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Welp, Texas Baseball is Playin’ & No Thread?

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2 hours ago, java said:

Joey would know, but I think we had 5 doubles. Definitely 4 in a row. 

My apologies java and others. 

My dog got fixed today and I had to go pick him up at the vet and get him home and settled. Needless to say I’ve been getting nothing less than the stink eye from him since I went to get him. He’s kind of wondering WTH?

I got in around B4 and didn’t really do too much with Twitter and not here. Made supper and watched the rest of the game. 

Horns had 10 hits, 5 doubles, 10 runs and pretty well hit the cover off the ball in the 5th & 6th innings.  Pitching looked good for the time I watched. 

I’ll have a thread up tomorrow for the UTSA game. 

Thanks Java for doing a thread. Nice work!

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Joey, the stink eye is for not starting a thread. He’s ticked. 

I had an Aussie that would get really excited and bark when I said Hook ‘em!

If I said Gig ‘em, she would lay down, head between her paws & look up with sorrow-filled eyes. Sometimes she would howl. 

Have to give Longhorn dogs their due!

Hook ‘em!

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