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Ok, I'll share one that my mom always made when I was growing up. It's a favorite even today.


Hamburger casserole



Ground meat 1 lb

Cheddar Cheese

Diced onions, bell peppers

Ranch style beans 1 can (large)



Brown your meat, mix with onions and peppers and then the ranch style beans and ketchup in a large bowl. Then place into casserole dish, layering cheddar cheese over the top. Bake at 350 until the cheese on top starts to brown.


It's awesome with dinner rolls!


Sounds like a yankee dish to me.

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Camp House Chili

This recipe is for three or four servings (if you like smaller portions).

2 lbs ground beef

Brown and drain ground beef


One med to lg onion roughly chopped

Two finely chopped cloves garlic

Two Tbsp chili powder

Two Tbsp paprika

One Tbsp ground cumin

One can Rotel

One 8 oz can tomato sauce

One Tbsp worcestershire sauce

One can of beer

Sliced fresh Jalapenos

Salt & pepper to taste

If you're a yankee or okie you can add a can of ranch beans

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