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  2. And McGuire hasn't coached HS football for 6 years.
  3. We or at least I was talking aboutgame ending plays. Thatswhat Bjian fumble was. Guess you missed the part realy was a team and coaching effort. Coaches are not the only people in the world.
  4. Pressures count or would not be in stats. Give me one sack over5 pressures any day.
  5. Way too much of this from our receivers this year. Reacting to drops.
  6. Mr. Body language always clutching his play sheet needs a little help. I got this, sending him a highlighter for plays that work. We score touchdowns and never run the plays again.
  7. By your logic then, Worthy has lost two games for us. Move over Bijan, Worthy dropped a TD pass in that game. He also dropped one in the Bama game. If Worthy makes that catch, Bijan isn't fumbling. And it wouldn't have mattered if he did, with the extra 7 points from Worthy. "If Ifs and buts were cotton candy, at Christmas time we'd all be dandy" Don Meredith
  8. Wish Texas had blitzed even more during the Tech game. Dropping back into pass coverage simply wasn’t working. But when Texas applied pressure to the QB, bad things seemed to happen for Tech
  9. Sark gets three years, if not four. Not happy about Tech but lots of football left this season before one can truly evaluate him for this year’s performance. if Texas should somehow win out, nobody will dwell on the Tech game. If Texas plays more games like Tech then Sark gets a hard look at the end of the season. But even at that, still saying he gets one more year to right the ship.
  10. Okay, QB pressures mean nothing. QBs are not affected in any way by people in their face.
  11. If pressures affectes QB's how in the world wide sports did TT be so good on forth downs.
  12. I agree. Just because you win in HS does not mean it will transition to the next level. You must be able to recruit and connect with people. I have listened to Traylor, McGuire, PJ Fleck, and some others. They are all about relationships.
  13. You are so right about Texas HS coaches. A while back I said I would take a Texas HSer over slightlyrated out of stater That did not go over well. A lot of posters thought it was Texas pride, whitch I do have a lot of. But was realy because Texas has better HS coaches than most states. Then there is the national recruiting HS's.
  14. Not directed at Sark, but their are some HS coaches in Texas that are better than some coaches in college. Coaching has changed over the years. You hear more about the relationship aspect more so now than you did 20 years ago. Coaches and athletes have changed. Coaches must have the ability to connect with players today.
  15. Abgree Joey can coach.Out coached all world play called trainedby Saban HS coaches have to be able to coach. They get theplayers the school has and coach them up. There is more transfers thanyears back.
  16. Don't be so hung up on the sacks. A QB pressure means we're affecting the decision-making of the QB in a negative way. We may also be affecting the way he throws, who he throws to, etc.
  17. I have seen several comments about getting beat by a HS coach. Joey McGuire is not chopped liver. He won 3 out of the 4 state championship games at Cedar Hill. He learned a lot from Matt Rhule. The guy can motivate and coach. Tech had no business winning that game but he had those guys believing they could. I think it comes down to culture more so than X/Os. There are a lot of smart coaches out there but who can get the most out of their players. On Saturday, McGuire did.
  18. We count all the minutes the teams play. I don't think time is a consideration we're looking at here, or at least I'm not.
  19. Yesterday
  20. So Card was a mere one minute and 30 seconds away from being the better QB in the Bama game And in regulation time against Tech, neither QB was better than the other.
  21. The numbers would seem to indicate otherwise. According to these numbers, getting pressure isn’t the issue. Finishing with the sacks is the issue. Ultimately one would think we will eventually start getting the QB down or force errant throws. Kind of like a hitter that consistently hits line drives. Odds are they will start falling. Guess time will tell.
  22. There's no reason on earth that you can't see things that way. Its a free country. But you're in a quiet room there with that one. There's not a coach on the planet who would agree with you.
  23. Nice post. However, you're smart enough to realize the most damning evidence that defeats your point is – who led their team to victory? As for the criticism of the attempts, any coach will tell you that if it takes 72 passes to win a game, thats what you do. They had more snaps than we did mostly because we couldn't keep our offense on the field.
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