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  2. It's a good question as to what vetting took place and what it did, or didn⁷'t reveal. On the other hand the hand the BB program is in a much better place now then when Beard was hired. It's not like Texas had to pay a bunch of money to get rid of him. So yeah Beard wasn't the long term answer we were hoping for, but I don't think it's going to harm to CDC's position with the BOR, or whoever he is accountable to.
  3. I always thought the girlfriend sounded like an airhead.
  4. You have my deepest sympathies. The hardest thing a father should ever have to do is bury a son. May God grant you peace and healing. And may you and your son have a glorious reunion in heaven someday.
  5. I am so very sorry this happened to Brandon and to your family. It seems impossible, yet it happens more than we know. Prayers for you and your family.
  6. When I watched the replay, Ossai was off balance when he touched/pushed him, whatever it was. It was a good call, but he was clearly off balance. Momentum carried him, imo. And, I agree with everything you said. But, the Chiefs are really banged up! Hook ‘em!
  7. Saw a game in the past year or two when he was healthy. I couldn't help but notice that he was all over the field making plays. Very impressive. Hope he's healthy and can stay that way.
  8. Someone on Bobby Burton’s podcast said IF… repeat IF Catalon is healthy, he’s the best player on our defense. Bobby seemed incredulous, and mentioned Ford…. but his guest dug in and pointed out that Catalon was all conference in the sec as a freshman.
  9. So sorry. May the Lord give you strength and healing.
  10. Four touchdowns does not constitute anyone. But the beatdown that day was glorious.
  11. While true, anyone could’ve thrown on that defense that day.
  12. See the 2021 season. Also, everybody seems to forget that QE was on against 0u.
  13. Yesterday
  14. If Sark knew he was un-healthy, why the hell were we trying to throw the long ball like he was? He should've ran the damn rock with Bijan and RJ even more then and only had QE3 throw short and intermediate throws. I agree 100% that QE3 never looked the same after that injury and looked slightly better in the bowl game. He will be 100% healthy in April and next season. He will be a Heisman contender.
  15. That was my thought the whole time. Didn’t have as much zip. Played much better in bowl after more rest. Would have been great in bowl game if not for drops.
  16. Don't worry, I hear they will add some temporary bleachers to help accommodate all the Texas fans.
  17. As long as Taysom Hill can’t come back I’m ok playing BYU . Some of you surely remember that beat down. I hate not playing OSU. They’ve been pretty good against us, but I’d still like to play them.
  18. I know there is a negative history there but honestly, I prefer that over traveling to Cincinnati or Provo. We play 1 big12 game outside of the state of Texas, at Iowa State. All other away games (TCU, Houston, Baylor) are in state. We do travel to Bama.
  19. I posted my question on another board as well and a BU fan responded: Its Baylor's turn to have 5 conference home games and all 3 non-conference games are at home. Last year Louisiana Tech backed out of a 2-for-1 with Baylor, with Baylor scheduled to go to Ruston this year. With that off the schedule it was backfilled with an FCS opponent.
  20. True, but maybe it's an opportunity to impress Houston area recruits when we give them a butt kicking.
  21. With 9 conference games each team will have 5 conference home games one year and 4 the next. If you play 2 games where you pay and one where you do a home and home and things line up you can get to 8 home games. It all works out over time, next year they may only have 6 home games.
  22. I’m pissed about going to Houston. A kick to the nuts on our way out.
  23. yeah, I've said that all season after the Bama game. There are videos out showing QE's NFL level throws during the Bama game but he never looked the same the rest of the season. I think he was never really healthy but I think it also got into his head.
  24. 0U only has one game in Texas in 2023 and that being the RRR. They have SMU & TCU at home. the dont play UH, BU, TTU, Rice or UTEP, etc on the schedule at all. That's not going to help recruiting. They wanted to leave the Big8 and bring together the Big12 specifically to make more money and have a better presence in Texas. osu plays only one game in Texas as well and that is at UH Baylor 8 home games and only 4 away? KSU @ oSu on a Friday night? what's that about?
  25. Bama, OU, BYU are the three toughest imo. Baylor, Houston, and ISU could be trap games. KState loses a lot as does TCU but should be well coached so who knows. Overall it looks like a pretty favorable schedule to win the conference then ride out of town and into the SEC.
  26. Well, damn. I was selfishly hoping for a road game at UCF!
  27. Lots of discussion on OB about Quins health after the Bama game. They say he made throws against Bama that he never did after coming back....effortless frozen ropes that we never saw again..... The question is...was Quinn ever healthy?
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