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***Texas Baseball at Texas St Tuesday Game Thread***

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Programming note:

I likely won’t be around for the game tomorrow night. It is at TX St so I’ll have some links up for y’all to watch it. 

It was announced today that Kolby Kubichek will get the start for Texas. 

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1 hour ago, TB14 said:

Struggling.... blow a 3 run lead in the 9th... 

Better turn it around quick. 

It’s approaching the point of being too late. 

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Look on the bright side, Texas needs to go 7-3 in their remaining conference games and win their mid week games. 

To put this in perspective, consider this; If my math is correct, Texas has not been on a 7-3 stretch since dropping the 3/9 game to Stanford. That stretch included:
2/24 W Purdue
2/26 W SHSU
2/27 L UTSA
3/1 W LSU
3/2 W LSU
3/3 W LSU
3/7 W Stanford
3/8 L Stanford
3/9 L Stanford

Texas has yet to put together a 7-3 stretch in conference games this season.

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