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HAH! Comparing Brady to Tebow is like comparing Garrett Gilbert to Vince Young

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OK, the Tebow phenomenon has really ticked on me over the last few weeks. I am ready for Tebow to get it handed to him in a game - and Brady is just the man to do it. Playoffs are near and time to fine tune everything for the post season. Some media folks have taken it upon themselves to attempt a comparison between the two. Until Tebow wins a few super bowls then it is a ridiculous waste of time. Time for Brady to put Tebow in his place!Maul+4.jpg

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Here is Tebow's last game. He throws 8 passes in the first 3.5 quarters. His defense stands on their heads and keeps the opposing offense out of the end zone. Tebow comes on takes the team down the field and his kicker makes a 59 yard field goal. It was made possible by Marion Barber running out of bounds and stopping the clock.


We go to overtime and Marion Barber fumbles, the Broncos recover and Tebow comes in and leads a drive ending in another field goal of 51 yards.


Game over..the legend continues. ESPN goes nuts and all real QB everywhere throw up.

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