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The Countdown - #5

Matt Cotcher



Over the next several weeks, HornSports is counting down the games of the 2014 football season. For this series, "most important games" is defined as those games having the biggest impact on the program's outlook and the 2014 season.


The main question to ask is "How would a win help bolster Texas's national perception?"


The Countdown - #5 Kansas State Wildcats




We are in the top 5 of the Countdown. This is where the countdown gets tougher. All the games mean something but there are differences in perception that help to differentiate these games.


That leaves us at Kansas State....KSU has had the upper hand on Texas since the inception of the Big 12. However, Texas and Kansas State are rarely in recruiting battles with each other so the spectrum that this game will be viewed through is that Texas should beat Kansas State. They'll get no additional credit for beating Kansas State. If they lose the game in Manhattan, it will be another indictment of Texas's underachievement.


How a win against Kansas State will help national perception is that under Charlie Strong's regime, they will take no opponent lightly.


About Kansas State University:


Kansas State University was established in 1863 and it was the first state college established under the Morrill Act. It's original name was Kansas State Agricultural College. Kansas State's campus architecture is very unique to Kansas. Most of the campus buildings are built from limestone that is from Kansas and 11 campus buildings were built before 1910 and are still in use today. Kansas State University is a member of the AAU and has over 10 different research facilities on it's campus. Notable Alumni include Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet, Governor Sam Brownback, Jordy Nelson, and Gary Patterson.


Kansas State Football has had all it's success under Bill Snyder. Bill Snyder's 178 wins are more than all the coaches from 1930 to 1988. He alone has accounted for 36% of the total wins that the Kansas State program has all time. What's made him successful is his utilization of the Kansas junior college football programs that are one of the better JUCO football programs in the country. This will be 22nd year on the sidelines for Snyder. He has a senior laden team that expects to compete for the Big 12 title.



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