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J.B. TexasEx

OT: HornSports OFFICIAL Supercalafragalistic Team Uniform Thread

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Northern Illinois University's "Children of the Corn" jerseys





From the Huskies' announcement:

In addition to recognizing the region's agricultural roots, the special Corn Fest jerseys worn by the Huskies during the season opener will be auctioned online to benefit worthy, local causes.


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And if you thought adidas couldn't do any worse, check out Nebraska's "Red Rising" alternate uniform.  How traditional



HC, Bo Pelini himself modeled the new uniform for his players.  Their reaction is priceless *crickets*.  Finally, some ass-kissing walk-on bailed him out with polite clapping.



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I like the Miami uniforms. My favorite Florida team.

Shame on you, SFlonghorngirl.  You're obviously too young to remember the felonious beat-down The U put on our beloved Horns in the '91 Cotton Bowl. ;)

It still pisses me off when I think about it...


But, since you brought it up, I like both Florida's and FSU's uniforms better than Thug U...er...The U.




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The prestigious Air Force Academy's team uniforms are the same, but they've got newfangled helmets.  A little too "hip" for AFA, but they're not awful.  Those new chrome facemasks look gaudy on every team, IMO.




I wonder if Army will have an alternate uniform this year.  I like the camo uniforms.  Very fitting for their school.



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