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  2. Per 247, DE Quency Wiggins of Baton Rouge, LA will be in Austin next week. https://247sports.com/player/quency-wiggins-46109451/
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  4. Sounds to me like Billy is trying his best to do a little damage control. If they're "embracing" this, then why have an emergency BOR meeting on monday?
  5. Agree. Or...Wiley or Liebrock could kill it at tight end and Sanders could kill it on defense, depending on need.
  6. I thought aggy (the guy who runs txaggy) already admitted they leaked it?
  7. I am sure there have been many that fit this description. I remember when the media bemoaned the player from Arkansas that signed an X on his contract with the Chargers because he could not read or write legibly. Probably more common stuff over the years than we would like to admit or even know about.
  8. Yes those two schools have cheated for a long time. There was a highprecentage of student aths, in fifties and sixties Cheaters became more active and SMU payed the price for all.
  9. Maybe I am but a pro. bagman with years of experence can beat an amature every time. Third and fourth place in playoffs I doubt it. Time will tell.
  10. If there is a point to all of this, its going to SEC did not help keep him. GP negative recruited him.. If he is good enough the pros will find even at Podunk U.Tcu nas sent CBS to pros. Not foot ball but the road to Omahajust got alot steeper.
  11. That nostalgic time were everyone was a student athlete didn’t exist. Of course there was a percentage of student athletes on each team. But colleges have worked to get kids in college who had no hope of thriving as a student because they wanted the athlete. Colleges had people take the SAT/ACT for the athlete transcripts were doctored in the name of football. I saw it at my high school to players who went to okie and a&m in 1980. It’s been going on for a long time.
  12. Embarrassing riches at TE. Sanders is going to kill it. Wiley has just scratched the surface of his potential. Liebrock could emerge big time in this offense.
  13. Thats true, but they never were indentured servants. They were given a platform to develop and grow their talents and also to showcase those talents on a national level – while obtaining a free education worth tens of thousands of dollars. They didn't arrive on campus ready for the NFL. There was once this term called "student athletes." It meant something because as a student, you were representing the school you were investing your future with. It seems what we're contemplating or what is transpiring is much different than that. And I'm not sure thats a good thing.
  14. At that point, can it still be called the Southeastern Conference? Just make an American Eastern Conference (AEC and a National Western Conference (NWC) and go after the big boys that play on Sundays. This is getting way out of hand.
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