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True Detective

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I just read Matthew McConaughey said he is open to doing another season of TD. He went on to say he had a blast during filming.


I understand the writer has already written some scripts. I suggest he shelves those for season three and start over with Woody and Matthew. 

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I may have posted this, but I auditioned for True Detective. Didn't get the whole script, just my sides(which is usually the pages with the dialogue you will use in the audition, sometimes a little more.) I also got the sides from another character, but with no names attached and very little to go on, I really had no idea what it was going to be. I didn't get a callback though I think the casting was straight off the tape.


Gosh, that's one party I wish I had gotten the call for. What a cast and what an ensemble. I just really liked the job just about every actor did.


If I remember correctly I auditioned for the Sherrif that new about the killings and was threatened out on a boat. That said, I was told by my agent, my good friend Dave Mondalando got the part we auditioned for but that was a part in a jailhouse scene where MM us told by the Methhead he was interviewing that Sarcosa was real.


I dunno.


Yup, I can't wait for the next season as well. If it shoots in Cally I'll not get asked to read again. Oh well.

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