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Like Beer? We do too. Let's see pics, reviews, suggestions and anything else you feel relevant.
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  2. A friend told after drinking german beer, american beer is lîkemaking love in a canoe. Both close to water.
  3. Bitburger is good. Heavy on the hops. Drink an American beer afterwards and it will taste sweet. For a good American brewed German beer try Altstadt if you can find it. I think most HEB's carry it.
  4. Bittberg Pils. was one of my favorites. Have toured both old and new breweries. Not sure ofstrenth of German beer butruleis no more than threeif you drive. Have heard its is uo to 14% maybe years ago butnot now.
  5. Back when I was working, we had a German co-worker come over to the states to visit us. We took him to a local bar and during that time we talked about Octoberfest and how much beer the Germans drank during it. He told us the reason they were able to drink so much is their beer wasn't as strong as ours. He didn't appear to be joking or so maybe it was just the beer they serve during Octoberfest? BTW, I've never been to Germany or Europe so I wouldn't know.
  6. It seems a lot of folks share your sentiment! I spent a little time in Poland and had some interesting stuff while there. The original Budweiser was pretty stout (I believe it was Budvar) and some of the others I had didn't mess around. If I'm buying beer from that region in the states, it's usually Pilsner Urquell or Bitburger.
  7. After spending five + years in Germany 1988-2003 I found it hard to drink American beer. I tasted like the 3:2 beer in Okie.
  8. My brother-in-law had this at his house and I tried it there…. Great hot summer beer to sip on in the pool. Subtle hints of pineapple and mango but not overpowering. Not something you can drink a 6-pack of but I was impressed with it. Unique beer… They sell this in H‑E‑B stores around the Houston area. It’s around $15 for a 4-pack of 16 ouncers.

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