson made. You and I wouldn't have got up from being hit on that INT play.
  11. So Card wasn't ready for the big lights. But Bijan gets a pass. And the D. And the O line. And the special teams. Right.,
  12. Last year doesn't matter. Card wasn't in the rotation, Sam was. You and I could have made those handoff's in the Rice game.
  13. Keeping the ball mostly out of CT11's hands is what happened once we got well ahead. 51 points in the 1st half and 7 in the 2nd. Were you even watching. Tapping the brakes again.
  14. I'm talking about winning with CT11 at QB. We don't need another loss, if things go bad, make changes before it's too late. Running backs included. A really short leash. Sorry if feeling's get hurt, just win baby.
  15. I'm fine with letting this play out. He's not coming to Texas though.
  16. I wouldn't say we suck. We just aren't an elite football team that can win championships. We beat teams we should be, UL, Rice, and will have trouble against good teams Ark. We'll see what happens these next two weeks. If we win, we'll have more confidence going into ou. If we lose, it'll be a long season. In any case, you have to give Sark 4 years to get his own guys in. The problem is how does he get his own guys in if we can't win now, which will deter the elite guys. We aren't the only team having issues, michigan, nebraska....
  17. Per Eric If you drive somewhere that takes you more time to get there and home than it does for the actual purpose of the trip, i.e., it’s a brief visit but you drove five hours round trip, then the trip was important to you.
  18. Yesterday
  19. LTG is insurance but I think we're pursuing both and would take both regardless of numbers. I think we have a better shot with LTG than we do with Harris.
  20. We'll probably find out at the same time. He may very well end up at Bama.
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