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  2. IT was able to confirm LB Sebastian Cheeks of Evanston, IL will officially visit UT in June. He is thought to be a Notre Dame lean, but sources from that end aren't sure if they'll have the numbers to take him. https://247sports.com/player/sebastian-cheeks-46099187/
  3. Today
  4. https://247sports.com/player/isaiah-bond-46097889/
  5. Hopefully Texas will pass Constitution Carry tomorrow.
  6. Per 247, Michigan WR Xavier Worthy is contemplating entering the portal. This is the guy who was considering flipping to Alabama before National Signing Day because of Sark. If he does leave Michigan, Georgia and UT are supposed be "heavily involved." https://247sports.com/Player/Xavier-Worthy-46085856/
  7. Don't be surprised to see Alejandro Murillo on the hill for Nevada tonight. He's their FR starter, and with the cancellation of their upcoming weekend series against New Mexico, he will likely get the call tonight as their coach will want to get him some in-game work with the weekend off.
  8. College's version of free agency about to begin.
  9. DT Jordan Renaud of Lewisville told 247 he's liking Coach Davis so far, and would look to stay in Texas for college (despite recently moving in from Florida) if he finds the right situation. His father is in Texas and his mother is back in Florida, but he says he wants to explore options away from Florida. He doesn't have a summer visit planned for UT yet, but says he'll be in Austin once he gets that worked out with the new coaches. https://247sports.com/player/jordan-renaud-46098634/
  10. Terrell-Skyline-Denton Ryan-FW Brewer. Thats four transfers for Bear Alexander now.
  11. He wants Catholic congregations to have blood on their hands.
  12. DE Ashton Porter of Cypress Ranch told IT he's a possibility for the big 2023s weekend in June. His recruitment is starting to pick up, so he's not sure of summer plans yet. https://247sports.com/Player/Ashton-Porter-46110030/
  13. Keep them in pots until they get 2 ft high. Even then, find a good, sunny and safe place (away from foot traffic) for it. Lots and lots of sun. Mountain Laurels are very slow growers, so be patient.
  14. You can use that, yes. If it doesn't work, switch to a copper-based fungicide. But what you have will probably work.
  15. DT Bear Alexander has transferred from Denton Ryan to Fort Worth Brewer. https://247sports.com/player/bear-alexander-46076651/
  16. Already de-committed from Stanford baseball.
  17. Has an offer from Stanford, too, but UT baseball may pull him our way.
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