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  2. LBJ seemed comfortable and asked for the ball in the 9th. He said so in post game interviews. His complete game really sets Texas up for the Region Final game
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  4. https://247sports.com/player/kamauryn-morgan-46137543/
  5. https://247sports.com/player/logan-schram-46133013/
  6. Really shocked they let LBJ go 130 pitches. He was a DOG last night! But I never want to see a college guy throw over 120. Sad that Pierce felt he needed to since we have no one in the bullpen we really trust.
  7. But I can tell you that I have been a diehard Texas fan for going on 65 years now and every year I go into the season full of optimism. Without fail.
  8. Can you swap out the landscape threads for me? June version is up.
  9. Stanford drops their game tonight and faces elimination tomorrow against Cal State Fullerton. A loss in that game opens the door for Texas to creep back on top. If Texas were to pair that with a win, there is a bit of cushion for Texas to win the Director's Cup. If Stanford wins their first game but drops the regional final to Texas A&M, they would secure 50 points which is what Texas has currently. If Texas were to advance to the supers, they would secure 64 points and it would be neck and neck for the Director's cup.
  10. So 7-8 wins is what you're agreeing with, Mr Optimist. I'll go with 10+ wins and a conference title.
  11. Very impressive outing from LBJ tonight. Complete game, Horns won 4-1 over Miami. Horns in control of the regional and will play in the Regional Championship tomorrow (Sunday) at 5 PM.
  12. He's a gamer and will probably want to give us everything he's got. Importantly, the staff has to protect him to a degree and keep him from getting injured again. 4 or 5 innings if efficient would be great. 60-65 pitches probably the max.
  13. The win today was so huge because tomorrow will be a brutal challenge for Miami. Game ended tonight at 11 pm Miami time. They have game 1 tomorrow at noon and if they win, gotta get right back out for the 2nd game of the double header. I don't think Texas could have gone the route of playing 5 games to advance - especially with the 3 recent pitching losses. Having used only 1 reliever in the first 2 games is more than I could have asked for. We probably have all arms available tomorrow except for LBJ and Gordon.
  14. Be interesting to see Tanner Witt tomorrow. He has looked really good. Not sure if they push him past 60 pitches tomorrow. But he can give us 4 solid innings would be a big plus
  15. Afraid he might be head case .Saw him,he good player but so was Agie Hall
  16. Huge performance by LBJ. All hands on deck to close out the regional. Hookem.
  17. Okay, I watched it. That was a herculean effort by LBJ. Sad the bats went cold, that Miami pitcher had them confused. Awesome win.
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